Demonstration & Tranfer of Vermiculture Technology Project

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Transcript of Demonstration & Tranfer of Vermiculture Technology Project


SUBMITTED THROUGHRegional Representative & Member Convenor West zone, Regional Committee, CAPART Navajivan Trust Complex Ashram Road Ahmadabad - 380 014

SUBMITTED TOThe President CAPART and Union Minister for Rural Development Ministry for Rural Development, Govt. of India Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi

Submitted byASHOKA NGO CONSULTANTMr. Sandip Maiske, President & CEO F.S.7, Ratan Palace, Near S.T. Bus Stand, Ganeshpeth, NAGPUR-18. India. Tel: +917126462688 Fax: +917126462688Email: Website:

To, Regional Representative & Member Convenor West zone, Regional Committee, CAPART Navajivan Trust Complex, Ashram Road Ahmadabad - 380 014 Subject: Proposal for Demonstration & Transfer Of Vermiculture Techonology For Rural People.

Respected sir, Please find herewith-enclosed project Proposal on the Demonstration & Transfer Of Vermiculture Techonology For Rural People for combating malnutrition for your recommendation & Further submitting it to the, Secretary, CAPART, Government of India for sanction & Grant-In Aid You are requested to send the project to CAPART and Government of India at our earliest possible Please. Submitted with high cordial regards Yours Faithfully

(Sandip R. Maiske) president Ashoka NGO Consultancy, Nagpur

To, The President CAPART and Union Minister for Rural Development Ministry for Rural Development, Govt. of India Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi Through: - Regional Representative & Member Convenor , Government of Maharashtra. Subject: Proposal for Demonstration & Transfer Of Vermiculture Techonology For Rural People.

Respected Sir, Please find herewith enclosed project proposal on Demonstration & Transfer Of Vermiculture Techonology For Rural People. The NGO has working experience the field of Education, Agriculture and Rural Development From last 5 year. We requested you to kindly sanction the project of the said scheme at an earliest possible please. Submitted with high cordial regards. Yours Faithfully

(Sandip R. Maiske) CEO Ashoka NGO Consultancy, Nagpur

Organizational Profile of First Timer Organizations Applying for CAPART Assistance(This Proforma is applicable for small voluntary organizations with annual turnover of less than Rs. 2 lakhs for submitting project proposals upto Rs. 1 lakhs). 1. Name of the Organisation :

2. Address Ganeshpeth.


Ashoka NGO Consutancy, Nagpur FS-7, Ratan Palace, Opp. Of . Khurana Travels, Nr. Nagpur-440018

a) Village b) Post Office c) Taluka d) Police Station e) District f) State g) Pin Code h) Telephone No. i) Fax No. j) E-mail 4. Objective 5. Details of Registration a) Registration No. Date of Registration b) Valid Up to c) If registered under FCRA :

: : : : : : : : :

3. In how many villages does the VO operate? : : : : : : indicate the No

(Attested photocopy of the Registration Certificate to be enclosed)

6. Details of Members of Executive/Governing Body S N 1 2 3 4 5 Shri. Sanjay Chinduji Zodape Shri. Rahul Sakharam Humane Shri. Prakash Dhanuji Shende Shri. Madan Nusaji Kuttarmare 41 38 41 45 Name Age Address

: Occupation Post

R/o, Chandramani Nagar, Nagpur- 27 R/o, Chandramani Nagar, Nagpur- 27 R/o, Kukde Layout Nagpur- 27

Service Journalist Engineer

President Vice- President Secretary Joint Secretary Treasurer

R/o, Plot No. 198, Chandan Social Nagar, Nagpur- 9 Worker R/o, Bhagwan Nagar, Nagpur- 27 R/o, Bhagwan Nagar, Nagpur- 27 Social Worker House Wife

Shri. Sevak Sakharam 40 Humane Smt. Savita Madan Kuttarmare Smt. Priti Sanjay Zodape 35





R/o, Bhagwan Nagar, Nagpur- 27

Social worker


If there is any change in the original executive/governing body of the organization, certified copy of the resolution passed by the Executive Body/Managing Committee of the VO should be enclosed or supporting evidence should be furnished.

7. Activities undertaken and Experience 8. Whether the VO has implemented any project under CAPART assistance in the past. If so give details and status 9. Main target group: 10. a) Number of Bank Account/Accounts b) Name of Bank Branches

: :

: :

c) Account Number and type of Account(s) d) Date of opening of account e) Bank Balance(s) as on date of application f) Name of the Signatory (ies)

: : : : No

g) Relationship of signatory (ies) if any with the Chief 11. Has the VO ever been placed under : funding restriction by any other Funding Agency

CertificateAll the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. In case at any stage it is found that any of the above information(s) is incorrect, my application for grant of financial assistance may be liable to be rejected. Place Seal of the Organization Signature of Authorized Signatory Name Date Designation

______________________________________________________________________ FOR CAPART USE ONLY Computer Generated Number Allotted Date ___________________ Signature___________________

FORMAT OF THE PROJECT PROFILE OF APPLICANTS FOR CAPART ASSISTANCE (Projects of first timer applicants and projects with financial outlay of below 25 lacs to be submitted in the respective Regional Centres. Projects above 25 Lacs to be submitted with CAPART Headquarters at Delhi.)

1. Title of the project 2. Location a) State b) District c) Block d) Village(s) 3. Demographic details i. Total Population ii. No. of families iii. Land Utilization iv. Source of Irrigation v. Artisanal trades vi. Problems of Villages


Demonstration & Transfer Of Vermiculture Techonology For Rural People

: : : :

Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Nagpur

- Male

20, 95,000


19, 56,000

SC 6,19,000 ST 4,58,000 OBC___________ General/BPL ___________ APL/Artisans __________ : : :

4. Objectives :Note:- The applicant while following this format can always furnish any relevant or additional information as appropriate. 5. Beneficiaries 5 1. List of beneficiaries giving village-wise details: name, fathers/husbands/wifes name, sex, caste group, people living below poverty line/APL, freed bonded laborers /landless laborers /schedule caste / scheduled tribes / marginal farmers/small farmers/rural artisans/fisher folk, total land owned by the beneficiaries (irrigated or unirrigated), extent of land to be covered for the purpose of project. This list may be enclosed as per prescribed proforma at Annexure-I along with the signatures/thumb Impressions of the beneficiaries.

5.2. Methodology adopted for identification and selection of beneficiaries. 6. Need of the project: Analyze and justify giving a brief write-up as to the need of project and whether needs of beneficiaries, their choices and preferences were ascertained to ensure their participation in implementation of project and maintenance of assets created etc., while formulating a need based beneficiary oriented project.

7. Scope and methodology for peoples participation: Kindly give a brief write up on scope and methodology proposed to be adopted for social mobilization, peoples participation for social and economic empowerment of the beneficiaries.

8. Action programme S.No. Activities* Quantity/ Time required (Each activity to be given Number for completion in detail with name, specification etc, in sequence of implementation) ________________________________________________________________________ 1 2 3 4

*In case of land based projects rough sketch map of land to be given indicating the activities to be taken up like group irrigation/ borewells / wells, command area of each group irrigation wells/bore wells be given. Area also to be given. 9. Duration of the project :

10. Personnel required for implementation of the project (i) Full time ________________________________________________________________________ S.No. No. of Personnel needed, Already Addl. Cost (per with their qualification available proposed annum) (Rs.) ________________________________________________________________________ (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) ________________________________________________________________________


(ii) Part-time consultants required to be engaged, their cost per annum, need and justification in relation to the project. 11. Other facilities available and required (Machinery, equipment, buildings, livestock,etc 12. Technology to be used/adopted (please give details: regarding the nature of technology, why it has been chosen and how it will be acquired. Also provide technical estimates including technical drawing and material specifications, where required, duly certified by a subject matter specialist). 13. Financial implication of the project with source of funds. 1 Sl. No. 2 Items of work activities 3 4 5 6 7 8. 9 10.

Unit Quantity Total VO Beneficiaries Other CAPART Remarks Cost /Number Cost Contribution Sources Contribution assistance

Detailed justification to be furnished for each item of expenditure. indicate the name of source including State Govt. assistance and bank loan if any proposed to be arranged. If the other sources are more than one, clear indication to be given. Please indicate the basis of cost estimates. Attach the relevant documents duly certified by a Civil Engineer. 14. Manner of implementation: (Give detailed work plan, which should cover identification of beneficiaries/ motivation/skill survey/ skill development/arrangement of inputs/raw materials/ equipment/ machiner y/ livestock etc./technical support/mobilization of