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  • 1. Dr. Democracy vs. The Oligarchy of Evil

2. where people are deprived of civil liberties and civil rights where people cant vote or speak freely In a World 3. The Oligarchy of Evil rules 4. The members include. The Dictator Power: Ability to oppress millions of people with lightning bolts. 5. The members include. The Feudalist Power: Ability to force peasants to obey his whims with his proficient sword use. 6. The members include. The Socialist Power: Ability to transport wealth from the rich to the poor. 7. The members include. The Matriarchist /Femi-Nazi Power: Incredible strength to pound men into the ground. 8. The members include. The Anarchist Power: Doesnt exist 9. Im so glad I have the right to religion!!! Later on the campus of UNCSA 10. Not anymore! Lightning Bolt!!! 11. Im so happy I can do whatever I want to without anybody telling me what to do!!! 12. Give me your shoelaces!!! 13. Isnt it great that I can be manly in public!!! 14. No, Wome n are in charge!!! 15. Isnt it fantastic that I can buy food whenever I want to with the money I earned myself. 16. Poof! Poor people dont have money!!! 17. My money Cool! Money! 18. Will someone please help us?!?!?!?!? 19. Dr. Democracy!!! Did someone call for help? Im here to protect your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! 20. Die Dr. Democracy Kick of Womens Empowerment All Men are created equal. 21. Enslaving people to do your work is depriving them of their rights! 22. Poor people dont have capes!!! My Cape of Justice! 23. My cape!!! 24. You cant defeat me. I have the power of oppression on my side. Youre right. I cant defeat you, but the free citizens of UNCSA can. Im giving the power to the people!!!!! 25. Right to Religion Right to Bear Arms Freedom of the Press Right to Education Freedom of Speech Dr. Democracy 26. Attack!!! No!!! How could my wonderful dictatorship be defeated?!?! 27. Once again, the day is saved by Dr. Democracy and The Free Citizens of UNCSA. 28. Democracy Rocks!!!!!!