Demi Moore - Jupiter Report - ... It is a calling to envision your life in ways that fulfill your...

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Transcript of Demi Moore - Jupiter Report - ... It is a calling to envision your life in ways that fulfill your...

  • Jupiter Report for Demi Moore

    Jupiter Report by: Report Compliments of Dadhichi Toth Astrologer/Face Reader

    Demi Moore The Jupiter Report Interpretations by Samuel F. Reynolds Copyright ©2009 Matrix Software

  • Demi Moore Nov 11, 1962 02:16:00 PM MST Zone: +07:00 Roswell, NM 104W31'21" 33N23'39" The Natal Chart ¡ 18ÒÞ32' ¢ 19Òä00' £ 11Òä02' ¤ 20Òä33' ¥ 14Òá37' ¦ 03Òè07'

    § 05Òç40' ¨ 04Òâ54' © 13Òä26' À 11Òâ52' ¬ 25Òå25' - 22Òè24' Ý

    Þ ß








    è 1

    2 3 4




    8 910



    ¡18Ò Þ 32'

    ¥14Òá37' ¨04Òâ54' À11Òâ52'

    £11Ò ä


    © 13Ò ä


    ¢ 19Ò ä


    ¤ 20Ò ä


    §05Ò ç 40'

    ¦ 03Ò è 07'

    Geocentric Tropical

    Whole sign Houses

    Age Return Theme Dates

    1 11-12 Apprenticing Your Life CourseStarting to hear the call amidst raging hormones and peer pressures. Sep 1973 - Sep 1974 2 23-24 Answering the CallOpportunity knocks, but are you prepared to open the door? Sep 1985 - Sep 1986 3 35-36 Keeping the FaithPassing the threshold, but are you prepared to do whatever it takes? Aug 1997 - Aug 1998 4 47-48 Into the Belly of the BeastShow and tell time, or your faults will show and tell. Jul 2009 - Jul 2010 5 59-60 Re-dedication to the CallReleasing the past to follow fiercely the light on the other side. Jul 2021 - Jul 2022 6 70-72 The Emerging Elder Calls ForthYou struggle to become a beacon for others...and yourself. Nov 2032 - Jun 2034 7 82-84 Completion and New BeginningYou have fullfilled the life course set for you. You create the next one. Oct 2044 - May 2046

    The Jupiter Report Demi Moore 2

  • The Jupiter Report Demi Moore 3

    Your Jupiter Report Most of us stumble through our lives, going through the school of hard knocks, usually without a clue about what lessons we should or could have learned after the bumps, scrapes and bruises. There is a different way to go through life, though. By decoding a snapshot of the sky called an astrological chart, we’ve compiled this report to help you to discover and soar, rather than crawl, through your personal life curriculum or life course. The key is getting a bird eye’s view of your life by using the right agent of consciousness, who we call the astrological planets. To take flight with your own learning adventure, we call on Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet associated with opportunity, expansion, and good luck or fortune. He’s also the wise teacher or planetary guru, who shows us how to grow into the souls we were born to be, learning the key lessons we’re meant to learn. lesson that Jupiter has to teach us. Every 12 years, as Jupiter travels back to same place in our astrological charts, we have an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of those lessons in our lives. If we, however, can get a sense of those lessons before time, we can get an even better grip on the lessons we are to learn and accelerate our growth. This report will identify, based on your own unique snapshot of the heavens at birth:

    The life lessons you are here to better understand. The areas where you can direct your focus to better manage those challenges. The key times that Jupiter returns over 84 years of your life. The ages when you might be pressed more to learn those lessons and how to respond.

  • The Jupiter Report Demi Moore 4

    Key Lessons to Learn from the Teacher Jupiter in Pisces

    Career Helping

    In the sign of Pisces, Jupiter swims upstream through heartbreak, disappointment, ecstasy and redemption to find a heart-home secure in compassion, hope and faith. What guides this subtle yet remarkable life course is faith, hence, and why we call this the path of faith. The path of faith doesn’t mean that you are or will become a religious or even a very trusting person. Perhaps you’re exactly the opposite. But what makes this the path of faith is you’re, ultimately, willing to navigate through much of the troubled waters of life because you suspect there is something there, perhaps at the end of it, that makes the journey worthwhile. This, however, is perhaps not the most useful application of faith. True faith isn’t so much about endings as those points can be arbitrary or shifting. Usually, when something ends, there’s also a beginning, like how graduations from schools are called commencements. The deeper dimension of faith that the Guru has you coursing here is a faith that you are collaborator in creating your life journey from the inside out. It is a calling to envision your life in ways that fulfill your desires rather than defer or deter them. This co-creation would be easy if you could seal yourself off from the world and only think about the world inside. You may actually attempt to do this on occasion in ways that jeopardize your journey. The journey from the inside out is not about escape, but emigrating from within to shape more of what you see without. As it says in scripture, “Faith without works is dead.” You’re called to a rugged and sturdy faith not built on wishes and dreams, but the hard work of detailing and understanding what you feel and sense on the inside to share on the outside, believing that it is essential to what you perceive outside of you. As you move beyond this perception, your sense of endings and beginnings will disappear. You will be exactly where you’ve alway

    Key Arenas of Life where the Teacher Speaks Jupiter in Pisces in 1st House

    Career of Action

    We find Jupiter expressing himself in the arena of your life that deals with your personality, your appearance, your body, and your overall approach to life. In this arena of your life, Jupiter in Pisces will manifest your life course as struggle to have a spiritual or imaginative experience in a human body. Early in life, you may have had physical challenges or episodes that somehow repositioned your body as a smaller home for the vastness of your soul. It didn’t feel like a good fit. This may have prompted you to seek ways of escaping out of the physical realm, either by use of your imagination or through mind-altering substances. You may have also developed strange allergies or heightened sensitivities to your environment or any perception of negative energy around you. Obviously, you’re aversion to being in the physical realm may be largely at the root of some of the psychological and physical problems you experience. The resolution happens when you emotionally and mentally decide to stay on planet Earth for the long haul.

  • The Jupiter Report Demi Moore 5

    Your intermittent visits to other realms are not for escape as much as refresher courses for your pioneering journey here. The Guru has positioned you on this course to remind people that there are other possibilities for reality than the one we regularly see. This could be exhibited in a number of career choices, ranging from visual artist to filmmaker to architecture. The main thing is to continue to ground your sky-bound and almost limitless imagination in tangible work and effort. As long as you stay physically active in your career and some measure of exercise, you’ll feel more like you’re living the best possible life you can, this side of heaven.

    Key Topics of Interest for the Teacher Jupiter ruling 1st & 10th Houses

    Career of Action

    Management Career

    Jupiter has two key topics of interest that will crop up frequently in your life: your identity and how you establish your reputation and career. You are likely to make deep emotional investments in establishing your career as that is how you seek to uncover your identity. However, you must be careful not to become a human “doing,” but a full human being. If you identify too much with your reputation and career, you could become inattentive to the multiple interests and people who populate your life who love and care for you just because of the person you are. You may feel you have more to prove and do than allowing yourself to just be. The irony is that you are likely to choose a career that encourages people to be more, like a counselor, minister, health and beauty consultant, than to do more.

    Areas of Improvement and Ease Jupiter's Aspects

    In this section of your report, we address the various ways that Jupiter relates to the other planets in your chart and how those relationships present areas of improvement or pinpoint areas of natural facility and ease in your life. Moon Quintile Jupiter Jupiter’s easy-going relationship with the Moon suggests that you are capable of great devotion, loyalty and high-minded virtues. You usually maintain a cheery disposition and your first response to people is directed toward creating good will, as you are very charitable. However, you must be mindful of a self-indulgent quality that is more content with whatever you perceive as the good life or just good. This could suggest a certain kind of smugness or self-righteousness when encountering people who make you feel uncomfortable.

  • The Jupiter Report Demi Moore 6


    Mercury Trine Jupiter The easy-going relationship to Mercury makes Jupiter a valuable ally in your education and your ability to educate. You enjoy talking to people and sharing information. People will find you affable and easy to address. However, it’s also valuable to learn to quiet your mind (and your mouth) and