Dell Boomi HIMSS 2017 Demo: Solve Health IT Interoperability Challenges

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Transcript of Dell Boomi HIMSS 2017 Demo: Solve Health IT Interoperability Challenges


Solving Health IT Interoperability Challenges



Healthcare transformation begins with Boomi

Innovate amid consumerizationTransition to value-based careStreamline financial reconciliationStrengthen HIE data exchange

Transformation begins with integration



The interoperable future of Health IT

Increase Patient EngagementAccelerate Data-Driven InsightsImproveHealthcare Decisions


Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (HiPaaS)IntegrationMaster dataApplication integrationETLEDI / B2BMaster datamanagementData qualityAPI ManagementPlatformBoomi moleculeEnvironmentsBusiness rulesAdvanced user security


The Digital Imperative Driving All Businesses

Improve collaboration to accelerate innovation

Understand customer needs to deliver more valueDeliver new products-services to grow revenue and profit

* Embracing Digital Technology,MIT Sloan Management Review & CapGemini78% of companies say that Digital Transformation is critical to their success.* Why?

Agility to adapt to changing markets and competitionIncrease operational efficiency to move/act/respond faster



Achieving Business Agility Requires IT Modernization

Shift to Cloud

Multi-Channel Interaction

CommunitiesConnected ProductsKey digital initiatives that businesses are implementing to become more agile:

Best of Breed Applications



How It WorksBuild

Using the AtomSphere library of connectors and maps, visually design your integration processes and load them into a lightweight, dynamic run-time engine called an Atom for execution.Manage

Monitor and maintain the status of all your deployed Atoms, integration processes and trading partners, regardless of location, using a feature-rich web-based dashboard.Deploy

Deploy your Atoms to the AtomSphere for SaaS, PaaS, or Cloud integration or safely behind your firewall for on-premise applications.



Put iPaaS at the Center of Your Digital StrategyIntegration and integration technologies are foundational elements to the connection element of digital business success, and they can be a source of business value and competitive advantage.Gartner, Emerging Technology Analysis: Integration Platform as a Service, B,Bhullar, M. Pezzini, F. Biscotti, Aug. 8, 2016

Integration Platform as a ServiceCloud ApplicationsOn Premises SystemsCloud InfrastructureBusiness DivisionsBusiness Partners




LabProviderHIEMedical DevicePharmaWholesaler Distributor

Customer Successes



Business ChallengesIntegration solution for EMRs, practice management systems, and billing and revenue management softwareSolutionDJO Integrator, a built-in data integration solution powered by Dell Boomi AtomSphere which allows healthcare practices to share data seamlesslyResultsReduced costs by increasing efficiency and automating manual processesImproved patient experience through increased data interoperability, which reduces errors and duplicate data entryStreamlined workflow, improved billing accuracy and increased efficiencyDJO Global10We needed a product that was capable of securely moving data across all formats while being cost effective for our customers. The Dell Boomi solution was that product. Mike PetersChief Information Officer, DJO Global

Applications IntegratedMotionMDTMEMRsCustom Systems



Health information exchangeBusiness problemsTransition to a new health insurance exchange marketplace due to ACA Automate enrollment and billingWork-arounds were expensive and time-consuming BenefitsEliminated expensive and error-prone manual processesEnabled tracking and auditing to ensure regulatory compliance Reduced administration costs for insurersState-level200,000+ members14 insurance carriers



A post-acute care providerPost-acute care providerOperates in 55 facilities in 7 statesNations 15th largest provider5,900+ beds, 8,000 employeesBusiness problemsIntegration process is not business analyst friendlyDont want to hire expensive and specialized skillset to maintainNeed to synchronize multiple systems at onceBenefitsRequired minimal coding and can support all EDI formatsProvided a tool the business users can leverageAutomated the movement of data from EMR systems via HL7Used Boomi to self-service their integration needs



Business ChallengesReplace two expensive, inflexible on-premises middleware solutionsImprove agility, lower total cost of ownership (TCO)Support cloud and mobile integrationSolutionDell Boomi AtomSphere iPaaS for scalability, speed, ease-of-use, and lower TCOResultsDeployed twice the integrations in one sixth of the timeCut operating expenditures by 30%Reduced server capacity requirements by 50%Novartis13With AtomSphere iPaaS, the POC was completed in 25 hours.AtomSphere delivered cost savings of around $18,250 or 73% when compared to existing on-premises middleware solutions.Source OvumCase Study: Adoption of Dell Boomi AtomSphere iPaaS by NovartisProof of ConceptSalesforceCustom App



Top Healthcare Wholesaler / DistributorEmployees: 33,600A healthcare services company providing pharmaceutical and medical products and services to pharmacies, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories, physician offices and other healthcare providersBusiness problemsFind a way to easily add new integration connectors over time Explore modern IT infrastructure with both cloud integration and cloud MDM all on a single platform

BenefitsAutomated customer and sales activity metrics from on-premises SAP Hana to Be able provide the richest set of information possible in daily updates to its sales teams



Medical and dental laboratories companyBusiness problemsDatabase connectivity to four core systems Web services connectivity for HL7 and mobile communication with external and internal partners. Large data stores integrated across cloud and on-premises environments

BenefitsSOA-enablement of HL7 data stream Automated information dissemination across the value chainLarge-scale database connectivity supportEasily add in new integrations to support future growthIntegrating core applications and delivering HL7 data to external and internal partners



Dell Boomi has changed our interface implementation time from six months to approximately two months.Nannette RayChief Performance Officer, AnesthesiaOSApplications IntegratedAnesthesiaOSAllscriptsMedacSimple Admit16

AnesthesiaOSBusiness ChallengeAnesthesiaOS is a SaaS provider working with hospitals and other healthcare providers. It needed a partner to eliminate the integration challenge for customers with applications using HL7, XML, and flat file formats in cloud or hybrid cloud environments.SolutionDell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) allows AnesthesiaOS to offer faster implementation times without custom coding, and to integrate with healthcare organizations existing HER / EMR systemsResultsEliminates the need for custom codingSpeeds time to value for healthcare providersEnsures data quality by sharing between healthcare systemsReplaces manual, paper-based workflowsImproves data governance, allowing the EHR to function as a single version of the truth