Delhi belly

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Delhi Belly – mirror of the emerging society?

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  • 1. Delhi Belly mirror of theemerging society?

2. What was it actually ? 3. What does it mean now ?It has created a new meaning in the society and that is --S*** HAPPENS !! 4. OUT OF THE BOX THINKINGPoints Of DifferentiaImpacts on youth, society & bollywood 5. Message conveyedYouth feels attractive.Youth can relate themselvs easilyMaturity of censor boardMaturity of audienceChange in the recent trend 6. BHAG BHAG D K BOSEMay be its a song,but its nothing but the realscenario of recent society & thats why it wassuper hit.The theme of the movie was poiniting towards thelifestyle of todays youth. 7. SOCIETY OR YOUTH ??DELHI BELLY was entirely targeting the youth& youth also successfully related themselvs.But are we talking about only youth or the entiresociety?? Because youth is only a part of thesociety not the whole society. 8. Emerging Society & TodaysYouthYouth is the representative of soceity. The futureof society depends upon them. But unfortunatelythey are leaning towards the wrong path.Youth is getting attracted by the vulgarity of themovie because they feel these are the part of theirdaily life but at the same time we cant accept thisin society.