Dehydrated onion manufacturing process

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Dehydrated onion Manufacture from India


Dehydrated onion Manufacture from IndiaAbout us:We are the leading Indian Company engaged in the production of Onion dehydrated products from Fresh Red & White Onion in the form of Kibbled/Flakes, Minced, Chopped, Granules and Powder . These all variables have wider applications in food processing and pharmaceuticals.

We are well equipped with state of the art manufacturing machineries which has enabled us to win confidence of our buyers. The quality, taste, flavor and nutrition are preserved in dried onion as if it is in the fresh onions. We produce pesticides free / Non GMO dehydrated onion which are Indian Origin.

Why Panchvati Foods?Timely Delivery

Dehydrated onion Manufacture from

Quality product Team of experienced workforce High tech ware housing facility Strong logistic support and NetworkCompetitive pricing

Dehydrated onion Manufacturing process

Dehydrated onion Manufacture from

Raw Material Onion

Feeding area


Grading TemperatureEqualizingColor sorting & Metal Detection

Weighing & Packing

Storage & Dispatch


Drying5 Layer air Dryer

Dehydrated onion Manufacture from Indiawww.panchvatifoods.comRaw Material OnionSelection of raw material is very important for producing best quality of dehydrate onion. Panchvati Foods is very conscious about purchasing fresh onions. We offer contract farming to farmers and guide them properly for growing best quality Onions which is suitable for making dehydrated onion. Feeding areaFresh Onions are unloaded to feeding area. From this point the process of dehydration starts.

Dehydrated onion Manufacture from IndiaPeeling & WashingThe fresh onions are pilled and then washed with medicated water containing 10 ppm chlorineWashed onions then sent for cutting through conveyer belt.SlicingThe onion chips are loaded on the Stainless Steel Dryer Beltsthrough conveyer belt system. The automatic dryer belts ensure the required dehydration without affecting the taste of the onion.DryingFive Layer Dryer

Dehydrated onion Manufacture from Indiawww.panchvatifoods.comAfter the binary dryers the material goes to air conditioned rooms where in it is passed through huller machine to grade the material by size i.e. flakes, powder, chips etc.Grading The material after the first round of drying are sent forbinary dryersto reduce the moisture content.TemperatureEqualizingColor sorting & Metal DetectionThe final product is then passed through Auto Sortex andMetal Detectorto ensure desired quality product.

www.panchvatifoods.comDehydrated onion Manufacture from IndiaWeighing & PackingThe material is then sealed in air tight bags to preserve it properly. Secondary packing of corrugated boxes is provided on buyers request.Storage & DispatchStorage of finished goods is very important in food products. We are very much conscious about the storage. Insect free and controlled moisture place to be chosen to store the finished goods. We own our own cold storage facility to store ready materials. Dual care being taken by storage and ware house department on timely intervals.


Dehydrated onion Manufacture from IndiaOur stored goods are than ready for dispatch to buyers on samples approvals. We provide documents supporting to the quality of our products like SGS Inspection report, KOSHER, FSSAI, HACCP etc.IMPORTANT NOTE: During the entire process only the water content of the onion is removed by steam drying under controlled temperature and environment hence the natural taste of the onion is well preserved. No harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process.

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