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  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    threat and danger. !hi" threat affect" more than u"t one /reat *ou"e. &t i" "uch that &

    ha$e called a truce to confer #ith " current occupant. *e did not other nocing a" he

    #aled into the office.

    ;Ah Se$eru". & a""ume you are here to let me no# that you are headed to )alfoy


    Se$eru" "neered. *e ne# it #a" pointle"" to prote"t the in$a"ion of hi" pri$acy a"Dumledore #ould u"t preach aout need" of the #ar and the greater good. ;Correct. &

    #ant to "ee #hat he ha" and i" up to.;

    Dumledore "tepped hi" hand" and con"idered hi" +otion" )a"ter. *e con"idered riefly

    if he "hould confront the man on the o$iou" u"e of a /reat *ou"e 4attle

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    to go and hope that the con$er"ation too place in ngli"h. !hat #ay he could tae

    another loo and get the information from the true meeting #ith Se$eru" eing none the


    ;ell my oy. & thin you "hould mae ha"te to )alfoy )anor. ith the )ini"try

    reathing do#n our ac" & do not thin #e need anymore troule.;

    ;&ndeed not. & #ill "ee upon my return.; Se$eru" "#irled #ith hi" roe" illo#ing and

    "mired to him"elf a" he #aled out. &t #a" o$iou" that Dumledore had diluted him"elf.hile the Snape>" #ere not a nole hou"e lie the +rince" they non the le"" had a fe#

    family gift". 7ne of them eing the mind art" and Se$eru" had learned from the nee of

    !oia" Snape him"elf a /rand )a"ter of the art".

    A fe# minute" later Se$eru" #a" eyond the ca"tle #ard" and apparated to )alfoy

    )anor. &t too aout fifteen minute" to #al up the tree lined dri$e until he #a" at the

    )anor it"elf. Se$eru">" eye ro#" #ent up. $ery light in the )anor #a" la8ing. *e

    uicly made hi" #ay into the )anor and noticed the elf" mo$ing aout #ith ha"te andpurpo"e. hat in the name of )erlin #a" going on=

    Se$eru" made hi" #ay into the "tudy #here he noticed that the mutt #a" already there

    muttering to him"elf.

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    " magical guardian and godfather and & a" Draco>" father tra$el to *og#art" and

    "imultaneou"ly #ithdra# the children. !o in"ure there are no prolem" & no# of "e$eraltru"t#orthy memer" of the D)

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    Siriu" did not lie it ut nodded hi" agreement.

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    ;!hirty ight.;

    Amelia nodded. ;*o# i" it that you are ali$e gi$en that the )ini"try elie$e" you #eremurdered y Siriu" 4lac=;

    ;& cut off my finger and tran"formed into my animagu" form #hich i" a rat. & then e"capeand ha$e managed to remain hidden.;

    Amelia then a"ed the ne%t o$iou" ue"tion. ;Did Siriu" 4lac murder all tho"e muggle"

    fourteen year" ago=;

    ;No & did.;

    Amelia already "u"pected ut needed to mae it official. ;Did Siriu" 4lac etray the+otter" to ?ou 3no# ho=;

    ;No. & #a" the "ecret eeper.;

    ;hy #ould you etray your friend" to the enemy=;

    ;!he Dar " enemy

    thu" contriuting to their death" and high trea"on.;

    " ear. ;)ini"ter thi" i" a potential political

    nightmare. ?ou need to e "cene y the people a" a man of u"tice and fully prepared to

    fi% a mi"carriage of u"tice.;

    Fudge gulped and the nodded. ;-ight then. A" )ini"ter of )agic & declare Siriu" 7rion

    4lac innocent of all charge" made again"t hi" per"on. *e i" a" of thi" moment a free#i8ard.; Fudge looed up and caught the loo from

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    & ha$e need of the )ini"ter for a fe# more moment".;

    Amelia ri"tled at the o$iou" di"mi""al ut left non the le"".

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    ha$e con"iderale more #ealth and it #ould tae a great deal of time to truly anrupt the

    oy. Speaing of #hich #hat do you thin he i" going to "ay #hen informed of all thi"=;

    Fudge #a" ruing hi" hand" together. !hi" #ould di"grace and get rid of Dumledore

    no ue"tion. A" a onu" if done correctly it #ould "ho# the +otter oy that he #a"

    mi"taen to tru"t to old man and hi" faith #ould e etter placed #ith the )ini"trymeaning Fudge.

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    Draco con"idered #hat he ne# aout hi" /randfather. ell fir"t Ara%i" had een

    no#n a" one of the mo"t $ocal adherent" to lood purityB Draco>" eye ro#" "hot up.

    *olly )erlin +otter i" a purelood. And it #a" eing elp from him=

    !hi" could only mean Dumledore and the light "ide. !hey #ere u"ing him. ell Draco

    already ne# thi" ut the implication" #ent eyond mere u"e. !o e a purelood #ouldmean that +otter" mother #a" not a mudlood after all. !he ue"tion i" ho# did a

    purelood #itch end up #ith muggle". Furthermore if the information #a" eing

    #ithheld then that #ould imply the Dumledore not only no#" ut i" u"ing it to hi"o#n purpo"e". Ne%t ue"tion i" #hat el"e i" the old coot up to.

    Draco glanced ac do#n at the letter. )o"t #ould "ee *ou"e nemie" and #ould

    a""ume that

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  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    Slythern Dorm

    +op. ;)a"ter.;

    Draco fini"hed coming hi" hair. ;?e" )ender.;

    ;)a"ter" +otty ha" left t "eem

    to "top him from entering to egin #ith.;

    Draco turned hi" head for a moment. ;&f you #ere ale to that then you ha$e made $ery

    acceptale progre"" in a "hort amount of time. Still it i" not enough to eep certaino$erearing coot" out of your mind. *ere.; Draco pa""ed o$er a medallion neclace. ;&t i"

    charmed to redirect your thought" "hould legilimency e u"ed again"t you. &t #ill mae it

    "eem lie you are only thining of incon"euential thing" and hide your turn "ecret".+urelood familie" u"e them #ith children. !hey #ill only #or for aout four month"

    until your mind uild" up an immunity ut y then your o#n defen"e" "hould e

    adeuate. & al"o ha$e a tracing charm on it "o if "omething goe" #rong & can find you.;

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    *arry too the neclace. &t #a" $ery eautiful and ore the )alfoy Cre"t. *arry looed

    up. ;hy are you helping me= hy #ould gi$e me "omething that o$iou"ly elong" to

    your family.;

    Draco looed into *arry>" eye". ;&t ha" to do #ith thing" that your enemie" can not no#.

    !he neclace i" not one hundred percent and #hat i" not no# can not e taen fromyou.;

    *arry "co#led. *e hated to e elp in the dar ut the lond had a point. Draco though#a" not fini"hed. ;& am not "ure #hat your letter "aid ut & am under the impre""ion that

    #e #ill e lea$ing $ery "oon. Do you no# "hrining charm".;

    *arry "hoo hi" head. Draco then in"tructed him on the charm. ;Start caring yourelonging" on your per"on. ?ou may need to e on the mo$e #ith out notice. &t #ould e

    e"t to e prepared. No# then if anything happen" and you find your"elf o$er your head

    call from )ender. *e i" my per"onal elf and he #ill defend you and get you to me.;

    *arry nodded hi" under"tanding then a"ed in a "mall $oice. ;hy i" thi" happening=;

    Draco ran hi" hand through hi" hair. ;& hone"tly do not no#. All & no# i" that my father

    told me to protect you for rea"on" #e can not tal aout. A" to #hy you are no#

    "urrounded y enemie"= & a""ume #e find out once #e are "ome#here "afe. & thinB+otter are you crying=; Draco looed at him in ama8ement.

    *arry held hi" head in "hame. *e looed at the lond #ho o$iou" #anted an

    e%planation. *arry fought to get him"elf ac under control and had to turn a#ay. For amoment Draco almo"t pulled the "maller oy into hi" arm". *e al"o had to fight for

    control. *arry #a" finally ale to an"#er. ;Sorry aout that. )y emotion" ha$e een

    getting the e"t of me. +lea"e don>t repeat thi" ut the thing i" that my relati$e" ne$erlied me. &t i" #hy & $alued tho"e that & ecame friend" #ith #hen & came into the

    i8arding orld and no#B;

    Draco nodded. ;And no# you are learning that they ha$e proaly etrayed you.; Draco

    too a deep reath. ;?ou are hurting ecau"e of it.;

    *arry nodded. ;?eah. & don>t #ant to elie$e ut e$erything i" pointing to it.; *arryturned around. ;& gue"" the "orting hat #a" right.; Draco looed up #ith a ue"tioning

    loo. ;&t "aid that & #ould find my true friend" in Slythern. ?eah & #a" "uppo"ed to e a

    Slythern ut & taled it out of it.;

    Draco lined. ;?ou taledB; *e then "hoo hi" head. ;hy=;

    *arry ga$e a "hort ner$ou" laugh. ;ell looing ac on it & thin & #a" rather "tupid.

    )y fir"t friend #a" *agrid my "econd #a" -on. & ne$er ne# #hat it #a" lie to ha$e a

    friend and #ell & elie$ed them #ithout ue"tion. 4oth of them told me that only dar

    #i8ard" come from Slythern including @ol..errBthe Dar

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    Se$eru" "ho#ed him"elf out #hile "miring. !he e"t lie" #here tho"e emedded in the


    12 /rimmauld

    ;And that i" the "hort of it.; Siriu" hated ha$ing to di"cu"" thi" #ith hi" mother" portrait

    ut he needed her help.

    !he u"ually au"i$e #itch leaned ac in her chair. ;So the +otter child i" a purelood.

    ell it #ould "eem that he i" acceptale a" an heir a lea"t until you find a purelood to

    ha$e a proper heir #ith. Still if the child i" ound for a )alfoy that #ould e eeping

    the title" in the family "o to "pea. Alright then you ha$e my cooperation then a" thi" i" aFamily matter. u"t "o you no# & "till con"ider you a di"grace. ?ou ha$e a lot to mae

    up for.;

    Siriu" mumled under hi" reath a" he #ent ac to hi" room. &f it #a" not for *arrySiriu" #ould rather urn the hou"e do#n u"t to "pite hi" mother.

    )alfoy )anor

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    *arry #a" eginning to run out of #ay" to a$oid the /ryffindor>" not to mention the

    *eadma"ter. After taling #ith Draco he too all of the day" mean" in the itchen". &n

    et#een he "pent in the " neclace *arry ne# that if the *eadma"ter really #anted he could

    rea eyond the"e defen"e" and find out #hat he #anted. *arry did "omething for the

    fir"t time in hi" life. *e prayed. >,m & really don>t no# #hat i" out there. &f you are /odor )erlin or the /odde"". 4ut it #ould e really great if you could cut me a rea and get

    me out of thi".>

    De"pite #hat mo"t #ould a""ume our *arry +otter i" entitled to a fe# fa$or" from the,ni$er"e e$ery no# and then. A" if in an"#er to hi" prayer" the door" to the great hall

    "lammed open and aout ten Auror" along #ith the )ini"ter of )agic

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    7ne of the Auror" "tepped for#ard and narro#ed hi" eye". ;No ho# dare Dumledore to

    attempt to ca"te a compul"ion charm on a minor;

    Fudge "mired. ;&ndeed. & "ay Dumledore you are going to ha$e "ome e%plaining to


    Alu" "tood up. ;& am merely trying to protect one of my "tudent" and in"uring that he

    doe" not act ra"hly due to the confu"ion you are all cau"ing him. *arry come here.;

    Siriu" placed hi" hand on the oy>" "houlder. ;& don>t thin "o old man.;

    Alu" narro#ed hi" eye". ;?ou are not in any po"ition to e maing demand". A" & "eem

    to recall you are a #anted criminal. Auror>" a" *ead of the i8engamont & am orderingyou to tae Siriu" 4lac into cu"tody.;

    Fudge laughed. ;Alu" Alu" Alu". ?ou "eem to forget that you #ere remo$ed from

    the i8engamont. +erhap" that i" #hy you ha$e not heard. +eter +ettigre# #a"captured.; !o thi" the *eadma"ter #ent pale. ;7h ye" Dumledore. &t "eem" that " guardian con"titute" idnapping doe" it not=;

    Fudge returned the "mir. ;&ndeed

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    *arry #a" no# "urrounded y Auror" and #a" eing e"corted out of the great hall. " pre"ence eep him from fleeing.

    Draco looed around a" they made their #ay to hi" father" "tudy. Something #a"

    "eriou"ly #rong. !he hall" and mo"t of the room" he glanced into #here almo"t "trippedare. *e al"o noticed that the elf" #ere mo$ing $ariou" item" #ith purpo"e. !o all intent"

    and purpo"e" it looed lie they #ere going to aandon the )anor. And if that #a" the

    ca"e #ell then it #a" really ad. Draco looed o$er at hi" one time neme"i" and no#friend. Draco had "pent the la"t four odd year" "tudying *arry +otter. *e elie$ed that he

    ne# the 4oy ho

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    +otter may & "ee your hand=;

    *arry looed at him #eirdly then held up hi" hand "ho# the "car" ;& #ill not lie.; Fudgepulled hi" #and then muttered a "pell. hile he #a" doing thi" the floo #ent green again

    and t#o Auror" came through. Fudge turned around and noticed that the glo# that #a"

    "urrounding the oy>" hand #a" al"o "urrounding the uill eing held y one of the ne#arri$al".

    !he Auror "poe ;e found thi" in her uarter" at *og#art".;

    Fudge nodded then turned. ;ell Delori"= !hi" i" $ery much the deacle that you ha$e

    emroiled the )ini"try in. hat do you ha$e to "ay for your"elf=;

    ,mridge looed confu"ed. ;Corneliu" & don>t under"tand. & thoughtB;

    Fudge held up hi" hand. ;Delori" & ne$er authori8ed the torture of children. ?e" & #anted

    the oy "ilenced ut e$en & #a" a#are that #hen all i" "aid and done he i" "till *arry+otter the hero of the people. Do you hone"tly thin that the pulic #ill "tand y #hen

    you ha$e done thi"= ?ou may ha" u"t ruined my entire career. e #ill tal aout thi"latter. Auror";

    !he hauled the "hoced #itch through the floo and ac to the )ini"try. Fudge looedner$ou"ly at the a""emled #itche" and #i8ard" efore turning to the green eyed oy.

    ;*arry & am truly "orry for thi". Delori" #ill e puni"hed you ha$e my #ord.;

    t mean to e a other ut could

    "omeone plea"e tell e #hat the loody hell i" going on=;

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    +otter & a" for your patience for the moment. &n order for you to under"tand & elie$e

    #e "hould "tart #ith an inheritance te"t. & elie$e you no# /riphoo from /ringott".;

    *arry nodded a" the /olin made hi" #ay o$er. ;)r. +otter. hen my employer"

    recei$ed a reue"t for /ringott" to inter$ene it #a" decided that a /olin you no# and

    are familiar #ith "hould come.;

    *arry finally ga$e a "mile. ;!han you /riphoo.;

    !he /olin ga$e him a grin. ;No# then hold out your hand.; /riphoo too the oy"

    #ri"t and priced hi" finger. Collecting the lood he "uee8ed the drop" onto /olin

    "pelled parchment. &mmediately name" and date" "tarted to appear.

    /riphoo nodded. ;?ou are indeed *arry ame" +otter rightful

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    *arry lined and then looed at hi" /odfather. Siriu" under"tood the ue"tion. ;+up he

    i" going to tell you that the !rent fortune i" all ut gone and that the +otter>" #ealth ha"al"o een raided and plundered. & "u"pect certain /olin manager #ill ha$e much to

    an"#er for.;

    /riphoo came ac. ;& ha$e "ummoned the /olin Council. !hi" i" a mo"t "eriou"

    matter. & mu"t in"i"t that

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    parchment he i" li"ted a" the "ole "ur$i$ing heir of the !rent family. & therefore came

    ac for the !rent ledger".;

    Another /olin came into the room and handed o$er t#o folder" to /riphoo. *e nodded

    hi" than" and uicly looed o$er them to $erify they "aid #hat he "u"pected. *e turned

    to the head /olin. ;)y

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    po""ile ut Nipno"e ecame the +otter manager a fe# month" after

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    ,pon #hi"pered ad$i"e from Siriu" *arry "tood up. ;& than you

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    !he )ini"try for it" part had dropped all pretence a" to the return of @oldermort #hich

    "urpri"ed many at the Chateau. )ini"ter Fudge had came out "tating that he hadpre$iou"ly een mi"taen ut had full faith that *arry +otter #ould ha$e the prolem

    re"ol$ed permanently #ithin the ne%t year. !he )ini"try had announced it" full "upport

    ehind the 4oy ho

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    ale to get into the oy" room".

    Siriu" reached the end of the hall and hi" ro#" #ent up at the angry lond efore him.;7+N !*&S 4t #ant me licingyou hand then & "ugge"t that you do not attempt to "ilence me in that manner. No# then

    & elie$e you are feeling "orry for your"elf due to the fact that once again it #ould "eem

    that fate i" interfering #ith your life am & correct=;

    *arry nodded. ;Among other thing". *ey & am not feeling "orry for my"elf;

    Draco rai"ed a ro#. ;-eally= And u"t #hat do you call "uling up here in thi" room=;

    *arry huffed. ;And & am not "uling either. & am thining in pri$ate.;

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    Draco u"t "tared at him. ;,h huh. ell then #hat ha" your >thining> re"ol$ed=;

    *arry turned and "tomped ac o$er to hi" chair and "at do#n. ;None of your u"ine"".;

    Draco came o$er and turned the oppo"ite chair to face the oy #ho li$ed. ;7h ut & defer.

    ?our prolem here i" $ery much my u"ine"". &f our "on ha" any chance to e orn then#e need to re"ol$e thi". No# then & elie$e the central prolem i" no#ing that you and

    & end up together am & right=;

    *arry glared at him. ;

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    *arry #a" going to deny it ut #hat #a" the point. A" the lond "aid he ne# him etter

    than mo"t. ;And #hy "houldn>t it Don>t get me #rong & #ant tho"e children a" much a"

    you ut you can>t "ay you #ould e happier #ith at lea"t the illu"ion of picing your o#npartner not ha$ing one piced for you.;

    ;And that i" #here & thin you ha$e it #rong +otter.; Draco finally retoo hi" "eat.;!hin aout it for a moment. &n the originalB you no# & don>t no# #hat to call it i"

    it future= !imeline= ell #hat e$er it i" in the original you fled ngland and #here

    holed up #ith Haini for nearly t#o year". According to our "on Se$eru" #hen #e remet #e uicly feel in lo$e #ith one another. &t almo"t "ounded lie it #a" u"t a chance

    meeting ut that meeting #a" enough to get the all rolling. &t al"o "ound" lie #ith the

    e%ception of #hat tho"e 7rder idiot" did to you #hich y the #ay i" not going to happen

    thi" time around you and & had a $ery happy and lo$ing marriage. !he only realdifference i" that #e "ort of all ready no# #ho #e end up #ith. !he eginning and

    middle are "till there to enoy and "a$or.;

    *arry turned hi" head. ;u"t #hat e%actly are you propo"ing=;

    Draco ga$e a laugh. ;anting my ring already are you=;

    *arry huffed. ;Stop oing and get to the loody point.;

    Draco held up hi" hand". ;Alright eep your nicer" on. hat & am "aying i" #hat i"

    #rong #ith u" u"t eing friend" #ith one another for no# and tae thing" real "lo#.

    !hough the timeline ha" already een changed than" to Father #e #ould "till ha$e o$er

    t#o year". No rea"on #hy #e can not u"e the time to get to no# one another and #orryaout the re"t much latter. 4e"ide" if #e really are that compatile and are meant to fall in

    lo$e then #e can u"t let de"tiny or #hate$er "ee to it"elf and u"t enoy li$ing.;

    *arry thought aout it and #orried a#ay hi" lip efore looing ac up. ;So u"t friend"

    for no#=;

    Draco nodded. ;!hough & thin you are cute #e are oth too young to e getting hitched

    and you eing pregnant. 4e"ide" & hear the e"t home" are tho"e #here the lo$er" are

    al"o e"t friend".;

    *arry finally ga$e a nod. ;7.;

    Draco reath in relief. ;%cellent. No# you ha$e a fe# people #orried. *o# aout youget your"elf cleaned up and come do#n for lunch.;

    l"e#here in the Chateau

    Se$eru" "tepped through the floo. ;/reeting"

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    ;& ha$e con$inced the Slythern familie" and "ome of the -a$encla# familie" to #ithdra#

    their children. For no# they are either fleeing to $ariou" "tate" on the continent orgoing to +rince @illa in &taly. e can te"t tho"e that #i"h to oin u" #ith @erita"erum.;

    Se$eru" nodded hi" than" to the coffee handed to him.

    ;!he ne# *eadma"ter "ome fool Fudge appointed i" prote"ting the e$acuation ho#e$er

    & do not percei$e him interfering too much. &n point of fact it "hould e complete u"t it

    time to a$oid the unplea"antne"" Dumledore>" people are aout to unlea"h.;

    Siriu" rai"ed a ro#. ;hat ha" happened.

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    from +otter>" former circle.;

    Siriu" looed up and thought. ;& am not certain ut according to one of my "ource" thet#in" rai"ed holy hell #hen they found out that mo"t of their family #a" on the tae.

    Al"o Ne$ille

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    ;/ood )orning /ran.;

    !he elder #oman in$ited her"elf to the "eat efore her grandchild>" de". She con"ideredthe oy no man efore her. &n the la"t fe# month" Ne$ille had "tarted to gain

    confidence and #a" "ho#ing that he #a" gro#ing up. She attriuted thi" to him #anted to

    help out hi" friend *arry +otter ut #hat e$er the rea"on "he #a" "ecretly proud of him.A" "uch "he had taen to "haring more information #ith him. ;& ha$e "poen #ith our

    "ource". &t appear" that Dumledore could mae hi" mo$e on the )ini"try at any


    Ne$ille leaned ac in hi" chair. ;7ur >"ource"> ha$e een "aying that for the la"t t#o

    month". & #onder #hat he i" #aiting for.;

    ;$idently pulic "upport. !he +rophet ha" only een under hi" control for the la"t t#o

    #ee" and he ha" een u"y getting hi" propaganda out.;

    Ne$ille looed out hi" #indo#. ;Any idea ho# that i" going=;

    Augu"ta cro""ed her leg". ;&t i" hard to "ay. 7n one hand that old fool ha" taught literallygeneration" of our population and they are u"ed to tru"ting him. 7n the other hand *arry

    +otter command" a great deal of re"pect. !he )ini"try i" "till "uffering due to it"

    propaganda attac" on the oy thi" pre$iou" "ummer. So one could "ay that the +eople arenot plea"ed #ith #hat Dumledore ha" done to him. !hat "aid Dumledore ha" the

    +rophet putting out that the crime" ne$er happened that >poor *arry> ha" een duped. *e

    i" "aying that Siriu" 4lac ha" gone dar and i" fooling the oy into going Dar #ith him.

    ithout actually eing in ngland it i" hard to udge #eather thi" i" #oring for him ornot.;

    Ne$ille nodded. ;?eah. & late"t o#l to *arry ha" come ac undeli$ered again. *a$e youhad any luc=;

    Augu"ta nodded a" #ell. ;?e" & ha$e. &t end" up that the e"tate he ha" een at ha" a o#l#ard u"t a" #e do. *e i" currently at Chateau )alfoy in the "outh of France.;

    Ne$ille>" ro#" #ent up. ;-eally ut *arry hate" the )alfoy".;

    She "hrugged. ;$idently there i" more to the "tory than #hat #e no#. & am attempting

    to contact

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    ea"ley i8arding hee8e"

    Diagon Alley " #rong

    traitor= !hought you could rai"e up again"t your go$ernment and not leed for it=; She

    ignored the no# "creaming #i8ard and fought her #ay o$er to one of her loyal Auror".

    ;)adam 4one". Dumledore>" force" $a"tly outnumer u". & do not thin #e can hold the


    She hi""ed. ;hat of the )ini"ter=;

    !he man "hoo hi" head. ;Dead. For all their claim" of fighting for the light they are

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    u"ing "ome $ery dar tactic". And efore you a" it #a" )ad ye that fired the illing


    She "hoo her head.

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    occupied. ;& do not "ee ho# #e can pre$ent it one" )ace !ae that fucer out no#;

    Spell light hit the enemy from the rear and Amelia recogni8ed a memer of thei8engamont fighting hi" #ay o$er to her. ;/reeting" " life. ;A" a" "aying efore #e #ere rudely interrupted & ha$e left the "er$ice" of the Dar

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    then "poe to the other #i8ard. ;hat i" your "ugge"tion )athe#"=;

    ;)adam you may ha$e not yet een "#orn in ut for all intent" and purpo"e" you are the)ini"try. !he hou"e elf" )adam their loyalty i" to the )ini"try=;

    Amelia ignored the "coffing of +arin"on and concentrated on the #i8ard. ;hat goodare the *ou"e elf"= !hey are pre$ented y magic to fight.;

    )athe#" liced hi" lip". ;!hey can not "tart a fight ut they are allo#ed to defend. !heycan get to the i8engamont and pop them to "afety. &f the enemy trie" to hurt the

    )emer" then the elf" can re"pond. 4ut to get them you ha$e to en$oeB;

    Amelia rai"ed her hand no#ing e%actly #hat he #a" thining. ;-ight +arin"on & #illneed a Second; *e nodded. She then pointed her #and up. ;,nder the !hird Article of

    the Accord" or i8arding A$alon and y right of "ucce""ion & Amelia /loria 4one"

    a""ume the title of )ini"ter of )agic for /reat 4ritain;

    )agic "tarted "#irling around her. +arin"on pointed hi" #and up. ;Do you Amelia

    /loria 4one" "#ear y )erlin to uphold and defend the )ini"try and the +eople of4riti"h i8ardom again"t all enemie"= !o you "#ear to uphold the la#" of the land and


    ;4y )erlin & "#ear on my )agic and

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    A +op. ;)i"tre"" )ini"try call" Don=;

    ;?e" Don. & ha$e declared an emergency. )emer" of the i8engamont are trapped in

    the old %ecuti$e Conference -oom.; She then thought for a moment. ;Don ho# many

    hou"e elf" are in the )ini"try=;

    ;15(5 )i"tre"".;

    Amelia rai"ed her ro#". She had no idea the )ini"try had that many. ell then that

    changed thing". ;Don & #ant the elf" to tae the memer" of the i8engamont to

    "afety. ?ou are authori8ed to u"e force if nece""ary to protect them. & then #ant the elf" to

    tae any other " crony nodded. ;& am 3ing"ley Shacleolt *ead Auror of the )ini"tryB;

  • 8/12/2019 Defying Fate


    !he /olin" laughed at thi". /riphoo "#ung the pole of hi" "pear to cut the feet out from

    under the #i8ard and force him to hi" nee". ;& happen to no# the *ead Auror and youare not him hat do you #ant #i8ard;

    Shacleolt focu"ed on the head /olin. ;!he )ini"try ha" een lierated y the force"of it>. ;&f you aide y thi" decree then there #ill

    not e any troule. -efu"e and the force" of