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  • Decorative Glass Options To Choose From

  • Channel Glass

    U-shaped and translucentin natureavailable in different width variations ranging from 9 to 19 inchescreate light transmitting wall, which offer privacy as well as light diffusion

  • Stained Glass

    coloured and used more often for decorationare usually found in church windows

  • Silvered Glass

    popularly known as Mercury glasshas reflective qualityavailable in various textures, colours and patterns

  • Painted Glass

    has a coating which covers its whole surfacecomes in different solid or metallic huesoften used for wall cladding

  • Fused Glass

    created through fusion of glasses having different colours and texturesmakes up ornate glassware and art glass pieces

  • Textured Glass

    Imprinted with some texture or patternpopularly called obscure glass

  • Acid Etched Glass

    have frosted appearanceideal for interior as well as exterior usageprovide uncombed reflection

  • Curved Glass

    flat glass bent to achieve a curved lookfabricated into insulated units

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