Decorating With Greys In Your Home

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Transcript of Decorating With Greys In Your Home

  1. 1. Decorating With Greys In Your Home
  2. 2. Add Sparkle
  3. 3. * Sparkle & sheen work great in grey hues * They add rich texture that amplifies the color * Create a luxurious room without spending globs of cash * It also adds dimension to the living space
  4. 4. Combine An Array of Textures
  5. 5. * There is a variety of grey materials to choose from * Consider materials such as tweeds, and marbles which look great in grey! * Try them with pillows, rugs, or throw blankets * By using these materials, youll create a stunning,, sleek look in your living spaces
  6. 6. Play With Different Shades
  7. 7. * Grey comes in a wide array of tones * The best part is that they all look wonderful with other colors! * Choose from very light to dark charcoal to give your living space added depth * Play around with these shades in paint, furniture, and accessories.
  8. 8. Include Pops of Color
  9. 9. * Adding bits of color to grey furniture adds character and style to the space * For boldness, try neon accessories in pinks, greens, and purples * For elegance, try golds, pale yellows, and light blues * The possibilities are endless with a grey base with a little bit of creativity!
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