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Decorating at low cost

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  • 1. Decorating on a budgetHow To Series
    The inspirations of color
    How to use color in the home
    How to Decorate on a budget
    How to Dress your dining table for the holidays
    How to Feng Shui your home for the season
    Mathis Interiors

2. First things first lets talk about color What are you afraid of?
3. Holi
The festival of Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It also marks the advent of spring and people celebrate it joyously with a splash of color. It is the most boisterous of all Hindu festivals, observed all over India, especially the North. It heralds the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
7. 8. 9. Lots of color!
10. 11. Fuchsia sofa
12. 13. Is your couch showing everyday wear and tear?
14. How to decorate with slip covers
15. Slipcovers for special Occasions
Add slipcovers around your dining room table where everyone will be sitting down to dine together. You can instantly create a formal look, a Victorian look, or a calm look with slipcovers
16. Slip covers for every chair
17. Changing the look of a room
Most people know what they like when they see it. But if you take a minute to learn how to define your personal style preferences, you'll be more likely to find exactly the furnishings you're looking for!
Style is a very personal thing. You may love the smooth, sleek lines of contemporary pieces, or you may prefer the traditional charm of furnishings from the18th Century.
19. Traditional Styles are more conservative even formal
20. Contemporary Sleek, fashion forward
21. Eclectic A diverse mix of compatible styles
22. Decorating with area rugs
For a quick and easy transformation of any room consider decorating with area rugs, they are fairly cheap and you can change them often to create a totally new look.
23. Can you imagine???
24. What a difference a rug makes!
25. Frame Fabric for Quick, Inexpensive Art
26. Frame and Fabric
27. Professional look
28. Cottage Flea Market
29. Flea Market Decor
Old Vase
Picture Frames
30. Looking to the Past
31. Arching Views
32. On Display
33. Dine by Lamplight
34. Consider high-contrast combinations, such as brown with whites and creams.
35. Silk flowers as home decor
When it comes to colors, silk flowers are more vivid and look more blooming than the fresh ones.
These blossoms can bring your home the desired warm and inviting climate you have always desired.
What is great with silk flowers is that they are not needed to be replaced over a span of time.
36. 37. Dress your table for fall
Dress your table for fall with this bold table runner and centerpiece. Follow the directions below to create your own show-stopping center piece. Cut a piece of camel-color wool flannel or felt to size with a pair of pinking shears. Set a compote or cake stand in the center of the runner and pile with gourds, squash, or autumn fruit. Scatter leaves, mini pumpkins, and pears down the runner.
38. Button Burst
Fun and whimsical, this unique look is simple to duplicate. All you need are a handful of buttons and some creativity
-- Arrange the buttons in a pattern you like on the panel.
-- Using fabric glue, glue the buttons into place.
-- Lay flat to dry.
39. Chinese Character Pillow Cover 16 by 16
spot clean only. Iron inside out on low-medium setting, avoiding the print and any embellishments.
40. Adding a wonderful insert when the fireplace is not in use
41. Red, the most daring of colors, infuses a living room with drama and warmth.
Pair a beautifully refined shade of red with white and natural hues for a no-fail color palette..
42. Set the table for a festive meal by layering color, texture, and materials.
To create your own runner cut lengths of fabric and press the edges under. Take the runner to the next level by layering ribbon with different patterns and textures on top.
43. Before and After
Empty Room
Fill it with your tastes
44. Before and After
45. A different accessory makes a difference
46. What to do with that window?
47. Green and Red
48. Feng Shui for Fall: Use Space Clearing for Good Feng Shui Energy in A New Season
49. In the fall nature is getting ready to shed her leaves and let go of the past. Fall is also the time when we tend to do the same with the fengshui energy of our homes. And while fengshui has burgeoned into a multi-billion dollar industry catering to the likes of corporate CEOs as well as Hollywood celebrities, by using a few simple fengshui space clearing tips, even a novice can begin to clear their environment.
50. Clutter
focus on releasing the chaotic energy of the clutter from your home and create a clear feng shui foundation for the new season.
51. Corners
Use fengshui and discover how plants, art work, or small pieces of furniture in your corners can move the energy
52. Ceremony
Ceremonies bring us in touch with the vast worlds beyond our everyday experience. Make time for ceremony in your life: use candles scents, music, sacred to you items and symbols and let your home receive a fresh flow of healing and inspiration.
53. Cycles
Cycles are important to observe: for example, the moon cycles are often used for planting, cutting hair, or beginning new projects. Similarly, observing the cycles of the seasons are important in order to maintain good fengshui energy in our homes. When transitioning to fall and winter, pay special attention to the energy of your home and use fengshui to strengthen and balance it.
54. Closets
If you don't use it, loose it! Keep your closets clean, neat, and free of unwanted, old, or unused items. Don't allow your closets to become chaotic or they will spread this quality of fengshui energy throughout your home.
57. Great colors for accessories
58. A tweed throw rug
59. A white fluffy pillow
60. Inspiration for an area rug
61. A soft throw in front of the fire
62. Imagine it!
63. 64. Color and texture
65. Wall to wall carpet?
66. Brown with bursts of tangerine
67. Inspiration for flowers in the foyer
68. Colors for the bedroom
69. The Queens not afraid of color
70. 71. Beautiful colors to brighten up winter
72. Imagine this draped over your dining table Yes!!!
73. More inspiration yum
74. This bold peacock blue hutch adds the perfect pop of color to a dining room or kitchen.