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  • 1. 16 October, 2013 - La Pelota, Milan! in partnership with
  • 2. DECODED FASHION! Decoded Fashion was launched in 2011 by Liz Bacelar as groundbreaking events and curated discussions that accelerate innova=on at the intersec=on of Fashion & Retail. Its conferences, compe==ons and monthly meetups foster crea=ve partnerships with the best emerging technologies by new and established companies from around the world. ! PiE Immagine is the leading fashion tradeshow promoter in Italy, with PiE Uomo as the top menswear fair in the world. is a project of FieraDigitale, a subsidiary of PiE Immagine, established in 2010. Its the largest and most important digital fair in the fashion industry, replica=ng the physical tradeshows online in four dierent languages, English, Italian, Russian and Japanese, has registered connec=ons from more 100 countries around the world.!
  • 3. Venue: La Pelota Milan - Italy FASHION PITCH COMPETITION! A fast-paced startup compe==on with a panel of top Fashion & Retail experts, in front of a live audience. Over 100 compe=tors, and 5 nalists present on stage for a 10,000 prize. KEYNOTES & CONVERSATIONS! IMAGINATION AVENUE! Three keynotes on Fashions digital future and three conversa=ons on innova=ve ways to leverage emerging technologies. An exhibit with 12 early-stage startup ideas from all over Europe represen=ng mobile, augmented reality and e-commerce ideas. Wednesday - October 16, 2013
  • 4. PREVIOUS EVENTS ! The rst event series connec;ng the worlds most innova;ve startups to Fashion, Beauty & Retail leaders New York FEBRUARY 2013 Worlds First Fashion Hackathon Presented by Cond Nast & Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Finale 900 Par=cipants 350 Companies 3 CONFERENCES 1 FASHION HACKATHON 9 MONTHLY MEETUPS 2,640 PARTICIPANTS
  • 5. PREVIOUS EVENTS ! London NOVEMBER 2012 Decoded Fashion Forum 320 AFendees 205 Companies New York APRIL 2012 Decoded Fashion Forum 650 AFendees 220 Companies New York & London MONTHLY PAID MEETUPS 770 Members 668 Acendees to date The rst event series connec;ng the worlds most innova;ve startups to Fashion, Beauty & Retail leaders
  • 6. PRESS EXPOSURE ! brought together an impressive panel of Tech and Fashion leaders The event brings edgling businesses, designers and retailers together to foster changes in the market. an event like this can attract the likes of Facebook, other VCs such as Advent Venture Partners and Tumblr "Decoded Fashion [is] putting all these great fashion digital minds in one room, and making brands feel less anxious and more excited about this fast-moving revolution. Jump-starting the fashion technology conversation, the Decoded Fashion Hackathon sparked innovation and produced over 70 new fashion tech apps over the course of one weekend. 100 ARTICLES Including WWD, Vogue, Renery29, NY Times, Fox News, WIRED, Forbes, Bloomberg TV, Mashable, PSFK,, BetaBeat and To anchor fashion week with an event that brings together all these talented people from different worlds is critical to the industry. This is the wave of the future.
  • 8. PAST EDITIONS SPEAKERS Zac Posen Fashion Designer David Karp Founder,Tumblr Deborah Lloyd President, kate+spade Candy Pratts Price Contributing Editor, Vogue Coco Rocha Supermodel Scott Dadich Editor-in-Chief,WIRED Lisa Green Head of Industry for Fashion Designers, Google Meredith Melling Burke Senior Market Editor, Vogue Dirk Standen Editor-in-Chief, TracyYaverbaun Retail Director, Facebook
  • 9. AUDIENCE PROFILE! A mix of fashion designers & execu;ves, buyers, investors, startup founders, developers and press. 40% 53% Female developers & founders acended the 2013 Hackathon Female acendees acended conference 42% Conference acendees are Fashion Industry Execu=ves 78 Startup concepts developed in 24 hours catering Fashion & Retail 50 Members of the press covering the event 80 Startups represen=ng 13 countries applied for the Fashion Pitch compe==on in London 2012
  • 10. MEDIA & MARKETING INTEGRATION! Brand partners have the opportunity to be integrated into targeted media and marke=ng suppor=ng the program. They will be included in several mailings distributed to the PITTI IMAGINE DATABASE with tens of thousands of the best Italian manufacturers brands, top interna=onal buyers, key leader retailers and press media from all around the world. Other Assets include: - Online Exposure - Public Rela=ons - Event Signage - Logo and link inclusion on event website - Full page add on event full-size color program Past Media Partners have included: Financial Times, BetaBeat, NY Observer, The Next Web, Renery 29 &