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December 2009 Professional Services Group newsletter

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A note from the facilitator...

Dear Friends,

I was thinking about what to write in my note when one of our members stopped at my desk and gave me a copy of the article 7 Tricks to Stay Positive in an Often Negative World. I found the article very empowering and decided to share the information with you.

During the Holiday season, it is important to stay positive and feel happy and learning how to do it is well worth the effort.

People who have a positive outlook not only enjoy their lives more but also live seven to nine years longer, on average. They also tend to exhibit better intuition, more creativity and improved problem-solving abilities. You need all that to land you next job!

Even if life gives you a challenge, you still can be happyif you learn the mental strategies that create positive feelings.

Ways to become positive:

Trigger the laugh effect: even a fake laugh can produce endorphins, which will make you feel more upbeat (I didnt know that myself).

Count those blessings: each day, count three good things about the day.

Exercise: physical activity burns adrenaline, which our bodies produce when we feel stressed, so burning it allows you to feel positive.

Use Whats the good word? as a greeting, not How are you?: that will encourage positive responses.

Savor the positive: discuss your enjoyable moments with others; speaking about experiences helps us to absorb them. (If nobody else is around, send an Email or call me).

Create a list of the most positive experiences of your life: Label each with the primary feeling that it provided and when you feel trapped in negativity, choose the feeling that you need most from the list. That way, you can trick the brain into believing that you are experiencing it again, triggering the same reactions and moods as the first time.

Spend time with nature: being in nature refreshes the spirit and reminds us that we belong to something larger than ourselves.

So, be in control and enjoy your life!

Happy Holidays!

Volume 1, Issue 6 December 2009

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PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 2

We want to hear from YOU! Please submit your success story to


By Joyce Poff

On a shelf in the Opportunity Center, sits Elenas gold box that contains written reflections on the positives of being in transition. This is the fourth in a series of articles inspired by the gold box and its purpose. We transitionists are sharing the positive changes and developments in our lives as a result of being in transition. Recognizing the positive and valuing it is important as we ride the roller coaster of interviewing, waiting, applying, waiting, interviewing and waiting some more until that right job comes our way. I asked our members to share their experiences, anonymously, if they wished.

Anonymous has been meeting great friends, learning how to network and has discovered that their ideas about social networking have changed. They have discovered LinkedIn!

Anonymous went back to school this year and has successfully completed the course of study. Congratulations!

Barbara Such joined several buddy system groups connected to PSG and is developing new relationships.

Anonymous is making friends with others in PSG. (They underlined it, not me! Thats how important it is.)

Another member gave us a quote, Everything begins with a good foundation. Its a process after that. PSG provides the tools and the foundation. What we choose to build depends on us.

I would be remiss if I did not tell you that one anonymous contributor to this project wrote just one word on their slip of paper. The word was, Nada. We have all felt it at one time or another; denying it would be a lie. When you find that person, take the time to help out, listen, give encouragement and support and assure them that they are not alone.

Find a rainbow in your cloud; Be a rainbow in someone elses cloud. - Maya Angelou

INSIDE THIS ISSUEWelcome to our last issue of 2009. Where does the time go?

First off, please take note of our new name and masthead, courtesy of Suzanne Elward. The thoughts of fellow PSGers during their periods of transition are told by Joyce Poff, while Caroline Bucquet shares another in-depth success story about a new job for one of our members. Contributor Brian Walker writes about his views on the job search process from the recruiters side. Alex Freund returns to our pages with a look at different career coaching types, and fellow PSGer Monisha Khadse lends some end of the year financial advice. Andy Brandt looks at frugal holiday party planning with a wealth of online resources, and Lisa Chenofsky Singer discusses how networking relates to life experiences during transition. In our own version of Point-Counterpoint, Stephen Connelly recants the adventures of PSG hikers on one of his recent journeys, followed by Brad Schweons tongue in cheek view of the outdoor activity. Please read the article about the New Business Committee goals by Ira Kaplan. If you have the skill set or are motivated, join this committees very important work. Working behind the scenes, Carolyn Cohn and Bob Loder manage editing and layout, respectively, while Peter Herbst and Alison Kamage are making sure this newsletter reaches your inbox. Lastly, in addition to Suzanne and Lisa, we want to welcome new team members Bruce Goldman and Etya Novik.

We hope to see many of you at the holiday breakfast on December 9. To you and your families, we wish you peace and happiness during this holiday season.

-Brad and Bob

PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 3


Staying the Course, Terri Ciccodicola Lands Choice Job at Hertz

By Caroline Bucquet

Former PSGer and Morris County Career Network (MCCN) meeting planner, Terri Ciccodicola landed at Hertz Corporation as senior director of finance and project management office (PMO) in September of 2009. Ciccodicola, who came to this job through the Robert Half Agency, had visited

them one year before being hired. During this time, I saw a lot of postings from Robert Half, but they were not the right fit or niche for me, said Ciccodicola.

Because Ciccodicola approaches her work with long-term vision and maximum contribution in mind, it was important for her to hold out for the right position. Eventually,

Ciccodicola found a perfect posting with Robert Half and called them about it. The gentleman from Robert Half, with whom Ciccodicola had been working, immediately submitted her resume. The hiring process took three months from her first interview to contract.

Ciccodicolas first interview was with Hertzs human resources department and a potential peer. Later, she interviewed with her new boss, a senior vice president in charge of process improvement. Her third and final interview was with the chief financial officer, the treasurer and another human resources manager.

After interviewing with the hiring manager, Ciccodicola knew that she wanted to work for Hertz. There was a simpatico with the people she had met plus Hertzs progressive management approach and openness to fresh ideas made them a choice company. Ciccodicola knew that she would be able to apply both her PMP and finance background in this new role. I have complete understanding of the project management side and the financial/IT side and felt that it was a good fit. I think people perform best when they feel passionate about what they do, Ciccodicola noted.

She also is happy to work for a well-known, global company that is continuously striving for new initiatives to improve in order to stay ahead of the curve. The icing on the cake was when Ciccodicola began collaborating on a project with a fellow networker she had met while in transition who also had landed at Hertz. We had discussed the positives about Hertz before I landed, she said. Now we are colleagues.

Understanding the power of differentiation, Ciccodicola put a presentation together for her first interview, laying out her understanding of the job and how she stood up to the criteria for the ideal candidate. Preparing this presentation helped Ciccodicola to bring her thoughts together clearly about her personal brand. I had put presentations together for a couple of interviews and each time I did this, I got called back. I also attached my presentation to my thank you notes, she said. Furthermore, her Email correspondence contained hyper links to her LinkedIn profile a