Decal Application Workflow

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Detailed decal application workflow in VRED explained

Transcript of Decal Application Workflow

  • 2015 Autodesk

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    Decal application workflow

    Samarth Gupta

  • The Decal Application Workflow

    1) Drag and drop a texture from the windows explorer on a geometry.2) The "wizard window" pops up to ask, on which material property you want to assign the texture (diffuse, specular, glossy,.....decal).t3) Choose decal from the list.4) A Plastic material with planar projection and a multiPass material will be created, so that the decal material will be the top layer of the multipass material on the geometry. If there is already a multipassmaterial on the geometry, this multipass material is used.5) VRED will switch to Texturing Mode automatically.6) The Gizmo will be visible and the texture can be positioned.7) Press T or ESC or the Texture Mode Icon in the Quick Access Bar.

  • .JPG .PNG, .TIFF

    With any available picture editing tool, make the background as transparent. Preferably save as .PNG or .TIFF format.

  • Once you drag a .png or .tif ( not JPG ) to the VRED object , the Add Decal has 2 options

  • With Edit Material option, the texture can be mapped across objects with the same multipass material

  • With Edit Object option, the texture will remain within the selected objects only.