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Debt Rx offers relief services, specifically, debt settlement. We found them to be a pretty decent company. They have an A+ rating with the BBB, with very low complaint volume, and they've been in business for 16 years. If you're interested in learning more, you can visit the website at the link above in the slides.

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  • Debt Rx!
  • Though not the largest debt settlement and debt negotiation company, Debt Rx is one of the most personable companies out there. They have a mission to pay personal attention to each and every case they handle. ! ! They will comb over the details of your case to determine what program best ts your needs. ! ! Who They Are!
  • Though this is a debt settlement company, they will talk with you and explain all the options you have for handling your debt. With pointed questions about your nancial situation, they can help you determine the best option for you. The customer service representative was very forthcoming with the fact that they are not interested in taking business unethically. If bankruptcy or consolidation is the best option for you, they will advise you to the extent of their knowledge and send you away with some advice on how to enroll in whatever program best suits you. ! ! ! Services Offered!
  • There really are only a few options for handling your debt. ! ! Credit counseling can be the best for your credit but depending on the company you are looking at, you still might not be able to make the payments required.! ! Get a consolidation loan to pay everything off and try to save money on a monthly basis. This requires debt to handle your debt. It isnt a good choice for everyone.! ! Bankruptcy can be difcult because you are required to report it for certain occupations or insurance forms.! ! Debt settlement does have some credit ramications, but according to Debt RX you end up paying less in a shorter amount of time. Taking a hit to your credit for 12-36 months may be a small price to pay overall.! Learn What Your Options Are!
  • Accepted ! Credit Cards! Unsecured Loans! Unsecured Personal Loans! Unsecured Personal Lines of Credit! Collections! Repossessed Cars, Vehicles! Medical Bills! ! Not Accepted ! IRS! Utility Bills! Auto Loans! Government Loans! Student Loans! Secured Debts! Home Loans/ Mortgages! ! Debt That Can and Cannot Be Settled by Debt Rx!
  • They offer small snippets of debt management information regarding the following topics. This is a lot of what youll nd on their website:! ! Debt Relief! Debt Consolidation! Debt Settlement ! Credit Counseling! Bankruptcy! Debt Settlement Scams! Shopping Debt Settlement! Bad Credit! Do it Yourself Debt Settlement! Credit Counseling! Do They Offer Debt! Management Resources?!
  • Debt Rx has an A+ rating with the BBB.! ! They have only had 1 complaint closed in the last three years as of July 2014.! That one complaint was regarding problems with product or service and it was successfully resolved.! They have a pretty good record overall.! BBB Rating!
  • No upfront fees.! We were told that with a debt scenario of $15,000, they could possibly settle our debt to $7,000 - $9,000 and work out a monthly payment of around $350. This is a very rough estimate, however; they cannot always work with every creditor and some creditors are harder to work with than others.! If youre looking for the most accurate information about pricing, you will need to call in for a free consultation where you can discuss the specics of your debt.! What Do They Charge?!
  • Though it is possible to settle your own debts, it can take many hours of your time. Not only will you have to deal with all the calls, but the negotiation process is a beast in and of itself if you dont understand the debt buying process. If you work with a debt settlement company, you will still have to manage calls for awhile, but you will not have to worry about haggling with your creditors. Bill collectors are paid bonuses or commission on how much they get out of those they are calling. They are trained to say intimidating things to get you to start making payments. There are rights in place to protect you from abusive collection practices that the professionals here are educated about.! ! It may be worth the money, in certain situations, to have a settlement company deal with your creditors and help you with the process to reduce your debt.! Dealing with Creditors!
  • They are unfortunately not very active on social media. ! Facebook - it has been over a year since they last posted here.! Google+! Are They Active on Social! Media?!
  • Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce! Silver prole! Member of the NetCheck Commerce Bureau! As Seen on MSNBC! BSI! Web Assured! Memberships and ! Accreditation!
  • In business since 1998.! Good BBB rating.! They have pretty competitive rates when compared to other companies we have reviewed.! They really want to make sure you do what is right for your nancial situation. They do like getting business, but if you will benet more from another debt solution, they will honestly tell you. They profess that they would rather send you away, than take your business when they know it isnt the best option for you.! The Good!
  • The Bad! Could use more debt management education tools! They are not very active on social media with information about the industry and debt management tools.!
  • The Bottom Line! Debt Rx could be a good company to work with and we suggest you keep them on your list of those you are considering for your debt settlement needs. ! ! We like that they have been in business over a decade; though not necessarily an indication of being a good company, the longevity tells you that they know what they are doing to a certain extent. Coupled with the fact they only have one complaint on the BBB, this seems a good indicator to us.! ! The representative we spoke with was very good at asking the right kind of questions about our nancial situation to get us as accurate of a quote as he could. He was also very friendly.!
  • Want to Learn More?! You can learn more about this company, and all of our top rated companies on, at the following URL:! ! review/!
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