Death Case Review

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Transcript of Death Case Review

  • DEATH DISCUSSION Presented by

    DR. Kiswar Farhana KeyaHonoeary Medical officerMedical Unit-08

  • DEATH DISCUSSION OF MU-8 PERIOD- 20.03.09 - 26.03-09 Total Admission- 24 Male- 17 Female-7 Current Death-01 Age distribution of Admitting Patient


  • Jannatul, a 4 months old young neonate

  • F/up: on 18/06/09BI gas- PH= 7.299 PCO2= 48.2 PO2=20.7 HCO3=21.5 mmol/L BE= 4.8 mmol/L

  • After getting ABG report we contact with ICU but no bed was available

    On F/up: on 18/06/09 at 11:00 AM The child was very ill, toxic dyspnic and disoriented. R/R- 54/min H/R-90 b/min Lungs- Bilateral creps (+) Heart- NAD

  • RX given- inj. Oradexone Inj. Lasix O2 inhalation cont. Propped up position

  • On F/up: on 18/06/09 at 1:30 PM The child was unconscious. There was no respiration. Heart sound: Not audible. Pupil: Fixed dilated and Non reacting to light. CPR given At 1:40 PM Patient was declared dead.