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  • Company Profile

    Innovative Technology Solutions

    Automotive Electronics Solutions

    Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore, India

    Website: www.deindia.comEmail:

  • 2Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    1 DE Software Engineering Practice

    Table gives a snapshot of the software development phases and the tools used during each phase

    Phase Phase Output Tool Used Purpose

    Requirement Requirement Specification MS Word, DOORs To document the requirement

    Architectural Design / High Level Design (HLD)


    Detailed Design (DD)

    MS Word, IGrafx ,FlowCharterMicrosoft Visio, Enterprise Architect, MATLAB / SIMULINK / Enterprise architecture for Modeling

    To document the Interfaces To draw UML / Flow Diagrams To document function prototype

    Coding CodeCodeWrightMicrosoft Visual Studio Editor

    To write the code

    Modules tested, Integrated with Test summary report

    Testing(Unit Testing /

    Functional Testing) Functionally tested Binary Code with Test summary report

    IAR Embedded Workbench with JTAG/Trace 32 Debugger MxVDevRational Test RealTime (RTRT)Diagnostics ToolsDG Gryphon & Hercules / Vector CANalyzer, CANoe, LabVIEW, VB

    Code compilation, Debugging, generating binary and Flashing RTRT to Automate testing on Host To test module To test the system functionality

    Change Management / Configuration Management

    Functionally tested Binary Code with Test summary report

    ClearQuest, Bug tracker / Multisite ClearcaseVisual Source Safe Sub version

    Configuration management and Defect / Change tracking

    Reviews - Manual inspection of the work products

    AnalysisQuality Assurance (QAC) with MISRAMATLAB / SIMULINK

    Conformance to ISO and MISRA standardsVerification and


  • 3Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    Test automation Model verification Unit testing Functional testing Validation Reverse Engineering

    ECU software Modeling ECU communication Tools MOST cluster interface development

    Ricardo Rapid prototyping tool rCube Ricardo Model Checker tool - Mint

    DE Automotive Business Model

    Testing &


    Testing &








    DE products Garuda - Diagnostics / Reprogramming

    Hardware (Garuda) ZEUS - Generic Network Analysis Tool DTM Wizard- On the Fly Device DTM


    R & DServicesR & D


    Platform development Communication stacks Diagnostics & re-programming

    interface Flashing applications & network



  • 4Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    3 DE Core Competencies

    DEAutomotive Embedded

    Systems Group

    Hardware Design and prototyping

    Embedded Software PC applications

    Testing and Validation

  • 5Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    3 DE Automotive Core Competencies

    9 Network Protocol Driver Implementation

    9 Transport and Interaction Layers Implementation

    9 Network Management Implementation

    9 Diagnostics LayerImplementation

    9 Modeling & Simulation of ECU software

    9 Firmware development for ECU from requirements analysis to independent validation

    9 Rapid Prototyping of software functions using vehicle HIL (Hardware in the-Loop) rapid prototyping tools

    9 Unit testing of functional software code

    9 Re-engineering of software functions

    9 Verification and Validation of functional software, Executable Models etc, in the virtual and real environments

    9 AUTOSAR Basic SW component development testing & verification

    9 Automated Unit testing of ECU using RTRT

    9 Independent Functional Testing of ECU

    9 Simulated System testing of ECU using CAPL, CANoe, LabVIEW

    9 Protocol driver testing

    9 Model testing 9 Vehicle Diagnostics Offboard Testers (PC, handheld) and Conformance Testers

    9 TelematicsOnboard applications & Gateways9 DataLoggers & Protocol Gateways9 EOL Testers & ECU Testers9 Vehicle Network Analysis and Simulation


    9 Custom Applications / APIs development9 Reflashing Tools9 Multimedia Applications

    Application SoftwareTesting & Validation

    Network Embedded Software ECU Software

  • 6Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    4 DE Skills

    Automotive Network Protocols:CAN, LIN, DCX J1850, GM Class 2, Ford UBP & SCP, J1708 and J1939

    Vehicle Diagnostic Protocols:KWP 2000, ISO 15765, OBDII protocols and J1699

    Multimedia Protocols: MOST, IDB-1394, Bluetooth and 802.11x

    Microcontrollers/ Microprocessor: Motorola MCF5272, MPC5200, 68HC912, PIC16F877 -8-Bit Flash Controller, Intel PXA270, AT91RM9200 Protocols:

    USB 2.0, CAN, KW2000, Foundation Fieldbus, Ethernet Schematics Tools: Orcad, Matlab, Mentor graphics,

    Concept HDL (Cadence), PROTEL, PCAD PCB Layout Tools: Protel, Mentor graphics,

    Allegro, PADS FPGA: Xilinx, Spartan- 2, Spartan- 3, Tools: Modelsim 6.0 and Xilinx ISE tool

    In circuit Emulators: Lauterbach Trace32 and Nohaus Seehau

    Compliers: IAR Embedded Workbench, Cosmic and Tasking C166 Cross Compilers

    IDE: CodeWarrior Embedded Modeling and Simulation Tools:

    MATLAB and Simulink, LabVIEW 8.1 Programming Languages: C, Safer C, C++, assembly Programming Guidelines: ISO and MISRA Configuration Management: Clearcase Multisite

    Hardware Development Skills

    Automotive Networks

    Embedded Development tools

    Microprocessors / Microcontrollers:Motorola: HC12, HCS12 & Siemens: C166/C167, MPC555, ST7 / ST9,LPC Microcontrollers, TMS470, Infineon, Fujitsu Operating Systems: OSEK / VDX based OS;

    Motorola Metrowerks, Realogy RTA and Vector osCAN; FNOS and Linux Standards: ISO, MISRA, OSEK, AUTOSAR Testing & Validation Tools: Quality Assurance C (QAC)

    with MISRA & ISO, Rational Test RealTime (RTRT) Network Interface Tools: Dearborn Group Gryphon / Hercules,

    Python, UNAT and Vector CANalyzer

    Embedded Software Development

    Vehicle Programming Standards: VEPS,J2534 and RP1210 Programming Technologies: COM / DCOM, ActiveX, DDE,

    DOM( Document Object Model) and ODBC Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Win CE, QNX Programming Languages: C, C++, VC++, VB,

    .NET, Crystal Reports, Core Java, GEF, EMF, XML, Eclipse 3.2.1, SWT and Perl

    Design Skills: Object Oriented design using UML

    Databases: MS Access Platforms: IBM Desktop ,

    PC, Pocket PC, PDAs

    Application Development Skills

  • 7Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    5 DE Reusable Components

    Drivers & Stacks

    Independent Layers

    Middleware Frameworks

    Board Support Packages

    For the protocols CAN, LIN, J1939, J1850, J1708 / J1587, ISO 9141 and KWP2000

    GMLAN, ISO 15765 and CANOpen

    SAE J2534, RP1210

    SPI, I2C, UART, USB, Board Start up codes for different Micro controller platforms,

    Proprietary Kernel

  • 8Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    6 DE Hardware Engineering Core competencies (4/4)

    Board Design FPGA Development

    Conceptualization Requirement specification definition Prototyping Architectural design System-level design Hardware development Board prototype development Software implementation Module integration and testing Product verification and quality conformation Documentation Product release & maintenance

    DE offers its expertise and services in the following areas:

    High speed digital design Microcontroller based design FPGA design

    Key Expertise:

    Top level integration of FPGA modules test bench modules

    Expertise in C, VHDL, Verilog, FLI (Foreign Language Interface) for VHDL programming languages

    Expertise in Modelsim 6.0 and Xilinx ISE tool usage Expertise in verification of FPGA design (RTL),

    developing behavioral models, simulation level testing

    and generating test cases

    Product design using FPGA and CPLD devices Have experience in designing products with Xilinx

    Spartan -3, Spartan-2 series FPGA, XCR3512XL Cool

    Runner and XC 95XX CPLD devices

    Architectural design for FPGA devices Circuit design and PCB board design for FPGA / CPLD


  • 9Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    7 DE Memberships and PartnershipsD



























  • 10Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    7 DE Key Customers

    Automotive Electronics & Industrial Automation


    Tier 1

    Tier 2 / 3

  • 11Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

    8 Summary

    Embedded Driver and Application Development for a multitude of platforms

    PC application development From complex analysis tools to functional validation & EOL test systems

    Dedicated validation services including independent code reviews and development of test strategies

    Re-engineering and application enhancement, maintenance and support

    Dedicated Product development Services with customer specific secure lab facilities

    Embedded Hardware Design Services

    Integrated Software and Hardware solutions

    DE has the right technical and domain capabilities to meet your expectations on quality, technology and delivery

  • 12Dearborn Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

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