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  • Dawn ChorusDawn Chorus Bulletin 89

    ISSN 1171-8595 May 2012

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    Volunteer Opportunities - Page 4Volunteer Opportunities - Page 4 How to Catch a Duck - Page 5How to Catch a Duck - Page 5

    Photo Competition Results - Pages 5, 8 and 9Photo Competition Results - Pages 5, 8 and 9 The Big Picture: Cape SanctuaryThe Big Picture: Cape Sanctuary - Page 10 - Page 10

    Makaka - Leafl ess Broom - Page 14Makaka - Leafl ess Broom - Page 14

  • 2 Dawn Chorus 89 May 2012

    Information School Visits Schools wishing to visit Tiritiri Matangi should fi rst visit our website:

    www.tiritirimatangi.org.nz/ schoolvisits.htm

    Advance bookings are essential

    Overnight Visits Although camping is not permitted on the Island, there is limited bunkhouse accommodation available.

    For information on booking overnight visits, go to:


    Bookings can also be made by phoning the Warkworth Area Offi ce on 09 425 7812, although an additional booking fee will apply.

    Volunteers who are undertaking offi cial SoTM work can obtain accommodation at no charge but this must be booked through the Guiding and Shop Manager (contact details below).

    SoTM members who wish to visit in a private capacity can get a discounted rate by booking through the Warkworth Area Offi ce 09 425 7812.

    Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi Dawn Chorus is the quarterly newsletter of the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi (SoTM). We are a volunteer incorporated society working closely with the Department of Conservation to make the most of the wonderful conservation restoration project that is Tiritiri Matangi. Every year volunteers put thousands of hours into the project and raise funds through membership, guiding and also through our island- based gift shop.

    For further information, visit www.tiritirimatangi.org.nz

    Getting to Tiritiri Matangi 360 Discovery operates daily services every Wednesday through Sunday from Downtown Auckland and Gulf Harbour Marina.


    Phone 0800 360 347 or visit


    Weather Cancellations: Please call 0800 FANTAIL (0800 326 824) after 7.00 AM on the day to confi rm if vessel is running.

    Upcoming Events 2012

    21 - 22 July Hosted Supporters’ Weekend

    8 - 9 September Hosted Supporters' Weekend

    10 September AGM

    (see page 6 for details)

    20 - 22 October Labour Working Weekend

    10 December Tiri Talk: Kevin Parker

    (Greg’s birthday and end of year 'do').

    Bookings for blue events can only be made with the Guiding and

    Shop Manager (contact details below)

    360 Discovery kindly offers a discount to SoTM members for special weekends and events, and complimentary fares for working weekends.

    Contacts Phone Email

    Chairperson Peter Lee 418 1332 chairperson@tiritirimatangi.org.nz

    Secretary Trish Wells 578 1011 secretary@tiritirimatangi.org.nz

    Guiding and Shop Mary-Ann Rowland 476 0010 shop@tiritirimatangi.org.nz

    Membership Zhea Warden 940 6739 membership@tiritirimatangi.org.nz

    Dawn Chorus Editor Simon Fordham 274 1828 editor@tiritirimatangi.org.nz

    Island Rangers Dave Jenkins and Jess Clark 476 0920 tiritirimatangifb@doc.govt.nz

    SoTM Committee Chairperson Secretary Treasurer


    Peter Lee Trish Wells Kevin Vaughan

    Alison Bray Roger Bray Hester Cooper Mike Dye Carl Hayson

    Kay Milton Andrew Nelson John Stewart Ray Walter

    The opinions of contributors expressed in Dawn Chorus do not

    necessarily represent the views of the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi Inc.

    Unless otherwise indicated, photos in Dawn Chorus articles are attributed to

    the author.

  • 3www.tiritirimatangi.org.nz

    Where to for the Supporters? As a group, we are 24 years old this October. By conservation volunteer group standards, that makes us positively elderly. The treeplanting is done, most of the original planned translocations are a success. We could be forgiven for thinking life will carry on as it is. But changes are in the air – changes which present the Supporters with both a challenge and an opportunity. DOC is updating its Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) for the Auckland region. The CMS sets out the objectives, principles and policies that govern the conservation estate, and the changes DOC is proposing present the most signifi cant change in our external environment in over two decades. We are all aware of the increasing fi scal pressures on DOC by a government keen to cut costs and increase revenues. Now we are seeing what this could actually mean for the Tiritiri Matangi project. DOC is proposing signifi cant changes in everything from daily guiding limits, to overnight numbers, to helicopter landings. Why? Because there is a demand, and the Tiritiri ‘brand’ is such that people want to go there. DOC expect many will pay handsomely for the privilege.

    Some change is inevitable. But our job is to work as hard as possible to see that appropriate limits are set and/or maintained, so that the special characteristics of this magical place are not lost. We have already given feedback and will continue to do so. Along the way, we’ll also keep you, our members, informed. What we are increasingly aware of is that the very model of the Supporters may have to change. We have probably reached the limits of what we can do as an almost entirely volunteer-based organisation. The issues and requirements on a daily and weekly basis are signifi cantly more than they were even ten years ago. So we are going to take a good, hard look at what we can do, what we need to do more of – and, probably, what we will step back from, given the likely new environment. Do we take a leap forward with more responsibilities? Do we need to employ more staff? Do we set up a trust to take care of the fi nancial side of things? Do we start providing and managing accommodation – or not? Or do we focus on our 'core competencies', the loyalty and power and commitment and knowledge of our volunteers? The committee and subcommittees will have much to consider over the coming months!

    From the Chair Peter Lee

    r job e that intained,

    Call for Nominations

    Nominations are sought for Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and up to nine Committee members, to be elected at the AGM in September 2012.

    Chairperson, Peter Lee, and Secretary, Trish Wells, have already indicated that they are not available for re-election.

    If you are keen to become further involved in the management of our outstanding organization, do consider a role on the Committee. Meetings are held every six weeks at a central location.

    Nominations (including nominator and seconder) must be received in writing by the Secretary, on or before 31 July 2012.

    PO Box 90 814, Victoria Street West 1142 or secretary@tiritirimatangi.org.nz

    Please include a brief resume for inclusion in the August Dawn Chorus.

    Erratum In the last Dawn Chorus, it was incorrectly stated that the new mower, purchased by SoTM, cost $39,000. The correct fi gure is $19,000.

    Volunteer, Brian Chandler, mowing the fi re-break on the recent Easter Working Weekend

    Photo: Simon Fordham

  • 4 Dawn Chorus 89 May 2012

    Volunteer Opportunities on Tiritiri MatangiVolunteer Opportunities on Tiritiri Matangi Sue Cameron, Volunteer Coordinator, Warkworth Great Barrier Area Offi ce

    When asked, 'What was the best thing about the volunteer project?' on a feedback form, volunteers have responded:

    'The people, the Island, the birds. The rangers were so welcoming and inclusive that you really feel like you were part of the Tiri community.'

    'I was involved in lots of different kinds of work, so I learnt a lot.'

    'Being able to be part of what’s happening, not just observing.'

    These comments come from some of this year’s DOC volunteers who spent seven days / six nights assisting the rangers with a variety of tasks. As the volunteer coordinator for the Warkworth Great Barrier Area Offi ce, I have the job of sourcing volunteers for the Department of Conservation’s volunteer programme each week on Tiritiri Matangi.

    Weekly volunteers have a set schedule of jobs that include cleaning the Island’s Visitor Centre, joining the ranger for the morning bird round, cleaning and refi lling the wildlife water troughs, making up the sugar water mix for the bird feeders and accompanying the ranger on the sugar water round each day (non-peak season). Additional tasks are outlined by the rangers as required each week and are conditional on volunteers’ skills and fi tness levels.

    DOC volunteers are given complimentary transport on board the ferry, courtesy of 360 Discovery; their accommodation in the bunkhouse is also free, but they are responsible for their own food, drinks and snacks. A gear list is provided to those who are offered placements, to give an idea of what you need in terms of work clothes, sleeping gear, etc.

    Volunteers are asked to contribute six hours of work each day on the Island, and, preferably, have a medium fi tness level so they are able to carry out their allotted tasks effi ciently and safely. Toward the end of the year another opportunity begins, where volunteers are able to assist with monitoring the hihi breeding season. These volunteers are asked to commit to at least