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  • Love to Laugh

    Laughing is good for you. It gets those endorphins flowing through your body. That is a good thing and feels great. YukYuks on Tour is back at The Horsethief Creek Pub in Radium this Saturday, June 10, beginning at 9 pm. It will be a great show; they always are. Headliner Kevin McGrath and emcee Nick McQuick will lift your spirits and have you chuckling in no time. Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door. The free shuttle will be running so give the pub a call if you would like a ride.

    Serious Series

    I love watching ‘The Simpsons’. They never get old.

    DTSS Band Concert

    The David Thompson Secondary School Final Band Concerts are coming up next week. This is always a great show and a chance to see how much the members have grown in skill and talent. The Grade 8 Band, Grade 9 Band and the Junior Jazz Band will be performing on Wednesday, June 14. The Concert Band and the Stage Band will

    showcase their year on Thursday, June 15. Both performances are at the DTSS Gym and begin at 7:30 pm. Admission is by a silver collection at the door.

    Farmers Market Finally

    The Invermere Farmers and Artisans Mar- ket begins this Saturday, June 10, running from 9 am to 1 pm. This is always an in- credible market adventure with a fantastic variety of vendors. There are baked goods, preserves, food & beverages, jewellery, carvings, clothing and so much more that I cannot even attempt to describe it. New and exciting this year is the ‘Cenotaph Stage’ which will showcase live local music every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. This week’s band is ‘The Halfsacks’. They will be very entertaining.

    Registered Therapists

    Pleiades Spa & Wellness now has 2 certi- fied BC RMTs on their team. Kate Godlien and Madi Melnick are welcoming valley residents (Golden to Canal Flats) with a great deal for a 60-minute session. Only $89 for your first visit. Call 250-347-2288 to book now.

    June 8-14, 2017 Volume 15 Issue 23

    Who defeated Canada for the Gold Medal in the 1936 Olympic Games? Hint: it is not really a country known for hockey. (Answer on page 7)

    DCS Plumbing For repairs

    or service call:


    Seniors’ Discount

    24 Hour emergency service

    250-688-3344 EAT IN•TAKE OUT•LICENSED







    10 PM


    “Shannon’s Blinds came highly recommended

    and I was thrilled with her service and prices.”

    Thanks so much.... Jana

    Free In-Home Consultation

    • Lifetime Warranty • High Quality • Affordable Prices • Phantom Screens


    Shannon’s Blinds & Designs

    250-342-7260 or 250-342-7656

    sales@hiheatinsulating.com www.hiheatinsulating.com


    Wednesday, June 14

    Band 8, Band 9, Jr Jazz

    Thursday, June 15

    Concert Band, Stage Band

    DTSS Gym, 7:30 pm Silver Collection at the door

    SNEAK PEEK BOOK SALE Frater Landing Courtyard

    Saturday, June 10, 9 am-1 pm

    ‘Storytime’ at 11 am

    All funds raised go to

    Children’s section of New Library

    BIG Book

    Sale July 17

    Open 7 am-10 pm daily




    Only $8.99 each



    Only $9.99/lb

  • 2 www.valleypeak.ca Email rob@valleypeak.ca Call 250-341-7243 June 8-14, 2017

    BIG Book Sneak Preview

    There is a ‘sneak preview’ of the BIG Book Sale by the Friends of the Invermere Pub- lic Library being held this Saturday, June 10 from 9 am to 1 pm (coincides with the Farmers Market hours). It will be held at Frater Landing, the courtyard in front of Columbia Valley Trading next to AG Valley Foods. They will have a large variety of gently used books to help get us warmed up for the BIG Book Sale in July. The Invermere Library will conduct ‘Story Time’ at Frater Landing at 11 am. All funds from the book sales go towards outfitting the Children’s Section of the new Inver- mere Library in the new community centre.


    What four-letter word is the same written left to right, right to left, or upside down? See page 8.

    Guest Speaker

    This Sunday, June 11, at 10:30 am, the Lake Windermere Alliance Church has a guest speaker delivering the message. “Hearing Voices” will be the topic for Rev- erend Terry Young from the Ambrose Uni- versity. The Alliance Church is the Church that I attend. They offer a positive message about kindness, respect, gratitude and such. The people attending and the Pas- tors are very welcoming and they have some great musicians as part of the wor- ship (singing) team. Everyone is welcome to attend on any Sunday at 10:30 am.

    Good Plan

    Recently I started a 4 week diet plan with all the meals laid out for me. I am very impressive. I was able to finish that plan in 11 days.

    Halibut & Chips

    Every Friday, at ‘The Grill’ at Windermere Valley Golf Course, is a great fish and chips special. Real fish. Halibut. Yummy. Stop in any day at the restaurant for a deli- cious meal. I think their wings are some of the best in the valley. AnD you may as well do some golfing while you are there. Windermere Valley is a nice course. It is affordable, walkable and very player-friendly.

    For Rent

    Versatile, inexpensive, licensed Lounge

    suitable for up to 120 people. Invermere

    District Curling Centre. 250-342-3315. _____

    Hall rental and catering. Royal Canadian

    Legion, Invermere. Reasonable rates.

    250-688-0640. ______

    Hot Tub Rentals, Diamond Heating & Spas,

    250-342-7100. _____

    Windermere Community Hall. Upgraded.

    Lots of features. Call 778-526-0092. _____

    Bella Vista Hall. Beautiful, private location,

    full kitchen, fireplace inside and out, deck and

    games room. 403-861-2309.


    Professional Spa Maintenance, weekly,

    bi-weekly. Valley Spas, 250-342-3922 _____

    Shannon's Blinds & Designs. Covering the

    Valley one window at a time. 250-342-5749.

    The Valley Peak is a great place to


    Email rob@valleypeak.ca

    to learn more about how to make your

    business grow.




    Now Carrying Himalayan Products

    Salt Lamps, Bath Salts

    Shot Glasses

    #2– 1005 7th Ave, Invermere Between Bike Works & 1st Choice


    Air Loungers


    Daggers & Decorative Axes 25% Off

    All Printed Men’s T-Shirts $18.99

    Pleiades Spa & Wellness is now offering BC RMTs 7 days a week.

    We welcome Madi Melnick to our wellness team.

    Come in for your first visit with Kate or Madi $89 locals (Golden-Canal Flats). Call for bookings 250-347-2288.

    June Special

    Local Columbia Valley Residents

    stop in with this ad and receive

    25% off all Entrees! (Starting today-Limit 1 per customer)


    OPEN 5 pm

    7 Days/week


    FILL THIS SPACE! With your ad, not mine.




    3. John A. MacDonald

  • Robservations

    I came across a pretty good saying this week. I am not sure who penned it so I can’t give credit, but it was not me. “Success is not the key to happiness; hap- piness is the key to success.” To me that makes total sense. Really, I think that that is what success is; happi- ness. If you are happy, you are leading a successful life. You do not need to make a ton of money, or to own the latest and fan- ciest truck on the market. You just need to enjoy your life every day. And that is totally up to you. I know that I write about this quite often but that is be- cause I truly believe it. I never feel that I need to ‘get ahead’. I would rather enjoy my activities today than worry about what might happen next week. It may catch up with me some day but in the meantime, I am enjoying life “How are you doing?” people ask. “Busy and broke, but living an incredibly rich life,” is my answer. And it’s true. Get out there and enjoy yourself. We were not put on this planet to work all day, be miserable and go home for a couple hours before bed and doing the exact same thing tomorrow. Life is lots of fun if you let it be.

    Church Billboards

    Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him. How do we make Holy water? We boil the hell out of it. What is missing from Ch__ch? U R.

    Hike for Hospice

    This year’s ‘Hike for Hospice’ will be at the historic K-2 Ranch on Westside Road. It will be a beautiful 4 km round trip to McCarthy Lake on Sunday, June 25. The day includes a tour of the barn and blacksmith shop on the ranch. Check-in is at 9:30 am, the tour at 10 am and the hike begins at 10:30 am. Participants are asked to pack a lunch for the time at the lake. This is a pledge-based event to raise money for the Hospice Society