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Transcript of DCC SDN BHD




Alhamdulillah we have finally completed our business plan. To be honest, none of us thought that we can finish this job on time but apparently we did and thank to Allah SWT for giving us the strength and the will to get it done.During the whole period of preparing this business plan especially during the final week before our presentation and before submitting this proposal, we went through a lot of tough times. We believe without one person that has been guiding us throughout this journey, we will not going to make it until the finishing line. That person is our tutorial lecturer Madam Aishah binti Mohamed. We would like to express our high gratitude for her delicate advices and guidance to us. Thank you very much.Thank you also to all group members for their assistance and we would like also to thank to every single person who helped us directly or indirectly. Thank you so much.


DCC SDN. BHD.NO.7 Lorong Baiduri 1,26400 Bandar Tun Abdul Razak Jengka,Pahang Darul Makmur.

Madam Siti Aishah Binti Mohamad,Lecturer (ENT 300),Universiti Teknologi Mara Pahang, 26400 Bandar Tun Abdul Razak,Pahang Darul Makmur. 24 SEPTEMBER 2012

Dear Madam,ENTREPRENEURSHIP BUSINESS PLANAs partial requirement of the ENT300 - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship subject, we are obliged to submit a Business Plan project to you.2.For this purpose, we have decided to take the cookies and cake service through our company DCC SDN.BHD. We chose this type of business since there is plenty of business opportunities and potentials in this industry in the area of Bandar Tun Abdul Razak Jengka and residence area. Besides that, these areas are a populated and commercialised area with a good geographical location, being in town centre, is a bonus point to our company.3.As such we submit to you the report on Business Plan for your approval. We would like to record our thanks and appreciation to madam. We anxiously hope that it will meet your expectation and that you will be satisfied with the proposed Business Plan.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely,.................................................................................(MUHAMAD FITRI BIN MUHAMAD KASIM)General Manager, DCC SDN.BHD.

Table of ContentsPREFACE1ASSALAMUALAIKUM WARAHMATULLAHI WABARAKATUH1COVER LETTER2DCC SDN. BHD.2ENTREPRENEURSHIP BUSINESS PLAN2(MUHAMAD FITRI BIN MUHAMAD KASIM)3INTRODUCTION TO THE INDUSTRY8PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT9COVER LETTER21DCC SDN. BHD.21EXECUTIVE SUMMARY23OBJECTIVE OF THE ORGANIZATION24FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS24ENTREPRENEURS24SUPPLIERS24CUSTOMERS24VISION25MISION25MOTTO25GOAL25PURPOSE OF THE BUSINESS PLAN26BACKGROUND OF THE BUSINESS27COMPANY LOGO28LOGO DESCRIPTION28PARTNERS BACKGROUND3030PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT36INTRODUCTION TO ADMINISTRATION50Administrative objectives:51Administrative mission:51Business vision:51ORGANIZATIONAL CHART52TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES53LIST OF RUMENERATION54LIST OF FURNITURES55LIST OF EQUIPMENTS56LIST OF STATIONARY56LIST OF ADMINISTRATION BUDGET56Introduction59Marketing Objective59Product and Service Description60Target Market60DCC Company target market focus on :61Demographic segmentation62Market Size62Market Size62Market Share63Competitions64Sale Forecast65Marketing Strategy66Product and Service67Price Strategy68Discount Pricing68Promotional Pricing68Product Bundle Pricing68Place Strategy69Promotion Strategy69Flyers69Signboard70Banner70Business Card71Internet Ads71Marketing Budget72Product Description74Packaging75Operational Department Statement77Department Mission77Organizational Chart77Component of operational plan78Business Input78Business output78Transformation process78Feedback78External Environment78Operational System79Process Planning79Process Flow Chart79Cakes79Cookies80Activity Flow Chart81Production Planning82Cakes82Cookies82Business Operation and Hours83Material Planning83Bill of Materials (BOM)83Cakes83Cookies83Material Requirement Schedule84Total Raw Material85Caf Furniture and Fitting86Machine and Equipment87License, Permits, and Regulation Required88Items88Types88Remark88License for Signboard88License88Majlis Daerah Maran88Employees Provide Fund (EPF)88Regulation88KWSP88License for van and motorcycle88License88JabatanPengangkutanJalan (JPJ)88Typhoid injection88Regulation88JabatanKesihatan Malaysia88Attended Basic Food Management Course88Regulation88Ministry of Health Act88Halal certification88Regulation88JabatanKemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)88Scheduled Of Remuneration89Operation Budget89Implementation Schedule90Kitchen Layout91Caf layout91Introduction93Projected Administrative, Marketing And Operations Expenditure95Projected Sales And Purchase97Collection For Sales&Payment For Purchases97Economic Life Of Fixed Assets And Depreciation Method97Increase In Working Capital (If Any)98Ending Stock For Raw Material And Finished Goods98Rate Of Taxation (For Private Limited Company)98Business Background99Sources Of Finance99Project Implementation100Source of Financing101Table Of Depreciation104Cash Flow Performa108Pro-Forma Income Statement110Pro forma balance sheet111Financial ratio analysis112Graph and performance113


Cafe industry is a thriving and developing industry in the current century. With the growing expense of growing business and organizations, each of them seeks to spend a lot of time towards their daily works.Nowadays, many people have no enough time to get their balance diet because their own daily works. This industry, will cover up their meals anytime they need. This products are very simple, easy, and good for health.Truly, this is a global industry for everyone.PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT

With reference to the Partner Act 1961 (Revise 1974), this agreement is lawfully made between the partners of DCC SDN. BHD. The reason of this partnership agreement is made in order to make sure that all the business operation run accordingly to the schedule and the main objective of the business can be achieved.All the partners as below within the business organization make this agreement in front of the lawyer Mr. Kamal from Kamal & Co. that our company have selected to represent us.It is hereby declared that all partners as mentioned below have witnessed and agreed to accept all terms, conditions and regulations stated as follow:This partnership is registered under the name of DCC SDN. BHD. The partners have also agreed to accept the position in DCC SDN. BHD.enlisted as follow:

Muhamad Fitri Bin Muhamad KasimGeneral ManagerRahmah Binti AhmadAdministration ManagerMohamad Azfar Bin ZakariaMarketing ManagerNuramalina Binti Mat YusoffOperation ManagerNorshazelin Binti ZainolOperation ManagerNur Hayati Binti Ahmad @ AbdullahFinancial Manager

It is also agreed that all profit sharing will be based on the capital contribution of each partners. Should the company suffer from any loss, of which the negligence caused by anyone of the partners, that partner will be responsible for the loss.All the money owns by the partnership or money received on behalf of the partnership must be credited to the agreed partnership current bank account.It is also agreed that if in case where any of the partners want to withdraw from the partnership, then she must give a one month notice to the other partners.

Each of the partners :Must have and act in good manner and has faith and be trustworthy between each partner in all business matters.Must give full effort in any way for the success of the companyMust keep all important information relating to the business confidential from people outside the business organization.Must settle all personal problems without involving the company.All the partners is strictly forbidden (except with the consent from all the partners) to:Give or transfer own share to the public or people outside the business organization.Accept, borrow or lend money owned by the business to other people outside the business organization except regarding on business matter.Accept or borrow money owned by the business for personal use. If any partners have borrowed any money or asset, payback or recovery must be made in one month from the date borrowed without any interest.Act or become a surety to any side or person in any activity that can jeopardize the partnership deed or agreement.Dispose any asset or liability such as debts, money, or others owned by the partners.If any partners dies or become paralyzed that may bring difficulty for her to perform her work, the next-of-kin must give a written notice in between 45 days to other partners if he/she wants to become a partner, if there is no notice between those periods, the next-of-kin will receive back the capital contributed by the decreased or the paralyzed partner according to the agreed proportion.This agreement can be changed or dissolved if agreed by all the partners under a memorandum signed by all of the partners.It is also agreed that any action that may not fall under this agreement can be taken action or revised under the partnership act 1961 (Revised 1974).Verify, I am Muhamad Fitri Bin Muhamad Kasim, I/C number 920427-06-5789, address No.9 Jalan SS4B/13 Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor agreed to be part of partner for DCC SDN.BHD. Which is located at NO.7 Lorong Baiduri 1, 26400 Bandar Tun Abdul Razak Jengka,Pahang Darul Makmur. With a contribution of 20% of the total share of RM82, 000, I promise to accomplish every duty assigned and willing to give full commitment towards the organization management. I also promise to obey the rules and the regulations as states in DCC SDN.BHD.

Yours truly,

.............................Muhamad Fitri Bin Muhamad Kasim811019-14-5712

First witness,