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Industrial data on DC circuit breakers

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  • ENhancedTEChnology


    DC SwitchgearETGR 21 & 22 Series Ver. 3.0

  • DC Switchgearfor Railway System

    DC Switchgear is the Major Equipment for Safe Operation in DC RailwaySystem. ETGR 21 & 22 series have been designed for DC Railway Substation,and also designed to be affordable in heavy conditions.

    ETGR 21 & 22 are optimized in order to be installed in any place with easyhandling. And the users safety is maximized by restrictedly distinguishingall components upon adequate Insulation Voltage level.

    HSCB(High Speed Circuit Breaker), DC Switchgear main component isapproved in their safety and reliability by passing International IndependentLaboratory test in IPH (CESI Group Company in Germany) in accordance withIEC Standard.

    ENTEC ETGR 21&22 are divided into DC 1800[V] for Urban Subway Systemand DC 900[V] for Light Railway System.

    Future would be derived by ENTEC s advancedtechnology and endless study from DC Switchgearin main core of Metro Power System.

    2 ENhanced TEChnology

  • Characteristics

    Fast and precise operation capability by using Digital Protection Relay in case of variouspower fault. Short circuit or heavy current are managed by mechanical OCRinside of breaker as instantaneous trip.

    Digital Protection relay application

    System event(1,000 events), fault record(100 events, 16 waves, 0.1~6,000ms sampling) canbe stored in Digital Protection Relay and System control and management efficiency isincreased by having Protocol communication (DNP 3.0 , Modbus, IEC 60870 and etc.)through SCADA RTU.

    Information storage

    Through insulated barriers inside of cubicle, frame fault by Arc spewed out from CB arcchamber is eliminated and it is even possible to maintenance job for live line work.

    Cubicle inside Insulation

    - Four insulated rubber wheels(front : 2 free wheels, rear : 2 fixed wheels) are used and it iseasily engaged with main power Bus.

    - Manual and Automatic withdrawable truck operations are available between service andtest position .

    Convenient Handling of withdrawal type CB truck

    The most advanced technology PMA is built inside of Circuit Breaker and compactsize ofDisconnector is combined in order to optimize the cubicle space use and switchgear.

    Compact design

    To prevent any incident from mis-operation, Interlock mechanisms are applied amongHSCB, Disconnector and panel.


    Outstanding interruption of small current(0~500A) and Mid-low current (500~3,000A).All range of small current, load current, fault current upto rated interrupting capacity are ableto be quickly and safely managed without having any blind current range at rated voltage.

    Both of HSCB and Disconnector are adequate for high frequent operational duties.Operation reliability

    High quality of HSCB and DC Disconnector are evidenced by completing Internationalauthorized Laboratory test according to International standards.

    High quality DC high Speed Circuit Breaker(HSCB) andDC Disconnector application

    3ENhanced TEChnology

    Current Interruption

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    ENhanced TEChnology

    Surge ArresterSurge (Lightening Surge,Inductive surge) prenvention.

    DC HSCB(Incl. truck)Fast fault current clearing ina fault occasion.Several Interlock funtions areapplied in Circuit Breaker.

    DC Power meter (kWh)Power consumption calculation.

    64P (Voltage type)Monitoring earth voltage potential increasing and protect system.

    64HR (Current type)Monitoring between DC livebus and enclosure, Protectearth current.

    DC DisconnectorPower line close and openwhen no load.

    FaultselectiveRelay(50F)Determine faults and operateCircuit Breaker (Digital type).

    DC PTPrimary voltage sensing.

    Communication DeviceDC CTCurrent Sensing.

    Product construction

  • Rating and Operation

    Nominal VoltageRated VoltageInsulation VoltageRated interrupting over voltageRated currentRated making and breaking capacityOperation dutydi/dt (Current rising rate vs time)Mechanical operationPower frequency withstand voltag (60Hz,1min.)Rated operation and control voltageOver current Release Pick-upMax. Ambient Temp / Avg. Temp.Altitude

    Size [Width x Depth x Height mm]

    Weight [kg]IP protection (IEC 529)Applied standard

    DC 750VDC 900V

    DC 1,800V



    1.5 ~ 2 x rated voltage2,000A / 3,000A / 4,000A

    133kAp /91.2kA 110kAp /76.8kAO-15sec-CO-15sec-CO-60sec-CO (max fault, max energy, distant fault)

    30.7 x 106A/S 24.2 x 106A/S40,000 times

    DC 110V / 220V5 ~ 15kA

    40 / 352,000m

    IP31IEC 61992, JEC 7152 etc

    DC 1,500VDC 1,800VDC 3,000V



    Model ETGR 21 ETGR 22


    OperationElectrical operation Mechanical Operation

    By attaching the removable manual closing device HSCBcan be closed when there is no external power supply.

    Option Size [Depth] : 1,900mm(When adding a function of automatic withdrawal, for other sizes, discuss with maker)

    Manual Closing Device(DC HSCB)

    For trip HSCB manual tripping can be operated by manualHandle of front Panel. Circuit Breaker can be drawn out andinserted only on the HSCB Tripped Status in DC Cubicle.20[kg] is required for Manual Tripping Handle.

    Manual Trip Device(DC HSCB)

    When DC Control Power is missing, it is possible to Closeor Open Disconnected Switch(DS) using Manual Handleitself.

    Manual Close/Open(DC DS)

    (Fault selective Relay, DC Ground Relay, Undervoltage Relay, Reverse Current Relay, OCR,Intertripping Signal Relay, Lock-Out Relay)

    Trip by protection Relay System

    Trip by Direct Fault CurrentLocal Close/OpenRemote Close/Open

    5ENhanced TEChnology

    Rectifier, Feeder (600 x 1,800 x 2,200 / 600 x 1,500 x 2,200)Negative (1,500 x 1,800 x 2,200 / 1,200 x 1,200 x 2,200)

  • Protection SystemConfiguration

    6 ENhanced TEChnology





    Other communication available upon user request.

  • 7

    Standard type

    Test Graph

    Width [mm] 600 600 600 600 1,500

    Panel Type Rectifier Feeder Tie postSpare Neg. DS

    Standard type and Test Graph

    ENhanced TEChnology


    DC HSCB CO Test Oscillogram (Interruption, 110 [kA])

    Disconnector Test Oscillogram (Short time current, 106.5 [kA, peak])

    Other application available upon user request.

  • DC High Speed Circuit Breaker (DC HSCB)

    8ENhanced TEChnology

    DC HSCB is used to manage DC Power Feeding line and interrupt a fault current.EDB Series is designed with the most advanced technology in order to protect Railway systemfrom abnormal phenomenon of Power feeding system.Under high frequent switching and heavy load condition, EDB Series DC HSCB is the most reliable.

    EDB Series has rated voltage of DC 900V for light weight railway system (EDB-09) and rated voltageof DC 1800V for Urban railway system.

    Enhanced small current interruptionOwn patent of small current interruption technology apply. Through capability of clearing all rangesof current(0 Amp~Rated making and breaking current), eliminates blind spot of system protection.

    High Durability and ReliabilityThe most reliable and simplest Magnetic Actuator Mechanism application, over 40,000 timesof operation and high speed overcurrent tripping are encountered.

    Quality AssuranceInternational authorized laboratory(IPH CESI, KERI) type test was successfully completedwith International standard(IEC).

    Sufficient current and thermal capacitySufficient electric current capacity to keep lower then regulated temperature (85) whenrated current becomes saturated.

    High Insulation capacity and increased interruption capabilitySufficient insulation capacity(AC 11kV) to protect users from abnormal condition andincreased electric current capacity and interruption capacity of Breaker to comply in largecapacity of heavy load DC system.

    Optimized design with simple structureCAD and 3D design contributes more optimized structure design and convenient maintenance.

    Panel InterfaceSimple interface structure between Panel and Protection Relay.


    Nominal voltageRated voltageRated currentRated interrupting over voltage

    Operation duty

    Mechanical OperationRated making and breaking capacityRated operation voltage

    Phase-Phase Phase-Ground Control Circuit

    Over current trip device(76I)Size[Width x Depth x Height]Applied standard

    DC 750VDC 900V


    2,000A /3,000A /4,000A1.5~2.5Ue

    O-15sec-CO-15sec-CO-60sec-CO(max fault, max energy, distant fault)

    40,000 times133kAp /91.2kA 110kAp /76.8kA

    DC 110V / 220VAC 11kV/1minAC 9.2kV/1minAC 2kV/1min


    IEC, JEC

    DC 1,500VDC 1,800V


    Model EDB-09 EDB-18



  • 9ENhanced TEChnology




    HMI(Human Machine Interface) Panel

    DC protection relay ETCPU200 includes Fault Selective Relay(50F), Overcurrent Relay(76D),Voltage Relay(45,80), Ground Fault Relay(64P)and Reclosing Relay(82) in order to protectMetro DC system.For remote control and monitoring DNP3.0, IEC60870, MODBUS and etc. protocols are used.

    FeaturesConsist of DC protection relay(ETCPU200) and Human Machine Interface(ETCPU200HMI).Monitoring function - Current, Voltage, Delta-I, di/dt etc.4 Analog input port - Feeder current, Voltage, Rectifier voltage, Compensation current.

    (Option: 4 user channel)Storage functio