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KM ASIA 2010 Knowledge Management as Key Ingredients of Success in POKM @ MAHB 0 Key Ingredients of Success in MALAYSIA AIRPORTS HOLDINGS BERHAD (MAHB) Presented by DATO’ IR ABDUL NASIR ABDUL RAZAK and KM Unit Team

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  • 1. KM ASIA 2010 Knowledge Management asKey Ingredients of Success in MALAYSIA AIRPORTS HOLDINGS BERHAD (MAHB) Presented byDATO IR ABDUL NASIR ABDUL RAZAK and KM Unit TeamPOKM @ 0MAHB

2. OutlineWho am IKM Evolution in Malaysia AirportsCulturalise KM in Malaysia AirportsTechnologies as an enabler platform inthe organisation as a wholeContinuous knowledge retention inMalaysia AirportsMoving forward 3. MAHB PROFILEMalaysia Airports Holdings Berhad was established following the corporatization of theDepartment of Civil Aviation (DCA) on Nov 1, 1992MAHB took over the overall management operation and maintenance of all commercial airports inMalaysia including STOLs. MAHB Vision"World Class Airport Business.Mission StatementProviding world-class aviation gatewaysManaging cost-effective airport network and servicesExceeding the expectations of customers, shareholders and other Stakeholders.KM Policy:We shall deliver world class technical specialist services to meet stakeholders satisfaction byfarsighted planning and prudent development strategy company-wide via knowledge-savvy workforce, effective communication, dynamic tools and value optimization Nature of Business Aeronautical operations Commercial activities non- aeronautical revenue e.g. retail, food & beverages, parking facilities, Free Commercial Zone, leasing commercial spaces, etc Others business activities e.g. agricultural and horticultural, project management, hotel, ICT, POKM @2 MAHB event management, auction, International airports (5) STOL Ports are not indicated (18) overseas venture, fueling, etc Domestic Airports (16) 4. MAHB PROFILEMalaysia Airports Holdings Berhad was established following the corporatization of theDepartment of Civil Aviation (DCA) on Nov 1, 1992MAHB took over the overall management operation and maintenance of all commercial airports inMalaysia including STOLs.Sabiha GockenHyderabadInternationalCorporatization of MAHB was in lineAirport, Governments privatization policy introduced in 1983, International with theaimed at ;TurkeyAirport, India lessening financing and administrative burden of government; and providing an opportunity for the private sector to participative actively in the economic development of thecountry. Sabiha GockenInternational GockenSabiha Airport, Male InternationalStrategic FocusAirport,Turkey Airport,InternationalMaldives "WorldTurkey Airport Business. Class New DelhiMission Statement InternationalProviding world-class aviation gateways Airport, IndiaManaging cost-effective airport network and servicesExceeding the expectations of customers, shareholders and other Stakeholders. KhartoumMadinah & Jeddah InternationalInternational Airport,Airport, SudanSaudi Arabia Operated by MAHB Under proposal 5. About Me KM is about culture, not technology Not as a project but as a JOURNEY! KM = Tacit + Explicit Believe KM is a key for present and future Believe KM is a thing well worth investing Believe KM as one of an increasing number of intangibles/ tangible Believe KM driven by top management / CKO Passionate about using KM to create and improve - Processes / Services - Innovation 6. Biodata Education Started career in the Public Works Department in 1982, working in Oil and Gas sector then working for 2003: Msc. In Integrated Construction Project several years in Singapore in the high-rise building Management (UiTM) Shah Alam construction before joining Malaysia Airports in 1993. 1987: BSc. In Civil Engineering (Hartford), Previous posts include Project Manager for KLIA Connecticut, USA development, Manager of Infrastructure and other 1982: Dip. In Civil Engineering (UiTM) Shah Alambuildings, MA (Sepang). Assistant Project Manager of National Exhibition and Convention Center MAHB, 1979: Certificate in Civil Engineering (Hydraulics andSenior Manager for Technical Research and Planning Public Work), PUO ,Ipoh MAHB before assuming the current position. Current position: Also directly involved in the major airport infrastructural project such as planning, design and Duration - 2002 Present Designation - General Manager construction of LCC Terminal; upgrading of KLIA; Department - Planning and development, MAHB planning, design and implementation of National Airport Master Plan. PROFESSIONAL MembershipsMember, World standing Committee on Safety and Technical, Airports Council International (ACI), Geneva, SWITZERLANDCommittee member responsible for the development of ACI Terminal Design Manual to be launched for use for reference indesigning airport terminal amongst member stateGraduate Member Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM)Members Society of American Value Engineer (SAVE)Member Malaysian Institute of Value Management (IVMM)POKM @ Value Management of MalaysiaInstitute 5Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM)MAHBChairman / Project Champion on Steering Committee Lean Six Sigma Programme 7. My Team General ManagerTotal staff = 90 PROJECTCLIENT OFFICE MANAGEMENTPLANNINGTECHNICALpersonnel SPECIAL PROJECT EXCELLENCEOFFICE(23 staff)(18 staff)(25 staff)(24 staff)6 8. Key success factor Management buy-in Passion about the subject Predictive problem solver Lots of reading promote e-book, audio book Innovative knowledge corners Latest repository software & hardware Explore latest software technologies for open community collaboration Simplied process creating platform for whole community 7 9. KLIA 1 & KLIA2 KLIA 1 Proposed KLIA2 8 10. Accolades 9 11. Framework Collaborative Office Environment 12. KM Formulae 08 09 09 10 10 11 11 1212 and beyondKNOWLEDGE KBO KNOWLEDGE INTERNALISATIONK-UTILISATION K-CREATION TRANSFORMATIONINTERNALISATION Establishment of Communities if CKO Knowledge Follow existing Practices (CoPs) Based e-library, e- Organisation Follow existingRoadmaprepository Roadmap using: K-professional (KBO) National K-worker - K-Sharing using community Formation ofrecognition After Action physicalbusinessReview K-measurement architecture, partnership with To emulate culture driven k- Establish of K- externalcurrent success Development of tools and existingenablersassociatesto others internal technologyconsultation KM Case Study/ - K-Preservation Establish K- Most Admired Journal at using existing sustain KM PortalMAHBKnowledge technology and strategiesenhancementEnterprise Innovative(MAKE) Knowledge Professionals Preserve in journalFirst WaveSecond WaveThird Wave 13. KM Evolution in Malaysia Airports Where We Are NOW?? 2010 New corporate office Malaysia Airports portalCommunities of Practices (CoPs)PeopleCulturechangeTechnologyProcess 2004 Where we started?? Management Buy-In Consolidate all Malaysia Airportss website intoPOKM @ www.malaysiaairports.com.my12MAHB Establishment of K-Office 14. K-OfficeKnowledge Management System for collecting, organising, collaborating and disseminating POKM @ knowledge13 MAHB 15. e-RepositoryOne stop info for internal airport communities POKM @ 14 MAHB 16. Knowledge Sharing Session (KSS)Value Management team workshopExchange ProgramKSS on Techno KSS with TopKSS on ProjectEconomic Management Management POKM @15 MAHBTownhall with Managing Director and Chairman 17. Value ManagementWhat is 2010 necessaryProject Value: RM 303,989,429 for a Saving through VM: RM 51,732,006Satisfactiondesired of Needsuser VALUE2009 Project Value: RM 339,512,767 Use ofSaving through VM:RM 32,621,000Resources Everything that is required to2008 satisfy Project Value: RM 231,983,712 needs Saving through VM: RM 62,678,519 POKM @16 MAHB 18. The Conventional Approach vs the VM Approach Individual Efforts (Silos) VM Approach Team Effort (Cross Functional)StakeholdersVM SpecialistProcurementOperation &MaintenanceIT managementFinanceKnowledge Engineers Management 19. Previous Corporate Office POKM @ 18 MAHB 20. New Corporate Office POKM @19 MAHB 21. Enterprise Content Management System POKM @20 MAHB 22. Study visit and conference KM Asia 2008Bank Negara Malaysia Incheon Int AirportUniversity Science Islam Malaysia (USIM)Sydney & Adelaide Int Airport POKM @ 21 MAHBGlobal Emerging KnowledgeOrganisation (GEKO) 23. Corporate websitewww.malaysiaairports.com.my POKM @ 22 MAHB 24. Portal / Facebook POKM @ 23 MAHB 25. Communities of Practices (CoPs)CoP AVSECCoP Eng TangibleKM ProductCoP AFRS CoP Operation CoP AdminPOKM @ 24 MAHB 26. e-Bulletin & magazineExternalKM BulletinInternalPlatform to share knowledge virtually and POKM @preserve in the server 25 MAHB 27. Teh tarik session, Mee kolok session, NasiDagang Session, Nasi Kerabu Session,Morning with Airport Manager (AM) POKM @ 26 MAHB 28. Knowledge Professionals Certified Project Management Program (PMP)Council Member to Institute of Value Management MalaysiaProfessional Engineer (Ir.) recognition by Board of Engineers MalaysiaMember to ACI World on Safety and TechnicalStanding CommitteeMember to Airport Management ProfessionalAccreditation Programme (AMPAP)Master / Phd POKM @ 27 MAHB 29. Rewards & recognition CoPs of The Year Knowledge Sharing Best Presenter Innovative Idea of The Year Sponsorship POKM @28 MAHB 30. Continuous Knowledge Retention inMAHBRetiredEmployeesBrain DrainKnowledgeWalk AwayTo Retain KnowledgeOne-stop repositoryUse centreInnovation ideaReuse Staff Exchange program Job rotation Fertilisation Program 31. Moving forwardBeyond 2010 KM implementation acrossMAHBtransform MAHB as Knowledge-basedOrganisation in MalaysiaRecognised at Most Admired KnowledgeEnterprise (MAKE)secretariat for KM at national levelPreserve our journey in a journalPOKM @30 MAHB 32. THANK YOU POKM @ 31 MAHB