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  • When asked, how likely would they recommend Datamax to a friend or

    colleague, our customers gave us an average score of 9.7 for 2015.


    Scale: 1-10 (10 being the highest) Source: Net Promoter Score System.

    Actual Net Promoter Score: 92.1 for 2015.

    DatamaxCOVER TO COVER.

    At Datamax, we cover a whole lot of ground

    when we exclaim, Weve got you covered!

    As a premier business technology provider

    for 60 years, we believe weve covered

    all the bases in our pursuit to offer the

    very best empowering technology

    solutions and services. The kind of

    empowerment that will enable you

    with increased freedom to focus

    on your fortemanaging your

    business, not your technology.

    Count on Datamax to maximize the technology that matters.


    Prior to embarking on your next technology initiative, consider picking a partner as STEP ONE. By seeking and establishing collaborative partnerships first, we believe companies can innovate more quickly and even anticipate solutions to technology problems that may not yet exist. The following are four things worth looking for from your next partnership:

    A RELEVANT Approach.As with our tagline, partnering begins with a relevant approach. Its considerate, with a laser-focus on the customer and the business-specific needs they conveynever presumptive. Its consultative and useful in the discovery and definition of key requirements. Its collaborative in the pur-suit of solutions that truly matter to customersnever just a quick quote.

    A Robust TECHNOLOGY Portfolio.Its comprehensive and covers the widest array of technology solutions and servicesnot just copiers. Its coordinated and empowers customers with more freedom to focus on their businessnot their technology. Its best-in-class and reflects proven, long-standing technology hardware and software alliancesnot flavor of the month inventory-driven proposals.

    A RAVING Fan Base.A most-valued partner is consumed with creating raving fansnot just customers. Theyre conscious that fan bases are fragile and trust must be earned each and every dayway beyond the transaction. Their efforts are confirmed through their customers who enthusiastically and consistently recommend their partner experiences to friends or colleagues.

    A Responsibility For RESULTS.A most-valued partner is responsible for results. They are creative in demonstrating how to increase operational efficiencieshelping make every budget dollar count. They are capable of building and orchestrating solutions that produce measurable business value. They are committed to accountability for their recommendations and performanceproviding meaningful, quantitative evaluation metrics throughout the engagement.

    Four things to look for in a technology partner.

    MAXCARE MANAGED SUPPORT.Datamax can support your entire technology infrastructure, from IT to MFPs. Our proven experience and people are the foundation that undergirds a technology-enabled businesssupporting the needs of today and the growth of tomorrow.

    Please ask about the industrys most comprehensive portfolio of managed support serviceswe proudly call MaxCare. CHOOSE DATAMAX. Weve got you covered!


    Produce faster, more affordable high-quality color outputStreamline tasks with powerful MFP integrationLeverage secure mobile printing capabilitiesUtilize time-saving document and job workflow automationManage costs with integrated cost accountingAll of the above... Weve got communications covered!

    IMAGECARE MANAGED SUPPORT.Responsively ensuring customer productivity throughout the technology life cycle is fundamental for success. Thats why we back all of our office technology solutions with ImageCare, an industry-defining, formal service and support agreement that guarantees superior performance and total satisfactionall in writing. Its also why we provide IT-level resources that are readily available to address virtually any connectivity issue associated with your device. From response to resolution, rely on Datamax for results.


    If your communications were more impactful and distributed efficiently, how many more new customers could you attractor retain?

  • Network Management



    Expect longer-term infrastructure stability and securityExperience more responsive, team-based issue resolutionInsulate from IT staff over-reliance or turnoverEnsure optimization of system and asset performanceRefocus on other strategic IT initiatives All of the above... Weve got IT covered!

    TECHCARE MANAGED SUPPORT.TechCare is a comprehensive Managed Network Services (MNS) offering that provides top-tier expertise and guidance for attaining IT infrastructure reliability as well as IT expense predictability. With Datamax MNS engagements, our certified network consultants take a long-term view of network operations, fine-tune server performance to optimize system functionality and respond to and resolve end-user workstation issues like no other. Consider IT done... Consider Datamax.

    How much more could you focus on driving your business if your IT infrastructure was better tuned and under control?

  • Print Management



    Identify organizational-wide print expendituresContain print costs and printer acquisitions Control print-related processesFree up valuable IT resources and timeReclaim more bottom lineand few more treesAll of the above... Weve got print covered!

    PRINTCARE MANAGED SUPPORT.A Datamax Managed Print Services (MPS) engagement will help uncover and illuminate relevant print metrics, produce intelligent print strategies, andmost importantlyresult in a bottom-line impact worth raving about.

    If youd like to discover the economics of your current printing practices and how much your company could be saving, get control and enroll with PrintCare. One contract. One invoice. One partnerDatamax.

    How much money could you save if your print output was contained and print assets were optimized?

  • Document Management



    Input and access information instantly from anywhereStreamline critical work processesIncrease administrative productivityCollaborate more effectivelyMake better-informed decisionsAll of the above... Weve got content covered!

    DOCCARE MANAGED SUPPORT.A Datamax DocCare Document Management engage-ment can help you deal with the rapidly increasing burden of consolidating and organizing your doc-uments, content and workflows. We can assist with automation, workflow and archival strategies to help maximize productivity while reducing paper-related expenses and storage costs. Our solutions also sup-port the secure transfer of data and help companies comply with the legal obligations and governmental regulations permeating business today.

    How much time could you save if your entire content was organized and related workflows better streamlined?

  • COUNT ON RESULTS.Seven ways well ensure your return on technology.ACHIEVING A HIGH RETURN ON TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT REQUIRES A PARTNER WHO SEES BEYOND THE TRANSACTION.So, if you are looking for more out of your next technology engagement, here is a quick count of what you can expect from Datamax.

    EXPERIENCE.Count on us to enthusiastically and actively engage you with the entirety of experience (60+ years) and know-how weve acquired over time. Count on us to continue to exhaustively canvass the technology landscape to offer you best-in-class solutions and services.

    TRAINING. Count on discernible investments in the very best training, certifica-tions and resources designed to ensure our employees are equipped to help you fully succeed with technology. Count on our employees to be subject-matter expertsNOT simple-minded representatives.

    COLLABORATION. Count on a holistic discovery approach, where the identification and assessment of your needs and the development of recommendations are fundamentally in alignment with your core business objectives. Count on our expertise and reputation for maximizing technology budgets and technology-driven productivity in the process.

    CONTINUITY. Count on us to actively share best practices, thinking, and technology to ensure a level of operational continuity that protects and secures your business and business processes. In a pinch, count on Datamax to step up and step in.

    RESPONSIVENESS. Count on us to be responsive and focusedNOT frustratingly preoccu-pied with our next sale. Count on us to back up our performance with quantitative analytics that are easy to understand and meaningful to you.

    RESOLUTION. Count on us to be upfront, proactive and responsible for reporting all the details of any incident, situation, or challenge (or success) with your technology. Count on our commitment to resolving ANY issueon the very first call.

    SUPPORT. Count on us to overlay your entire technology infrastructure, from IT to MFPs, with the most comprehensive and coordinated portfolio of man-aged support services and in-house leasing programs. And in the end, count on us to guarantee total satisfactionfar beyond the transaction.


    DATAMAX LEASING DIVISION CARING FOR THE TECHNOLOGY LIFE CYCLE SINCE 1975.At Datamax, accountability means we will care for your technology throughout the term of the lease