Data Science: Your Secret Weapon to Closing More Deals

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Mick Hollison, CMO [email protected]
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Ever wish your sales reps and executives could predict the future? With predictive analytics, they can come pretty close. Predictive analytics is transforming the nature of politics, consumer credit, fraud detection and healthcare outcomes, but nowhere is the use of analytics potentially more valuable than in sales. Predictive analytics helps you make better informed decisions using existing and historical patterns and behaviors of people. Learn how predictive analytics: • Improves the accuracy of your sales forecasting • Enables you to know how and when to communicate with prospects • Identifies the best leads and predicts who to call and when to call them • Pinpoints the opportunities that are most likely to close, fastest to close, or that offer the largest revenue • Empowers you to consistently hire top sales performers

Transcript of Data Science: Your Secret Weapon to Closing More Deals

  • Mick Hollison, CMO [email protected]
  • Founded in 2004, HQ in Silicon Slopes, Utah $100m in Series C financing 3 years of 100%+ annual revenue growth Salesforce AppExchange top 5 paid app Over 1600 b2b customers 400 employees and a dozen data scientists 8 patents in sales communications & predictive analytics #DataScience
  • 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% %ofIndividualSpending vsTotalTechBudget
  • Predictive analytics proven quantity for IT, B2C marketing and more Next big opportunity for applying predictive analytics is B2B sales #DataScience
  • Statistics Modeling Data mining Machine learning Supervised & unsupervised Analyzing current and historical facts to make predictions about the future
  • Politics Sports Energy exploration Consumer credit Fraud detection Healthcare outcomes B2B sales & marketing #DataScience
  • Coming Soon!
  • Traditional Predictive Dialers Machine initiated Dial multi-lines Not for B2B Predictive 2.0 Rep initiated Dials best leads at best times Good for B2B Predictive Analytics Supervised machine learning
  • Intelligent Communications Dialing, Voicemail, SMS, Email Recording & Monitoring Native reporting Benefits Up to 8x call volume Up to 38% increased contact ratios Up to 30% revenue increase in as little as 90 days
  • Advanced Inbound expansive call paths, including rerouting and recording based on volume or time of day NeuralScore Scores leads based on likelihood to close NeuralSort Enables reps to work most contactable leads first PowerStandings basic Motivates reps with real-time rankings & customizable achievements, badges & challenges #1 communications solution on Salesforce AppExchange
  • 72% 39% 67% 83% 28% 31% 8% 10% 12%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Likely to Respond Preferred Contact Method
  • Runs server-side on all major email platforms zero-touch on end point devices Tracks every interaction Patented PowerTrackingTM tracks email opens, web links, and file downloads Supports multi-recipients & forwards Works on any device Delivers centralized reporting Provides enterprise-grade security Auto-sync with Scalable to 100s of millions of email interactions
  • #DataScience
  • Predictive analytics for email content delivery Recommendation engine for preferred language Self-learning algorithms measure effectiveness of email language Coming Soon!
  • 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
  • Empathy Ability to put yourself in your clients position Resilience The ability to manage adversity during the sales process Ambition An intense desire to be successful in sales Openness A passion for expanding ones understanding
  • Points Leaderboards Badges Throwdowns Notifications
  • Visually stunning. Infinitely engaging. Real-time. Bring your sales data to the forefront by making it visual, meaningful, and actionable. IDX from generates real-time data visualizations of your sales activity and processes, available on any device, any time. Coming late 2014
  • Big data is feeding new, predictive systems that dramatically improve marketing effectiveness and accelerate sales is at the forefront of this movement with the industrys first sales acceleration platform
  • Mick Hollison CMO, [email protected] @mickhollison #DataScience