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  • 1. Starhome PortfolioThe Driving Force Behind Roaming Profitability

2. 3 Starhome Roaming Portfolio Starhome has developed a comprehensivecompetitive edge in the constantly changing range of products and services that work in mobile market. synergy to target market opportunities andStarhomes portfolio serves each major aspect of strengthen the mobile network operatorsroaming retail, wholesale and network operations. PRODUCTS Our product portfolio has been uniquely tailored to provide mobile network operators with the tools to maximize each level of business revenue. Retail Seamless solutions to stimulate and increase roaming traffic and usability. These intuitive and cost-effective retail solutions provide mobile operators with endless revenue opportunities. Wholesale Powerful solutions enable wholesale teams to meet their wholesale targets and IOT discount agreements, and strengthen their position when negotiating global roaming agreements. Network Operations Mission-critical About Starhomesolutions to optimize network efficiency and reduce cost of ownership, while maximizingSeefeldstrasse 25Starhome is a global leader in providingrevenue potential. innovative, market-driven roaming solutions.8008 Zurich, Switzerland Since its establishment in 1999 the company hasT. +41-44-380-6777 grown and matured into an industry-recognized authority on roaming. By leveraging its SERVICESF. +41-43-222-6768 accumulated roaming knowledge to pin-point market needs, Starhome is able to provide OMNYX is a real-time integrative roaming operators with lucrative management tools,management and innovation system that making it the driving force behindpresents the roaming manager with essential roaming profitability.roaming traffic information. OMNYX effectively Starhome has a worldwide customer base of analyzes collected information and, using its over 200 operators in 130+ countries, including unique analytical and decision making tools, major tier 1 and tier 2 mobile network operators. empowers the roaming manager with important Currently, over 50% of all international dailydata to meet todays challenges. roaming traffic is being delivered by operators OMNYX is built on a roaming desktop, a new to their subscribers utilizing Starhome conceptual work environment that features technology. With over 20 patent-protected a wide range of user-friendly web objects to solutions in our portfolio and a 95% customer provide the roaming manager with an extensive renewal rate, Starhomes innovation in range of valuable data and critical calculations. motion approach, together with cost-effective, Combined, these tools enable a real time view revenue-generating solutions, has made us the of the roaming status, as well as tracking, roaming partner of choice for mobile operators. forecasting and simulation. 3. 5RETAIL PRODUCTS WHOLESALE PRODUCTSSeamless solutions to stimulate and increase Home Short Code solution allows roamers Powerful solutions to meet wholesale targetsreducing the amount of signaling messagesroaming traffic and usability. to seamlessly access their home VAS using theirand IOT discount agreements.sent via the signaling provider to the HPMN. familiar short codes, thus increasing revenue Sparx solution a real time roaming Next Generation Intelligent Preferred Intelligent Border Roaming solution potential from both inbound and outboundmarketing and relations management tool Network (NG IPN) solution get optimumkeeps subscribers registered to the home roaming. Using Starhomes global database,that generates dynamic and focused follow-upsteering results and meet wholesale network when traveling near international the solution is able to support all types of shortmarketing campaigns based on informationdiscount agreements using an automatedand national borders, preventing accidental code-to-long-number translation methods, whilegathered from the roamers profile. Sparx revenue-based steering of roaming tool. NGroaming. Intelligent Border Roaming combines its propriety global network enables unique CLIincreases operators revenues and significantly IPN can be used in combination with SS7 control over roamers registration attempts delivery for personal VAS access like at home.improves the users roaming experience. and OTA based steering and automaticallywith interrogation of HPMN elements. Proamotion SMS solution promotesperforms the key task of continuously Roaming Control solution provides Roaming Shield solution allows mobile operators offerings to outbound and monitoring and tuning the SoR system tomobile operators with the ability to controloperators to detect and block illegal anti-SoR inbound roamers via spam-free, focused,detect the smallest deviation in the roamersand manage their roamers voice, SMS andactivities against their outbound roamers by revenue-generating messages. The solutionbehavior usage. By monitoring traffic on a real-timethe visited network. With focused alarms and enables mobile operators to differentiatebasis, operators can bar/redirect service, and Gateway Location Register solution comprehensive reports, Roaming Shield is an themselves in a highly competitive market.define limitations, packages and communities. provides a standard 3GPP optimization important addition to the mobile operatorsThe product supports EU regulations. Mobile2IP solution enables seamless mobilesystem to increase inbound roaming revenues steering strategy. communication on any IP device by providingand lower international signaling costs by CAMEL Anywhere solution offers GSM-to-IP and IP-to-GSM mobile services.prepaid and postpaid subscribers seamless Mobile2IP allows users of different devices toroaming services anywhere, in any network, route incoming calls to their IP Soft Phone, GSMindependent of CAMEL technology.Starhomes CAMEL Anywhere does not require phone, or both. For example, users in a hotspotWHOLESALE SERVICES can choose to receive calls on either their laptop OMNYX Suiteany expensive CAMEL upgrades or complex or mobile device (via their mobile number).roaming implementation.Provides several sets of tools and information Local Roaming Data solution enables Intelligent Call Assistant (ICA) solution to support and optimize the operators B2B operators to offer lowerpriced local roaminganalyzes dialing mistakes and correctsroaming relations: data packages for inbound roamers, encouragingmisdialed calls via a global numbering plan, subscriber loyalty. Reduces operators IPX/GRX Roaming Desktop tool provides dailypatented application logic, and continuous traffic and costs. views and information in real time related topost-dialing analysis. ICAs extensive reachthe wholesale business including: roamingcovers all roaming segments, including Local Roaming Number solution providesrevenue (planned and optimized), estimatedoutbound, inbound, prepaid and postpaid, a virtual local number for inbound roamers onmarket share, and various related roamingas well as all CAMEL services, and providestheir home SIM card, without the need for anpartner information, such as call duration,a seamless roaming experience whileadditional SIM or handset. Implementation can bedata traffic, etc.maximizing operators top-line revenues. home-based, or based on local prepaid charging. Budget Planner tool provides theoperator with a defined budget per eachroaming partner, as well as roaming budgetRETAIL SERVICES predictions based on previous revenueOMNYX Suite information and algorithms.Provides numerous tools and information to Segmentation tool on-the-fly IOT Discount Optimizer tool supportssupport and maximize subscribers roaming usage. segmentation allows operators to tailor theirthe operator in the IOT negotiation process, roaming campaigns and track in real time the based on the selected country or region. Roaming Desktop tool provides real-time effect and impact of new campaigns. New Business Discovery tool based ondaily information and views to give operatorsa complete picture of their retail business, Campaign Recommendation tool based on network traffic and billing records, the Newincluding group clusters such as: comparisonsthe Segmentation Tool, OMNYX recommendsBusiness Discovery tool provides operatorsof customer usage and marketing segments,new bundles and campaigns, supported bywith various recommendations for newmarketing campaign tracking and analysis, etc. marketing feeds from various sources.businesses or services. 4. 7NETWORK OPERATIONS PRODUCTS Managed ServicesMission-critical solutions to optimize network By completing the final leg of the call, the Starhomes managed services offer the mobileefficiency and reduce cost of ownership. home network can collect the resulting operator a comprehensive range of support interconnection fees. Optimal Voicemail Deposit solution services, including: monitoring, maintenance,eliminates international tromboning and Roaming Call Optimizer solution -provisioning, hosting, billing, reporting andincreases the number of completed callsallows the HPMN to determine how outbound customer service.and voicemail retrievals. The solution can roamers calls are routed to their destination, By providing a completely managed environmentbe configured to handle voicemail only, or thus optimizing call costs and increasing and comprehensive support, our managedany type of forwarding according to theprofitability. The solution also ensures CLIservice offering goes above and beyondoperators requirements. delivery and better control and visibilitydelivering a basic service to our customers. Leakage Identifier solution identifiesof QoS. Starhomes managed services also reduce costsleakage of inbound roamers to a competing Roaming QoS solution lets operatorsand increase revenue by continually monitoringnetwork and provides operators with alerts tosecure inbound and outbound roaming the mobile operators mission-critical servicesidentify GSM radio coverag