Data Recovery from FAT32 Partition

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Recover Data from FAT32 PartitionInstantly Recover corrupt, permanent deleted, formatted data from FAT32 partition with Windows Data Recovery Software

FAT (File Allocation Table)- OverviewFAT is a computer File System for Windows that enables the Operating System to dispatch or fetch documents (or data) from a storage device that may be an internal or external hard disk.It was started being used in 1977 with Standalone Disk BASIC-80, which has been further extended in form of different variants (FAT 12, FAT 16, and FAT32) with improvement in their capabilities. Currently, we operate FAT32 on all existing Windows Operating Systems.

Structure of FAT32 PartitionIn FAT32 volume the data is allocated in the form of Linked List and the contents are in the form of Table. In this file system, the partitioning may exceed up to 2TB maximum and the maximum file size limit is up to 4GB. The table consists of entries of each cluster, a contiguous area of disk space.

Causes of Corruption & Data Loss in FAT32 VolumeVirus within the computerImproper memory managementImproper shut down of systemHardware failureFormatting a hard driveFile system becomes RAW

Can Check Disk Recover Corrupt FAT32?

Running inbuilt utility Check Disk in command prompt displays the following message:

The type of the file system is RAW.CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.

Methods to Recover Data from FAT32 PartitionsFollowing are the two methods that can help you deal with such issues:Manual Method: If the data is deleted from the location where it was saved (soft deletion) then we can easily retrieve it from the Recycle Bin.

Alternative Method: The method by which we can recover data from a FAT32 partition that are not only soft deleted but are also lost permanently or corrupted from the hard drive, is a third party software.

Advantages of Alternative Method: Recover permanently deleted and corrupted data from hard driveEasily available on the web for downloadTrial version of these software applications are available on web for freeUser friendly in Graphical User Interface

Windows Data Recovery Software is one such type of tool that focuses on FAT32 partition recovery.

Windows Data Recovery Software to Recover Data from FAT32 Partition

Recover Corrupt, Inaccessible data Restore Permanent Deleted dataEasily recover Formatted data from FAT (FAT32, FAT16) & NTFS partitionRecover RAW partition of FAT32 and all Windows based file systemRetrieve lost data from external and internal storage devices hard drive, pen drive etc.Support upto 2TB hard diskSupport Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Know Windows Data Recovery SoftwareInside Out

Launch the software to recover deleted or corrupt files & folders from FAT32 volumeClick on Scan Disk to start recovery


Windows data recovery tool auto detect all the partitions that are available on the system. You just need to select a drive which need to be recovered.It also shows partition type i.e. FAT (FAT32, FAT16) or NTFS.


This Data Recovery application provides three options to recover data:Normal Data Recovery- Recover data from FAT32 partition that is in a corrupt state. Deleted Files & Folders Only- Recover data from FAT32 partition, which has been permanently deleted or lost from the partition.Formatted Partition- When we format our drive and want some useful data to be retrieved from that partition, then we use this recovery option.


The tool provides a search option to find a particular file by its name, file extension. Besides, it allows you to filter data according to creation date or last modified date.


Windows Data Recovery Software displays preview of all recovered items along with their attributes such as file name, file size, file type, creation date.The tool allows you to Extract and Save selective files and folders on the desired location. To evaluate the software, one can download its free version from