Data convergence & personalization in retail

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  • Data convergence & personalization in retail

  • Unified Commerce is the breakdown of barriers and silos a single approach to your sales, marketing and customer experience, wherever the customer happens to be.

  • Unified commerce platforms simplify and automate the convergence & use of previously siloed data:

  • Collect data from diverse sources Ingest

  • Correct any problems with the data Cleanse

  • Organize and structure the data Normalize

  • Analyze the data


  • Data from in-store Point of Sale, mobile payments and e-commerce checkouts.

    Transaction Analytics

  • Data on in-app activity, redemptions, tray and basket value, loyalty status, device interactions and more.

    Digital Campaign ROI Analytics

  • Data on expected lifetime value, loyalty, buying behaviors, connectedness, location, media preferences and more for ongoing segmentation.

    Segmentation Analytics

  • Get actionable information from the data


  • Use the data to guide valuable behaviors


  • Along with optimizing converged data now, its important to preserve context that may be needed in the future.

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