Danny Benites: Clue: Who Killed My Profit?

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Who Killed My Profit? A Danny Benites Investigation

Transcript of Danny Benites: Clue: Who Killed My Profit?

  • 1. Clue: Who Killed my Profit? Danny Benites Page 66

2. A Danny Benites Investigation 3. Investigation Collect Clues Gather Suspects Murder Weapon Examine Crime Scene Collect Evidence Interview Eyewitnesses 4. The Facts Dealership Profit is Missing and believed to be dead. Acceptable profit last seen alive 10 months ago. No credible witnesses. Morale is diminishing. No confessions are imminent. No new employees to blame. 5. Scenario #1 6. Scenario #1 7. Scenario #1 8. Scenario #1 9. Evidence Dealsheet Audit(DNA) Initial Price Trade Allowance Down Payment Amount Always Including Financing Initial Finance Term Increments 10. Scenario #2 11. Scenario #2 12. Scenario #2 13. Scenario #2 14. Evidence Eyewitnesses Customer (Early Turn) Sales Manager/Desk Finance Manager Role Playing CSI Spread 15. Scenario #3 16. Scenario #3 17. Scenario #3 18. Scenario #3 19. Evidence Phone Recordings Outbound AND Inbound Number of Outbound Percentages Contacts/Confirms/Shows/Sales Attitude Scripts Response Times Secondary Phone Numbers 20. Scenario #4 21. Scenario #4 22. Scenario #4 23. Scenario #4 24. Evidence Repair Order Audit (DNA) Hours per Repair Order One Line Repair Orders Discounts Given CSI Fix it Right % Retention 25. Scenario #5 26. Scenario #5 27. Scenario #5 28. Scenario #5 29. Sorry Cant help you on this one. This is probably YOUR fault. General Managers are NEVER wrong. 30. Usual Suspects Used Car Manager Receptionist Finance Director BDC Director Office Manager Lot Porter/Detail Parts Manager Inventory Manager Shuttle Driver 31. Weapons of Mass Destruction Auction Card Negativity/Morale Ignorance Parts Order Form Soap Bucket Wrench Website Social Media Vendors 32. A Danny Benites Investigation 33. Danny Benites Twitter: @Danny_Benites www.DannyBenites.com Danny.Benites@gmail.com THANK YOU!