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Team Bridge. Dan Vroom Ryan LaReau David Westlund Eric Eylander. Project Selection. Structural Engineering Hydraulic Engineering Local Flavor Multiple Interested Parties Possibility of Implemenation. Project Location. Image courtesy of Bing Maps. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Dan Vroom Ryan LaReau David Westlund Eric Eylander

Team Bridge

Dan Vroom Ryan LaReau David Westlund Eric EylanderTeam BridgeProject SelectionStructural EngineeringHydraulic EngineeringLocal FlavorMultiple Interested PartiesPossibility of ImplemenationProject Location

Image courtesy of Bing Maps

Project Location

Image courtesy of Bing MapsProject DefinitionThe primary goal is conveyance. This crossing must be:SafeEconomicalAttractive

Design ConsiderationsTrustSafetyAccountabilityCaringWheelchair accessibilityADA complianceEnvironmental impact

Little Heron Ct.Location #1165 ft. span, 10 ft. elevation difference.Too expensiveLocation #2Bank to Bank, 100 ft.

Little Heron Ct.Final Location65 ft. span, 8 ft. wide.Steel structure covered in wood.

Little Heron CtBridge AlternativeDetermining LoadsLive Load: 148.85 psf Motorized Wheelchair and PassengerSnow Load: 40 psfDead Load: 10 psf + 38.17 plf (Line Load)

RAM Modeling

Beam Design Summary

No.ItemUnitQuantity1W8x10LF3292W12x19LF393W12x35LF19.54W10x33LF275W24x68LF916W24x76LF45.5Bridge Profile

Bridge Cross-Section

Bridge Model

Culvert AlternativeThe culvert design is at the same location as the bridge. The reasons for designing it are:Providing an alternative to the bridgeComparing costs of more than one solutionExpanding the scope of the project to ensure it best suits the needs of the clienteleCulvert Design

April 6 storm event: Approximate 20 year, 2 hr. stormPeak DischargeDrainage area is 148.3 acres.SCS Method insists on 25 year return period.Rainfall depth is 4.45 inches for 25-yr stormPeak discharge:2-Yr Storm: 102 cubic feet per second25-Yr Storm: 276 cubic feet per second100-Yr Storm: 426 cubic feet per secondCulvert DesignHEC-RASMDNRE requirements 100 Yr Storm impactTwo box culverts12 x 6 at channel bottom6 x 3 on floodplain

Culvert Model

Path DesignThe paths must be ADA compliant. This means the design must have:The shallowest slope feasibleNo steeper than a 1:12 slopeLandings that are 60 clear every 30 of rise or 40 run (and 5x 5 for changes in direction)Railings

Path Design6 wideMinimize tree removalPossible expansion of landings for benchesRetaining structures1% slope across the path to allow for storm water runoffPath Design

Path Design

North Path DesignPath Design

Part of South Path DesignLittle Heron CourtSouth End of BridgePath Design

Part of South Path DesignPath Design

Crossing Through Parking Lot to Ministry Center EntranceCost EstimatesBridge--$56,863.23Culvert--$18,000Path (with railings, fill, and retaining structures)--$6,908.62

ConclusionMet our design goalsLearned importance of project managementGained experience with real world design

Future WorkWoodlawn CRCCalvin Physical PlantASCE MeetingHolland HomeAcknowledgementsProfessor J. Aubrey Sykes for proposing the project and remaining as a contact from Woodlawn Christian Reformed Church. Professor Leonard De Rooy for advising the team throughout the process.Professor Robert Hoeksema for help in preliminary hydraulic analysisMr. Roger Lamer for aiding the team as the industrial consultant.Mr. Phil Beezhold for acting as the teams contact from Calvin Colleges Physical Plant.Mr. Scott Hull for being the projects contact from the Holland Home and Raybrook Estates.Mr. Brad Boomstra from the Kent County Drain Commissioners Office for providing pertinent information about Whisky Creek.Bridge Specialist Mark Becker from EXCEL Bridge Manufacturing Co. for providing professional advice regarding bridge design considerations.Questions