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Transcript of Dalhousie Kiosk Design

  • NSCAD DSGN 4901-1

    Advanced Design Studio 2

    Winter 2015 | instructor K DunnJason 1

    Minming Sheng

  • BackgroundIn this project, through the whole research in the campus, especially the main campus, Studley Campus, I found the most previous short falls in the campus is that most of students in campus would get lost, even including the upper student. I tend to believe that it is a kind f short comes in terms of schools brand consis-tency. When students come into the campus, they even do not realize they have already been in the campus. They do not know where they are and they do not know what the architecture around them, neither. The limited entrance identifi-cations and few signages in campus contribute to this phenomenon. I thus com-mence to focus improving students experience in terms of the experience of way finding, thereby promoting their branding. I tried to design a facility and a few of designed signage to improve their students experience.


  • Objective:When students go around the campus, they can find their destination very fast. When they do not know the locations of destinations, they feel comfortable to use the way finding or a kiosk to find their location effectively and get some other information that is helpful for all students in campus. There experience will be improved no matter at day or night. Hence, students in the campus is the main audience, but at the same time, it also can benefit other people in campus in terms of way finding.

  • Outcome:The problem that students in campus always get lost will basically tackled by designing a multinational way finding kiosk and a series of way finding signage, based on human-centered outcome. Through designing a series of signage in campus, the branding of Dalhousie will be strengthened. When students, No matter potential students or current student, walk into Dalhousie, they can feel what the style and spirit the Dalhousie own and easily connect these addi-tions with Dalhousie building.


    Department of Mathematics

    Department of Statistics

    6316 Coburg Road

  • Illuminate at night

  • Kiosk interface

  • Cover Home Page

    Transit Transit time

    Map Search system Search result Detail of info



  • More possibilities to use this kiosk

  • Special Festival

  • St. Patricks Day

  • Promotion

  • LOST

  • LOST

  • Embed this machine into Dalhousies branding

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