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From @Guidepost Daily Devotions: Life encouragement

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  • 1. INTRODUCTION very day you have an opportunity to feel Gods presence in your life. These daily devotionseach with a Bible verse, E inspiring personal story and prayerhelp deepen your relationship with God. They give you quiet time for reflection, and remind you of the importance of faith, hope and love in your life. Whether you want to start your day with a spiritual focus or enjoy a sense of peace and calm before bedtime, these readings will help you develop a practice of connecting your faith and values with your everyday life.
  • 2. CONTENTS SPREADING THE LOVE By Pam Kidd, Nashville, Tennessee THE STUFF OF LIFE By Rick Hamlin, New York, New York OUR WIRELESS CONNECTION By Mary Lou Carney, Chesterton, Indiana WINGED BEAUTY By Fred Bauer, State College, Pennsylvania NO PAIN, NO GAIN By Edward Grinnan, New York, New York JUDGE NOT By Scott Walker, Waco, Texas GODS LITTLE SURPRISE By Julia Attaway, New York, New York
  • 3. SPREADING THE LOVE By Pam Kidd, Nashville, Tennessee This woman was abounding with deeds of kindness and charity which she continually did. Acts 9:36 (NAS) omeone left this on my desk, my husband David said as he walked through the kitchen and tossed a gold box on the S counter. My name was written on the tag, but I couldnt identify the handwriting. I untied the ribbon; inside was a colorful array of candy-coated almonds. Smiling to myself, I popped one into my mouth and thought: Someone is having a Deanna Day. Candy-coated almonds have been my favorite treat since childhood. I dont remember how our friend Deanna discovered my preference, but candy-coated almonds began appearing on my birthday, Christmas, Easter. Always packaged in some clever way, the candy told me I was special, cared about, loved. After Deanna died in a terrible car wreck, our church family began sharing stories of her thoughtfulness. Deanna had regularly put envelopes of clipped cartoons and jokes on Davids desk to help with his sermons. For Gloria, it was licorice. There were well-timed phone calls to shut-ins and holiday open houses for the lonely. Deannas kindness was endless, and her passing left a gaping hole that I thought would never be filled. Then I received the letter: Dear Pam, I want you to know that God speaks to us through your photographs. Today is my Deanna day. Remembering how Deanna used to write thoughtful notes to people and how she always had a way of making others feel good about themselves made some of us decide to take one 1
  • 4. day a month to do something Deanna would have done. The fifth day of every month is my Deanna Day and thats why Im writing this note to you. Love, Mary Ev. My almonds had come mid-month, so they werent from Mary Ev. There was really no way to know whom they were from, because the ripples of Deannas kindness were spreading through our entire church congregation and beyond. Father, the world is waiting for me to act on Your teachings. Let me make today my Deanna Day. 2
  • 5. THE STUFF OF LIFE By Rick Hamlin, New York, New York God setteth the solitary in families.... Psalm 68:6 ocks, shorts, T-shirts, jeans, khakis. A lot of T-shirts in Tims pile. Twice as many as usual. I S guess that means soccer season has started. All those practices after school mean one more dirty shirt a day. He loves soccer, but hes been worried about doing well on the team. The stakes are getting higher now that hes in high school. I want him still to enjoy playing. I pray that competitiveness doesnt get rid of the fun. Wills socks. I can never match the socks right. Wills grown so tall and his feet are so long they look like flippers. He used to be able to wear my shoes, but hes outgrown my size. So why cant I tell his socks apart from mine? I have a pile of socks, and Im just going to have to put them in pairs and hope they find the right drawers. Hes almost an adult, but when I look at his socks I remember the tiny booties he once wore. God willing, he wont lose his childlike wonder as he grows into manhood. Carols bandanas. I think my wife uses them at the gym. Funny, Ive never asked. I usually fold them into quarters so they can fit into a pocket like a handkerchief. They come in beautiful colors: turquoise, lemon, raspberry. And theres the one that has the map of nearby hiking trails on it. Reminds me of the spring day that we took one of those trails and hiked to the top of a mountain. We need to do that again. Eventually everythings sorted and folded. Laundry is done. 3
  • 6. Sure, its a chore, but when I do it, Im reminded of what I love about the ones I love. Lord, within this chore theres something to be thankful for. 4
  • 7. OUR WIRELESS CONNECTION By Mary Lou Carney, Chesterton, Indiana Hear my voice when I call, O Lord.... Psalm 27:7 (NIV) unday morning found me in the Seattle, Washington, airport, waiting to catch a plane back to Chicago. I moved through the S crowded boarding area, too restless just to sit and wait. Other travelers checked their watches, read their books or worked on their laptops. But mostly, they talked on their cell phones. I caught snatches of conversations as husbands phoned wives, sons checked in with their mothers, sisters caught up on all the news. It seemed as though everyone was talking to his or her family! Everyone except me. I looked at my new cell phone, cute and snug in the side of my purse. Problem was, Id forgotten to charge it the night before, and my battery was too low to make any calls. How could I have been so forgetful? I was working myself into a bad mood when I happened to glance out the window. The sky seemed to go on forever, a pale blue broken by patches of angel-hair clouds. On the horizon, stately pine trees poked their heads toward the arching expanse. A wide-winged bird came briefly into view before veering off and soaring out of sight. And like that bird, my spirit began to rise, too. I dont need a cell phone to communicate, I thought. So there in the midst of the hubbub of Gate C7, I closed my eyes and began a silent conversation. Hello, father. I just thought Id check in with you. A few minutes later, as I boarded the plane, I watched the other passengers stow their cell phones. Smiling, I patted the side of my 5
  • 8. purse, grateful for the low battery that led to my leisurely pre-flight conversation with my heavenly father. How good it is, God, to know that I can always phone home and find you waiting for my call! 6
  • 9. WINGED BEAUTY By Fred Bauer, State College, Pennsylvania The birds of the air nest by the waters; they sing among the branches. Psalm 104:12 (NIV) hile volcano-watching in Costa Rica, we stayed at the Arenal Observatory Lodge, which originally was a private W gathering place for vulcanologists from all over the world. I was captivated by the lodges grounds, with its beautiful trees and flowers and birdsespecially the birds. Ive been an avid birdwatcher ever since college. Just outside our picture-windowed room, dozens of iridescent hummingbirds sopped breakfast nectar from nearby blooms. And the fiery flash of scarlet-rumped tanagers gave us all a thrill. But there were many species I didnt recognize. One morning we heard a strange, metallic, eardrum-rattling cry from a nearby tree, and we all raised our binoculars, searching the branches for the culprit. At first our only clue was a huge nest that hung down like an orioles cradle, but this one was huge, maybe a yard long. When the creature bellowed again, someone spotted it, and we all focused on the enormous black and chestnut bird with a distinctive yellow tail. It also had a bluish cheek patch and an orange beak. Later, a naturalist on the grounds identified it as a Montezuma oropendola. Oro, he explained, is Spanish for gold, and pendola, like a clocks pendulum. If you watch, youll see the bird swing its yellow tail like a pendulum. The bird got its first name, he explained, from the Aztec emperor who fed them on the palace 7
  • 10. grounds. All of which necessitated a history lesson on Mexico, the Aztecs and Cortez, but what pleased me most was seeing my kids and grandkids fascination with birds. Their enthusiasm reminded me of a comment made almost 50 years ago by my college ornithology professor Dr. Everett Myers: If you study them for only a season, youll be enraptured, and birds will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Thank You, God for teachers who open our eyes To the beauty at our feet and the glory in the skies. 8