Dagger Times January 2013

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Delta Company 1-167th Infantry Newsletter January 2013

Transcript of Dagger Times January 2013

  • Above: SSG Paul Burnett, 2nd

    PLT Platoon Sergeant.

    Kandahar Airfield,


    A cool afternoon on the 22nd day of December 2012, second platoon had a small Christmas get together. It was a time for the platoon to get together and sort of slow down a little and have a little fun. Thanks to 1LT Grahams family we had enough gifts to play dirty Santa. So we got all 19 indi-viduals together and put num-bers in a hat. We started the game by letting the lowest to the highest rank pick a num-ber. After all members of the platoon got their number it was game on. The first player to pick a gift was SPC Timo-thy Enzor, everyone who has played this game knows that being first is never good, but SPC Enzor opened his gift and found that he had an auto-graphed Alabama football by Roy Upchurch. Not a bad start but how long could he hold that gift before someone took it? The game went on the

    next 5 or 6 soldiers took a gift instead of trading we got eve-rything from remote control cars and helicopters , fleece blankets and flashlights to turkey and duck calls. I began to wonder if anyone was going to trade and then it hap-pened PFC Barton got his taken which was a nice blanket and flashlight. After that one swap things went crazy with the last few soldiers. We have 19 soldiers in our platoon so on number 18 1LT Graham had his turn he took his gift and opened it and it was a turkey call, to this point almost everyone was satisfied with what they had ended up with. Now only one more soldier left to pick or steal, that sol-dier was SPC Seevers, being the avid hunter and outdoors-man he asked 1LT Graham to see the turkey call. SPC Seevers looked the turkey call over and said Ill take it so he took the turkey call and 1LT Graham had to get an-

    A Little Christmas Fun

    Commanders Corner

    I hope everyone had a won-

    derful and blessed Christmas

    and New Years celebration. As

    we continue to count down

    the days until we return home,

    we begin planning and looking

    forward to our replacements

    hitting the ground and taking

    over the mission from us. We

    have rolled over 300 missions

    as a company and your Sol-

    diers continue to do some

    amazing and outstanding

    things that you can be proud

    of. Our Battalion Commander

    LTC Bass and Command Ser-

    geant Major Black recently

    visited us here at Kandahar

    Airfield. They had the oppor-

    tunity to go on a visit with us

    to an Afghan Uniform Police

    NCO graduation with Briga-

    dier General Zarifi (the Af-

    gahan Police Training Gen-

    eral). They also had a chance

    to talk with several NCOs

    and Officers in the company

    and express their gratitude on

    what a good job everyone is do-


    I thank you again for your con-

    tinued prayers and support and

    look forward to seeing everyone

    upon our return. We can begin

    to see the light at the end of the

    tunnel of our long journey.

    Thank you

    God Bless!

    Dagger Times

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    Address: (Soldiers Name)


    Bldg. 170

    Kandahar Air Field

    APO AE 09355

    Yellow Ribbon I 14 15 July 2013 @ the

    Birmingham Sheraton


    Yellow Ribbon II 10 11 August 2013

    (Formal Dinning Out

    and Freedom Salute

    Ceremony Conducted)

    @ the Birmingham

    Sheraton Hotel

    Delta Company 1-167th Infantry 14 January 2013 Volume 4

    Inside this issue:

    Soldier Photos 3-7

    William J. Hurd

    CPT, Infantry


    D Co 1-167th IN, TF Centurion Prime

    other gift. 1LT Graham got his gift and opened it and it was a pair of thong panties, 2 sneaker ball deodorizers and some KY jelly. Everyone in the platoon busted out with laughter. It seemed that we had saved the best for last. After that the platoon posed for a platoon photo to show of the gifts (including 1LT Graham wearing the thongs, over his uniform of course). It was good to get together

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  • for a short minute and pause from our everyday mission and laugh and have a little fun. Special thanks go out to the Graham family for the won-derful gifts and the smiles they produced on this cool Decem-ber afternoon.

    A Little Christmas Fun (continued)

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