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Delta Company 1-167th IN Newsletter for December 2012

Transcript of Dagger Times December 12

  • Above: 1LT Corey Evans 3rd

    PLT Platoon Leader.

    Kandahar Airfield,


    Delta Company 1-167 IN is in the 4th month of their deployment to OEF, most of which has been during the college football season. Each soldier has been following their team as closely as they can. Many of them staying up to the wee hours of the morn-ing and sacrificing sleep to watch the games. On Novem-ber 24, 2012 this was especially the case.

    November 24 2012, num-ber 2 ranked Alabama was scheduled to take on none top 25 ranked team Auburn. This rivalry is rich with tradition and all football fans, even the ones from across the country, get chill bumps thinking about this day. The Iron Bowl is what it is referred to and for Delta Company this was a highly anticipated game. Most of the company are Alabama natives and claim one of the schools as their Alma Mater,

    to include but not limited to Delta Company Commander CPT William Hurd, Auburn University graduate.

    The game had a scheduled kick off of 0100 hours Af-ghanistan time and was not going to be aired on AFN (Armed Forces Network), the primary means for soldiers to watch the games. After some scrambling SFC Brian Milam and SSG Dwayne Burnett found a way for the company to watch the game live. The plan was to stream the game live from the Internet. With-out this option the company would be forced to watch a replay of the game airing sev-eral hours after the actually game. Now with the means to watch the game, Delta Com-pany needed the facilities to accommodate their 70+ sol-diers as well as some member of the RSC-S HQ element. This is where the company executive officer 1LT Gerald Owens worked his magic, ac-

    A House Divided

    Commanders Corner

    I would like to start of by say-

    ing Thank You to everyone

    that has been supporting us

    and sending tons of care pack-

    ages, Christmas Cards and

    gifts. As the Christmas season

    is upon us, it is truly spectacu-

    lar to see and feel all the sup-

    port that we have been receiv-

    ing. It can be easy to forget

    there are others outside of our

    own families still thinking of

    us every day and it is nice to

    receive these sorts of remind-

    ers and support. The Soldiers

    are in good spirits despite the

    current circumstances.

    I believe our Battalion

    Commander said it best, we

    can all agree that the sadness

    and sacrifice we are feeling

    more than ever now is actually

    the price we must bear in our

    Service to the Nation. We

    can also feel the satisfaction of

    knowing we have answered

    the call to serve our country

    which less than 1 percent of our

    citizens will heed.

    I ask that you continue to

    keep all of our service members

    and their families in your

    thoughts and prayers during this

    Holiday Season. Have a Merry

    Christmas and Happy New Year!

    God Bless!

    Dagger Times

    Special points of interest:

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    Address: (Soldiers Name)


    Bldg. 170

    Kandahar Air Field

    APO AE 09355

    Delta Company 1-167th Infantry 14 December 2012 Volume 3

    Inside this issue:

    Soldier Photos 3-9

    William J. Hurd

    CPT, Infantry


    D Co 1-167th IN, TF Centurion Prime

    quiring enough food for 85 soldiers, including hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, and much more.

    With all the planning done all that was left was to show up, cook the food, and enjoy the game. There is only one person that could possi-ble cook the food to the stan-dards of Delta Company and make it feel like we are all back home, our company grill master SGT Octavious Por-

    (continued page 2)

  • ter. He fired up the grill a cou-ple hours before kick off and threw the food on. Others were running around putting up streamers for each of the teams and the game was set to stream on several TVs within

    our compound. The turnout for the event was great and all the soldiers enjoyed the oppor-tunity to watch this game.

    As the time drew closer the trash talking increased and anxiety set in. The anticipation of the game had been building all week and now it was finally that time. It wasnt very long before the outcome of the game was obvious. Even with

    such a point differential the crowd never thinned out. The Soldiers/fans stuck in there cheering for their team until the last second ticked off the clock. Some were not pleased by the outcome but it came as no surprise for most. ROLL TIDE.

    Even though the house is divided between Alabama and Auburn fans, Delta Company always stands hand in hand. Working together to accom-plish any task put before them, from setting up a football game to the operational things we do from day to day. In this

    respect, we are not and never will be a HOUSE DIVIDED.

    House Divided (continued)

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