Dagger Europe Catalogue 2010

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Wherever there's water

Transcript of Dagger Europe Catalogue 2010

  • 1W h i t e W a t e r t o u r i n g | r e c r e a t i o n a l K a y a K s

    w h e r e v e r t h e r e ' s w a t e r

  • 2Hull Design innovations

    Perfecting the green Boat hull required the optimum rocker curve for maximum speed. this speed is wasted however, if you must fight to steer the kayak and stay upright. By careful reduction of rocker through the stern, its now more stable and manoeuvrable than the prototype with a greater top speed.

    there's a lot that goes into Dagger kayak designs, every one of which must live up to our heritage of innovation, refinement and quality. The truth is that most kayak companies make at least one great kayak. What sets Dagger apart is offering class leading kayaks across the board, mastering every type of water from the mountains to the sea.

    a truly great kayak gets people excited to paddle. it requires not only good design, but also an understanding of the journey from drawing board sketch to hull meeting the water. our integrated R&D process ensures that the final product meets both the standards of the design

    COVER PHOTO- andREw HOlCOmbE, TEam daggER managER

  • 3team and survives the punishment handed out by team Dagger.

    With a history of record-breaking first descents, a growing tower of trophies and medals, and thousands of days spent on the water; the team don't give their approval lightly. Most importantly, no design gets the Dagger stamp unless its worth telling stories about for years to come.

    666788 10


    agent Kingpin g ForceJuicegreen BoatnomadMamba



    axiomgt infraredRedlineRPMaxiom 6.9Dynamo


    24, 25 26, 27

    ReC / touRing WHiteWateR

  • 4COREy VOlT- TEam daggER

  • 5Whatever your skill level, and whatever the challenge, there's a Dagger whitewater kayak to do just what you want. With an experienced design team and some of the most dedicated and progressive paddlers in the world, it's no wonder that when records are broken and new descents discovered, you'll usually find a Dagger. These are the top performing boats in river running, creeking, freestyle, and pretty much anything else you can do in a kayak.

    wHiTEwaTER KayaKs

  • agEnT KingPin g FORCE

    6 | PLAY

    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    5.9 1.80m 0.60m 14.5kg 170l 35-65kg size 4

    6.1 1.84m 0.63m 15kg 186l 48-80kg size 4

    6.3 1.94m 0.65m 16kg 197l 65-100kg size 4

    g FORCEFun, easy to paddle and affordable a classic design for those getting into freestyle. available in 3 sizes and fitted for ease of set-up, it is ideal for individuals or clubs.

    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    6.1 1.85m 0.60m 13kg 167l 36-64kg size 4

    6.2 1.91m 0.65m 14kg 178l 45-82kg size 4

    6.3 1.96m 0.66m 14kg 212l 68-104kg size 4

    KingPinthe boat that helped shape the revolution a playful hull with slicey ends that will dominate waves and holes. available in 3 sizes, fully adjustable outfitting gives comfort and control.

    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    6.0 1.83m 0.59m 13kg 159l 36-66kg size 4

    6.2 1.87m 0.64m 15kg 189l 57-86kg size 4

    6.4 1.93m 0.66m 15kg 223l 74-102kg size 4

    agEnTavailable in 3 sizes, this championship winning design is no armchair playboat. Fast from edge to edge on waves and short with cockpit-centred volume for aerial moves in a hole.

    Dagger playboats have a world-beating design pedigree, and the competition record to match. these kayaks are dynamic and fun to paddle, yet friendly and forgiving thanks to balanced distribution of volume and a hull that keeps things fast and loose. in a hole, on a wave or on your way to the next feature, these boats will keep you smiling and hungry for more.

  • RIVER PLAY | 7

    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    6.9 2.08m 0.64m 15.5kg 227l 50-80kg size 4

    7.1 2.18m 0.66m 16.5kg 246l 75-110kg size 4


    A classic all rounder, the Juice is ideal for surfing, playboating and intermediate river running. Forgiving, friendly, fun, and coming in 2 sizes it's a great kayak for those wanting to learn freestyle moves without sacrificing downriver performance.

    JUiCE aCTiOn


    all the performance and versatility of the Juice, with simplified no-nonsense outfitting. a padded ergonomic seat and full plate footrest make this a perfect first whitewater kayak with excellent safety features in a great value package.

    Cartwheel, spin, boof, and carve your way down the river in a kayak whose middle name is fun. outfitted with comfort and adjustability in mind, this spec comes with a ratchet backrest, adjustable seat and full plate footrest, ready to take on whitewater up to class 4.

  • 8 | CREEK

    Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    3.58m 0.62m 23kg 360l 64-118kg size 4

    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    8.1 2.46m 0.65m 19kg 257l 50-86kg size 4

    8.5 2.57m 0.67m 20kg 295l 68-109kg size 4

    THE gREEn bOaTthe green River in north Carolina is home to the toughest extreme kayaking race in the world requiring fast, precise paddling along with a boat that's up to the job. since its introduction in 2006, the Dagger green Boat has dominated the race, having been paddled to first place every year without exception. With the boofing and turning ability of a modern creekboat, this kayak is blisteringly fast and a huge amount of fun. Whether you want to save time and effort on long trips, want to win races, or just simply like going fast, the green Boat is guaranteed to leave you grinning.

    nOmadif you look to those at the forefront of whitewater paddling, whether they're leading remote expeditions or redefining the limits of waterfall kayaking, you'll notice that they are most likely paddling a nomad. still the benchmark in creek boat design, the nomad will hold its line through the pushiest whitewater. Comfortable, controlled, and dependable in the toughest of situations, the nomad is the first choice for the serious whitewater paddler. available in 2 sizes.

  • 9Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    8.1 2.46m 0.65m 19kg 257l 50-86kg size 4

    8.5 2.57m 0.67m 20kg 295l 68-109kg size 4

    RUsH sTURgEs- TEam daggER (PHOTO: bEn bROwn)

  • 10 | CREEK

    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    7.5 2.31m 0.65m 19kg 216l 54-77kg size 4

    8.0 2.44m 0.66m 20kg 235l 68-98kg size 4

    8.5 2.57m 0.70m 22kg 272l 79-118kg size 4

    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    7.5 2.31m 0.65m 20kg 216l 54-77kg size 4

    8.0 2.44m 0.66m 21kg 235l 68-98kg size 4

    8.5 2.57m 0.70m 23kg 272l 79-118kg size 4

    a modern day classic, the Mamba has proved itself over and over again on rivers all over the world. a planing hull with soft rails gives the Mamba excellent performance on big volume, without compromising its capabilities as a first class creeker. Bomb-proof security bars and a choice of River or Creek oufitting make for a formidable river kayak. available in 3 sizes.

    mamba CREEKFitted with the same bomb-pro of rotomoulded seat and step out pillar as the nomad, the Mamba Creek is the perfect choice for those wanting a kayak for both steep technical whitewater and big volume.

    mamba RiVERFeaturing a lighter weight and more adjustable seat than the Creek version, the Mamba River is perfect if you want one boat that can handle it all.

    mamba CREEK mamba RiVER

  • 11

    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck

    6.9 2.05m 0.57m 12kg 148l 30-55kg size 1

    8.0 2.44m 0.62m 15kg 193l 41-68kg size 4

    8.5 2.59m 0.65m 16kg 238l 59-95kg size 4

    9.0 2.74m 0.70m 18kg 295l 82-130kg size 4

    aXiOm nEwthe axiom takes the speed and performance of a slalom boat, putting them into a dynamic, fun and forgiving whitewater package. Designed to bring back the smooth, soulful feeling that made the RPM so popular, with the addition of edges and a modern planing hull. the axiom lives for tail squirts, tight eddies and tearing up the waves that shorter boats simply float past. also a great learning platform, the axiom will serve beginners and experts alike with a healthy portion of fun. available in 4 sizes.

    the Dagger name represents quality and performance in our boats and in our team athletes, and team D plays an essential role for us both on and off the water. their input and experience keep our designs at the cutting edge, but it's their passion for getting more people involved in paddling that truly sets them apart. From countless fund-raising projects to world class coaching and promoting environmental awareness around the world, team D is formed from individuals with a desire to improve not just themselves, but the sport as a whole.

    teaM D euRoPe simon Hirter - Matt tidy - simon Westgarth - ed smith - Rosie Cripps Dave Carroll - Fiona Jarvie - lowri Davies

    teaM D usa andrew Holcombe - tyler Bradt - anna levesque - Corey volt - Rush sturges tao Berman - eleanor Perry - Pat Keller - Ken Hoeve - Christie glissmeyer - alex Hotze Brad ludden - lizzie english - Katie scott - scott Fiendel - scott ligare - andy Maser


    gT RiVEROutfitted with the river paddler in mind. With a ratchet backrest, bulkhead footrest, fully adjustable seat and contoured hip pads, the gt River is ready to take on whitewater up to class 4.

    gT lEgEnd

    gT aCTiOn

    Perfect for learning the basics of moving water. the legend spec outfitting comes with a solid ergonomic seat and Slidelock footrest for ease of adjustment and du