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DACO project Experiences of Somoniyon city - Tajikistan. PEEREA Group Meeting, 1 Octobre, Brussels Presented by Mr. Sheroz Bakiev Municipality of Somoniyon, Tajikistan. SOMONIYON-TAJIKISTAN. Content. -Introduction to Somoniyon c ity -Objectives of DACO project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of DACO project Experiences of Somoniyon city - Tajikistan

PowerPoint Presentation

DACO projectExperiences of Somoniyon city - TajikistanPEEREA Group Meeting, 1 Octobre, Brussels

Presented by Mr. Sheroz BakievMunicipality of Somoniyon, Tajikistan

Sheroz Bakiev

Belgium(Brussels)1 October 2013SOMONIYON-TAJIKISTAN

Content-Introduction to Somoniyon city-Objectives of DACO project-Stakeholders Group meeting-Donors Conference-Baseline Emission Inventory-Sustainable Energy Action Plane of Somoniyon- Pilot project

Map of Republic of TajikistanGeographical location of Somoniyon sity

Basic information

Somoniyon city is located 17 km from Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, and is the center of the Rudaki district, Tajikistan.

20153 population - density is 5303,4 person per km2.

27 administrative governmental organizations 18 city utilities 7 secondary schools and gymnasiums 3 boarding schools 2 specialized schools 4 pre-school institutions (kindergartens) 2 health organizations (policlinics); 14 non-governmental organizations; 14 public organizations (NPOs) OtherTransport Municipal transport; Public transport; Private transport;

Distance from Dushanbe to Somoniyon is 17 km.Passenger services produced by state buses and private minibusesDACO Project Objectives

The global objective of the "DACO" (Yes (DA) to the Covenant) action is to support the local authorities in the Central Asia Area and ENP-East Area to acquire a common methodology to correctly monitor, evaluate and reduce their energy consumptions and C02 emissions. That means to improve security of their energy supply by enhancing energy efficiency, reducing their dependency on fossil fuels, and contributing to climate change mitigation in their respective areas, and thus implementing the concept of "Think Globally, Act Locally". This general objective will be reached by the joining to the Covenant of Mayors' principles, rules and goals.

Somoniyon city is first signature to the Covenant of Mayors in Tajikistan.Stakeholders Group meetingImplementation of the DACO project will increase institutional and professional capacity of local authorities to implement climate change-related energy policies

Stakeholders group was established to promote implementation of DACO project and enhance general public awareness on climate change issues.

Meeting of stakeholders group in Somoniyon in 2012

Donor Conference

The Energy Charter Secretariat and local authorities organised Donors Conference in 2013 to attract financing to renewable energy projects in SomoniyonBaseline Emission InventorySECTORSFIELDS OF ACTIONBUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT/FACILITIES1. Municipality Building Equipment/Facilities2. Tertiary Building Equipment/Facilities3. Residential Buildings4. Municipal Public LightingTRASPORTATIONS1. Municipal Fleet2. Public Transportation3. Private and commercial transportationOTHER1. Waste Management2. IndustriesDACO project helped local authorities to prepare Baseline Emission Inventory and Sustainable Energy Action Plan in accordance with the methodology of the Covenant of Mayors

Inventory year 2012ENERGY FINAL ENERGY CONSUMPTIONS CO2 EMISS IONS[MWh/yr][t/yr]Electric EnergyFossil FuelsHeat/coldTOTAL%BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT/FACILITIES30.5937121.98923-7.4638130%Municipality Building Equipment/Facilities45,2711.07323-33,1451,32%Tertiary Building Equipment/Facilities1.324362.91600-99,4363,95%Residential Buildings28.5363218.00000-6.1380024,41%Municipal Public Lighting28,032-0,00%TRAS PORTATIONS-70.47982-17.6817670%Municipal Fleet-22,9475,9670,24%Public Transportation---0,00%Private and commercial transportation-70.2503517.6220870,08%TOTAL30.5937192.46905-25.14556100%THE BASELINE EMISSION INVENTORY OF SOMONIYON TRANSPORTATIONS plays an important role (70%).

BUILDING AND EQUIPMENT/FACILITIS the Residential Buildings share is largest

Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Somoniyon

The Municipality will develop 12 actions (5 Direct and 7 Indirect). The total cost of the action planfor the Municipality is estimated at around 280,000 Euros.TYPENumber%ACTIONS OC: Own Consumption management542ACTIONS RE: Production and consumption of Renewable Energy18ACTIONS PDR: Planning, Development and Regulation217ACTIONS EA: Awareness actions on benefits of RES and energy efficiency43312100

INVENTORY YEAR2012EMIS SIONS IN THE INVENTORY YEAR2012EMISS IONS IN 2020 (ESTIMATION WITH BAU COEFFICIENTS )ES TIMATIONS OF CO2 EMISS ION REDUCTIONIN 2020CO2 REDUCTION (BAU/abs olu.red. S cenario)[ton/year][ton/year][ton/year][% ]BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT/FACILITIES7.463,8116.644,293.767,7822,64Municipality Buildings Equipment/Facilities331,45739,1473,259,91Tertiary Buildings Equipment/Facilities994,362.217,41399,4018,01Residential Buildings6.138,0013.687,743.201,0623,39Municipal Public Lighting--94,06-TRASPORTATION17.681,7639.430,329.071,6323,01Municipal Vehicle Fleet59,67133,0733,2725,00Public Transportation----Private and commercial transportation17.622,0839.297,249.038,3723,00OTHER----TOTAL25.145,5656.074,6112.839,4122,90


Class rooms Scope of the pilot project

Improve energy efficiency through replacement of doors and windowsInstallation of energy efficient lightingInstallation of modern and effective heating system to replace coal heaters;Installation of solar panels to ensure production of clean electricity and reduce CO2 emissionsInstallation of a solar collector for heating water

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