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  • 8/11/2019 D6 Thrilling Adventures


    D6 Thrilling Adventures v1.2

    by Cameron Faulkenburgwith help by +Oliver Queen


  • 8/11/2019 D6 Thrilling Adventures


    Welcome to the pulps! Using the awesome D6 mechanics presented in Star Wars the Roleplaying Game byWest End Games, we are working on a fun, fast and comprehensive system. Let us know how we are doing!


  • 8/11/2019 D6 Thrilling Adventures


    2. Attributes & Skills

    Finishing a Template Advantages/Disadvantages

    Choose from the listed Advantages/Disadvantages and follow the instructions on thetemplate or Up to 9 pips taken from the Attribute dice may be spent on Advantages andany amount of Disadvantages may be taken.

    Pick Skills A beginning character has 7D to spend on skills; you can add 1D or 2D to any skill shown

    on the template. All skills listed beneath a given attribute begin with that attribute's diecode.

    Defining Interests Hobbies, interests or special areas of study. Characters start with four Defining Interests

    and are free to create them during gameplay. Anytime the subject comes up in-game thecharacter gets a +2 Pips modifier to the whatever attribute or skill is most appropriate.These are areas of interest, not skills.

    Spend Money on Equipment A character starting with "cash" can buy more equipment or weapons. Turn to "weapons

    and Equipment," for a list of items your character can purchase.

    Creating a Template Attribute Dice

    Characters start with 18D for attribute dice. No less than 2D and no more than 4D is anattribute. You can split a die into three pips.

    Advantages/Disadvantages List a number of Advantages and Disadvantages for the template. You not need to follow

    this step if you do not wish to. List Skills Starting Equipment

    List reasonable starting equipment for that character.

    Advantages/Disadvantages At character creation a player may spend up to 9 pips on Advantages and any amount on Disadvantages.When subtracting the Advantages from Disadvantages, if the amount is a positive total the pips are removedfrom the Attribute dice pool. If the the total is a negative this total converts to an equal amount of bonus pipsto the Skill dice pool.

    Example #1: Ivan Sokov purchases the Advantages: Athletic Ability (3 pip), Language Ability (1 pip),Natural Resistance (2 pips) and Toughness (3 pips) for a total of 9 pips. He then purchases hisDisadvantages: Bad Liar (-2 pips), Addictions (-3 pips), Hatred of Authority (-2 pips) and Illiterate (-2 pips) fora total of -9. Everything equals out and there is no additional cost or bonus.

    Example #2: Ivan Sokov purchases the Advantages: Athletic Ability (3 pip), Natural Resistance (1 pip), andToughness (3 pips) for a total of 7 pips. He then purchases his Disadvantages: Bad Liar (-2 pips), Addictions


  • 8/11/2019 D6 Thrilling Adventures


    (-3 pips), Hatred of Authority (-2 pips) and Illiterate (-2 pips) for a total of -9. The difference is -2. He adds to2 pips to his beginning Skill dice pool. He would have 7D+2 dice to spend on skills.

    Example #3 Ivan Sokov purchases the Advantages: Athletic Ability (3 pip), Natural Resistance (1 pip), andToughness (3 pips) for a total of 7 pips. He then purchases his Disadvantages: Bad Liar (-2 pips), Addictions(-3 pips) and Hatred of Authority (-2 pips) for a total of -7. The difference is 2. He subtracts 2 pips from hisbeginning Attribute dice pool. He would have 17D+1 dice to spend on Attributes.

    Advantages Pips Effect

    Acute Hearing 1 +1D Search roll involving hearing

    Acute Smell/Taste 1 +1D Search when tasting or smelling

    Acute Touch 1 +1D Search involving touch, Sleight of Hand, Security (locks)

    Acute Vision 1 +1D Search involving vision

    Ambidexterity 2 able to use either hand without off hand penalty

    Animal Friendship 1 +1D Animal Handling, Beast Riding

    Artistic Ability 1 +1D Forgery and other applicable skills (GMs discretion)

    Athletic Ability 1 +1D STR skills (but not vs. damage)

    Attractive Appearance 1 +1D social skills towards opposite sex

    Bilingual Background 1 +1D Cultures and in one Language

    Blandness 1 +1D Stealth (when in crowds, faceless appearance)

    Combat Reflexes 2,4 +1D/+2D to Initiative roll

    Contacts 1 contact friendly to character

    Dual Identity 1 second complete identity with proper paperwork

    Education 1 +1D to Knowledge or Technical skill (choose one)

    Eye-Hand Coordination 2 +1D to skill rolls as appropriate by GM

    Fearlessness 1 +1D Command and Willpower

    Internal Compass 1 Easy Perception to find direction

    Language Ability 1 decrease Language task difficulty one level

    Light Sleeper 1 no negative Perception penalties while sleeping

    Mechanical Aptitude 1 +1D repair skills (choose specific skill)

    Natural Lie Detector 2 +1D Bargain, Con, Gambling

    Natural Resistance (pick one) 1 +1D Stamina to resist (pick one)

    Night Vision 1 reduce darkness penalties by 1 category


  • 8/11/2019 D6 Thrilling Adventures


    Obscure Knowledge 1 +1D Knowledge when rolling for obscure information

    Observation 1 +1D Search

    Photographic Memory 2 +1D Knowledge on recall rolls

    Presence 2 +1D on social skills

    Spatial Awareness 3 +1D piloting and gunnery skills

    Sixth Sense 1 +1D Search when in possible danger

    Subculture Knowledge 1 +1D in a chosen subculture

    Toughness 1,2,3 +1/+2/+1D on STR rolls vs. Damage

    Wealth 2,3,4 2: 10,000 cash; 3: 25,000 cash; 4: 50,000 cash

    Disadvantages Pips Effect

    Addiction 1,2 1: addictive drugs (once per day or -1D on all skill checks); 2: highly addictive(once per day or -2D to all skill checks)

    Allergy 1,2 -1D/-2D STR, Stamina to resist a chosen allergen

    Bad Liar 1 -1D Con, Gambling

    Clumsiness 1 -1D/-2D/-3D to DEX skills

    Color Blind 1

    Cowardice 1 -1D Command

    Curiousity 1 -1D Willpower to resist investigating things, even if they are dangerous

    Deep Sleeper 1 -1D to Perception rolls while sleeping

    Dependent 1 someone who you are responsible for

    Debt 1,2,3 1: -10,000 cash; 2: -25,000 cash; 3: -50,000 cash

    Easily Intoxicated 1 -1D Stamina when drinking

    Ego Signature 1 Might have to leave a signature after a job

    Gambler 1 -1D Willpower to not take a chance if a big payout is possible

    Greed 1 -1D Willpower when offered something you want

    Hatred of Authority 1 +1D vs. Command skill rolls but will react badly to those in command

    Hearing Impairment 1 -1D Perception rolls involving hearing

    ID Trouble 1 character has trouble with identifying himself, this could be no ID or his identityis connected to another person

    Illiterate 1 cannot read and unable to make library/research skill rolls

    Mood Swings 1 -1D on all social skill rolls


  • 8/11/2019 D6 Thrilling Adventures


    Moral Qualms 1 code against killing, etc

    Night Blindness 1 increase difficulty one level for environmental effects involving darkness

    Overweight 2 -1D Stamina rolls, Move -2

    Paranoia 1

    Phobias 1 -1D Willpower when dealing with phobia (pick one)

    Quirk 1 No more than two Quirks may be chosen

    Out of Shape 1 -1D Stamina rolls

    Flashbacks 1,2 When in a stressful situation and a 1 comes up on the Wild Die charactersuffers a flashback; -1D/-2D to all skill rolls. Must make a Willpower roll -1D/-2D

    to act normally

    Unattractive 1 possible -1D social skills, especially with members of opposite sex

    Unmistakable Feature 1 scars and birthmarks (primarily things which are too large to remove or

    removal forbidden by a religion, ie a tattoo

    Vision Impairment 1,2 1: requires corrective lenses (-1D to Perception skill rolls); 2: partial blindness(-1D to Perception skill rolls, increased ranged weapon difficulty one category

    Wanted 1,2,3 1: single person; 2: several people or organization; 3: well equipped group orpowerful organization.

    Weak Immune System 1 -1D STR to healing rolls and infection


    Acrobatics Artillery Bows Brawling (use STR to determine damage) Brawling Parry Dodge Grenade Guns ( Handguns, Machine Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns ) Melee Combat Melee Parry Missile Weapons ( rocket weaponry ) Sleight of Hand

    Running Thrown Weapons ( Bolas, Spear )

    Knowledge: Bureaucracy Business Cultures ( Ancient Cultures ) Geography


  • 8/11/2019 D6 Thrilling Adventures


    Intimidation Law Enforcement Languages ( Dead Languages ) Scholar Streetwise Survival (Orienteering ) Tactics Value Willpower

    Mechanical: Drive Hover Vehicle Drive Motorcycle Drive Tracked Vehicle Drive Wheeled Vehicle ( Large Truck, Wheeled Vehicle Operation ) Gunnery Capital Ship Gunnery Submersible Gunnery Vehicle ( Large Plane Gunnery, Small Plane Gunnery ) Jet Pack Operation Navigation Pilot Capital Ship Pilot Dirigible (Zeppelin, Hot Air Balloon ) Pilot Plane ( Gyrojet, Jet, Large Plane, Small Plane ) Pilot Rotary Wing ( Helicopter, Ornithopter ) Pilot Submersible Pilot Water Vehicle Radar Operations Radio Operations

    Rocket Pack Operations

    Perception: Animal Handling Bargain Command Con Forgery Gambling Hide Investigation Persuasion Search Sneak

    Strength: Athletics (replaces Climbing/Jumping and Lifting) Stamina Swimming


  • 8/11/2019 D6 Thrilling Adventures


    Technical: Demolitions Engineering (A: must pick a speciality that is 5D) First Aid Medicine (A: must have First Aid 5D) Repair Artillery Repair Capital