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The Princess Boy The Princess Boy By: Danielle Leckner By: Danielle Leckner

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  • The Princess BoyBy: Danielle Leckner
  • Audience The audience that I am trying to communicate with is parents who have children, people who are expecting, and the younger generation.
  • PurposeThe purpose of this text-based project is toopen the minds of the reader and allow them tochange their ideas of gender specificHalloween costumes. Allowing for individuals towear whatever they want on this specific dayand not be judged for it in the long run.
  • HalloweenOctober 31st is the eve of the WesternChristian feast of All Hallows.Halloween was originally promoted as achildrens holiday, and as a means ofreining in the wicked and destructivebehaviors of teenagersTypical festive Halloween activities includetrick-or-treating, attending costumeparties, carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires,apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions,playing pranks and dressing up to besomething you are not for a night. http://simplisafe.com/files/images/blog/home_security_halloween_safety.jpg
  • Playing Dress upHalloween costumes are traditionally modeled after supernaturalfigures. Anywhere from monsters, ghosts, skeletons and witches.Over time, the selection of costumes have extended to popularcharacters from fiction, celebrities, and generic archetypes, such asa pretty princess to a crime fighting ninja.Early Halloween costumes were aimed at children in particular, butafter the mid-20th century, Halloween became increasingcelebrated by adults. Now the costumes are being worn by adultsas much as children.
  • http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/regina-george?before=1319987576Todays standardsToday, Halloween standards is quoted greatly by Mean girls. Teenage-Adult aged females take Halloween as an excuse to dress up as sluttyand to not be judged for doing so.
  • But what if a male dressed as a Female? It may be funny if you see a male dressed in a female costume for halloween. Guys will think it is funny and make fun of big names or big stereo types, just to get a laugh out of their friends http://www.wtfcostumes.com/costumes/man-wonder-woman-costume.jpg
  • The overall question for thispresentation is....
  • How would you feel if you saw a little boy dressed up in a female-genderspecific costume for Halloween?
  • Not a new concept?There may be some of you asking yourself, whywould anyone let a little boy dress up as in agirl costume for Halloween?Others will not have any second thought to let aboy dress up as a girl inspired costume.Now... What would you do if Your own childwanted to dress as a girl for Halloween?
  • Generally Little girls dress up as: Princess Witches Cartoon character from TV Cute bugs (lady bug, bumble bee, ect)
  • http://images10.newegg.com/NeweggImage/ProductImageCompressAll300/A19V_1_20120823_2817010http://blog.costumesupercenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/princess.jpg http://s7.orientaltrading.com/is/image/OrientalTrading/mc2085?$VIEWER_IMAGE$ http://www.spirithalloween.com
  • Generally little boys dress up as: Super heros Cowboy/indian Vampire/skeleton Police officer/ firemen
  • http://s7d4.scene7.com/is/image/CostumeSup http://cdn.sheknows.com/articles/2012/10/boys-dracula-costume.jpghttp://www.simpleholidayideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/cowboy-costume.jpg http://s7d4.scene7.com/is/image/CostumeSupercenter/FW1527?$medium
  • Internet explosion!The internet has been exploding with the ideaof allowing little boys to dress up in a genderspecific female costume.If a parent did allow their child to go to aclassroom dressed up as a girl, how would thechild react? More importantly how would theparents react?
  • She made the news!A mothers decision to allow her 5-year-old sonto dress up as a female cartoon character for apreschool Halloween party has lit up theblogospher.This blog topic has received negative reactionand disapproving looks from other parents andhave received over 3 million page views andover tens of thousands comments.
  • 5 year old dresses as Daphne forhalloween Right from the start of the blog, Sarah (the mother of the child) says, My son is gay, or hes not. I dont care. He is still my son. And he is 5. And I am his mother. And if you have a problem with anything mentioned above, I dont want to know you. These are some very aggressive words on a very touchy topic http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/52914794.html
  • Boo, her child, decided he wanted to beDaphne from Scooby Doo a few weeks beforeHalloween. She was hesitant to make thepurchase, not because it was a genderedsituation, but because 5 year olds have atendency to change their minds. After herequested a couple more times, she orderedthe costume. Boo was very excited to wear hislovely new costume.
  • On the actual day, Boo was afraid to show offhis new costume. He was afraid of whatpeople would say and/or do to him. Sarahreassured him that he would be fine.Boos friends never once said a hurtful word tohim, they only played and enjoyed theirHalloween festivities; it was the parents in theroom who made a big scene....
  • One mom had the nerve to walk up to Sarah,and let her know her thoughts on the situation.She felt that Sarah should never have allowedthis, and thank God it wasnt next year when hewas in kindergarten since she would have hadto put her foot down and forbidden it.Sarahs only thoughts were, It is Halloween,people get to dress up as what you are not. Itsa fun holiday.
  • Sarahs Blog has currently been taken off of the internet due to the massive amounts of responses whether it be good or bad. I am sorry that I can not share the blog with you at this point in time. If you are still interested in the story, here is Sarahs website: http://nerdyapple.com/aboutme/
  • Another story has blownup the internet...
  • My princess BoyThe Kilodavis family has shared the sameexperience as Sarah and Boo.The Kilodaviss son Dyson began wearingsparkly and colorful dresses in preschool andstill does at age 5.
  • Dyson Kilodavis says that while it is important to understand why children cross dress, it is also important that they are happy and know that they are loved however they dress
  • Cheryl, Dysons mother, said that one daywhen she picked up Dyson from preschool hewas dressed in a sparkly dress.She ran straight to the store and got him Malespecific costumes to play dress up in to makesure he that he was not confused on how toplay dress up as a male.But the next day she picked him up frompreschool wearing a yellow dress, as happy ascan be.
  • She said, The discussion is, what is going tomake this more accepted? We have childrenwho are expressing themselves differently, andwe need to get a place of acceptance
  • Self Published book So, Kilodavis self published a book on what her son and her family went through while trying to understand his clothes.
  • The books descriptionMy Princess Boy is a nonfiction picture book about acceptance. Withwords and illustrations even the youngest of children can understand.My Princess Boy tells the tale of 4-year-old boy who happily expresseshis authentic self by happily dressing up in dresses, and enjoyingtraditional girl things such as jewelry and anything pink or sparkly. Thebook is from a moms point of view, sharing both good and badobservations and experiences with friends and family, at school, and inshopping stores. My Princess Boy opens a dialogue about embracinguniqueness, and teaches the reader how to accept young boys whomight cross traditional gender line clothing expectations. The bookends with the understanding that my Princess Boy is really ourPrincess Boy, and as a community, we can accept and support youthfor whoever they are and however they wish to look. http://www.amazon.com/Princess-story-about-young-loves/dp/0615395945
  • After-math After doing research on the topic, I wanted to ask the people closest to me how they truly felt about a little boy dressing up in a female costume.
  • What does the populationsay? After taking a survey of what people who are near and dear to me thought about this topic, I was shocked. The question I asked was: How would you react if your little boy told you he wanted to wear a gender specific female costume for Halloween? Would you be: A) Appalled and try to change their mind B) Be wary but supportive C) Fully Supportive
  • ResultsThe results came back with an extremely highvote for A) Appalled and try to change theirminds.More than few people voted for B, but the veryfew voted for C.It is just surprising to me that after getting 26votes only 5 people said they would fullysupport their own child.
  • In the endIn the end, it is every parents decision to allowwhat their child will to wear on Halloween; but Itruly hope that this has impacted someone inaway to rethink that it IS ok to allow a child to bea little different.Every child should be able to expressthemselves in their own ways, if that be onHalloween or on a daily basis.