D I HARRY 1500 Suits at 2000 Suits at 998 i 1498 2500 Suits at 1998 3000 and 3500 Suits at 2250

D I HARRY 1500 Suits at 2000 Suits at 998 i 1498 2500 Suits at 1998 3000 and 3500 Suits at 2250
download D I HARRY 1500 Suits at 2000 Suits at 998 i 1498 2500 Suits at 1998 3000 and 3500 Suits at 2250

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Transcript of D I HARRY 1500 Suits at 2000 Suits at 998 i 1498 2500 Suits at 1998 3000 and 3500 Suits at 2250


    Speak Well Th Gynthiana papers the jol

    Jackson the new manager of the Paris Grand

    Mr E W Jackson will leave our city to manage the Grand Opera House at Paris Ky which has been leased to McMahan Jackson for an indefi nate period and to be used for a high class vaudeville theatre Mr Jackson is well known in our city for his hustl ing ability honesty and square dealing and is classed as one of the popular men in our city Mr P A Williams will succeed Mr Jackson as manager

    t of the popular Kentucky Theatre Cynthiana Log Cabin

    Mr E N Jackson will leave our city to manage the Grand Opera House at Paris Ky it being leased by Mc Mahan Jackson for a fashionablevau deville theatre and will be opened Mon urday May 4 Mr Jackson will no doubt be missed by his many friends as he has proved himself to be a man of high character honesty and ability and a great hustler and is deserving of a large patronage at

    4 Paris There will be a manager here t to succeed Mr Jackson at Ken

    Lucky Democrat

    Will Pardon Both Gov WIllson is expceted to act on

    the petitions for the pardon of Caleb Powers and James Howard within the next few days and it is reported that lie will extend executive clemently to both

    Terrible Holocaust Ten known dead many missing and

    thirteen seriously injured is the result of a fire that destroyed the New Ave

    V Hotel at Fort Wayne Ind at an early hour Sunday morning

    The Very Best Try Lowry Talbott for

    havethe best 244t


    IflU e have 1i lowing say of E W J

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    flI TheatreCynthiana 1

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    Refri era











    v Ia Six If Days n According to a special from Frank

    fort within the next sixty days the new Capitol will be turned over to the Capitol Commission complete in every way as far as the actual building is concerned The arrangements for furnishing the building will be taken up this week when Frank M Andrews the architect be in Frankfortand will go over the plans for the furnish ing and embellishmentof the building with the commission Mr Andrews

    ready to turn over to the commission within sixty days It will probably not be occupied within six months

    Public Opinion We are glad to note the interest the

    citizens of Paris are manifesting in the lot sale in Doyles Annex It is a good indication that Paris real estate is desirable and profitable investment We have heard many favorable com ments We think the public generally regards thpse lots as the best ever offered The sale will take place this p at 3 oclcok Free band concert One good lot free also free round trip ticket to Niaagra Falls

    Flower Pots We can save you money on flower

    pots All kinds and sizes at all prices Call and see


    To Fight It Out The Louisville Jockey is having

    papers prepared to test the power of Mayor Grinstead and the Board of Public Safety to interfere with betting at Churchill Downs The applications for an injunction will be made before the Circuit Court Judge and in case the injunction is granted it is expect ed the city authorities will take the matter at once to Judge of the Court of Appeals asking for a writ of disso lution If this be granted the police cannot act until final adjudication can be reached by the Court of Appeals



    says he expected the builaing be









    Put This Stove in Your Kitchen


    1J 1t i





    NEW PERFECTION Wick Blue Name Oil CookStovei- s so constructed that it cannot add perceptibly to the heat of a room the flame being directed up a retaining chimney to the stove top where it is needed for cooking You can


    f f <

    see that a stove sending out heat in but one di rection would be preferable on a hot day to a stove radiating heat in all directions The

    New Perfection keeps a kitchen uniformly comfortable Three sizes fully warranted If not with your dealer write our nearest agency


    Tye r- LsQmp is the ideallamp

    for family use safe

    est agencylightgiver STANDARD OIL COMPANY


    No Bribery Indictments The Franklin grand jury adjourned

    sine die without returning any indict ments as a result of alleged

    the recent legislative session The grand jury said it found no evidence to j sustain the charges but suggested that the next grand jury pursue the investigation

    bribery- at








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    j4 DAN


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    Womens Oxfords and Shoes

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    t m l


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    jIi- re






    HARRY SIMON Ladies and Misses Tailored Suits Jackets Skirts and Millinery a

    Special Prices For Our Easter Trade

    HighClass TailorMade Suits in the seasons prevailing shades and newest Absolutely Faultless in Fit and FinishWorkm nship



    1250 Suits at 850 1500 Suits at 2000 Suits at

    998 i


    2500 Suits at 1998 3000 and 3500 Suits at 2250 Ladies attractive Silk Dresses with

    lace fronts and sleeves artistically arid cleverly trimmed all latest styles

    Especially Priced at 15 to 25

    Ladies Tjandsomt Coats and Skirts A glance at our supremely attractive

    line of new Spring Coats and Skirts will reveal the fact that every possible quirement has been anticipated and

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    Tmmans Old Stand 336 main Street

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    Mens HighGrade

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    made in Vici Kid Colt and Gun Metal ail

    styll toes Worth 35i

    Sale Price 299 Mens Fine Benchmade Shoes and Oxfords in all latest Spring and Summer Leathers of fine Colt Tan Russia talf Gun Metal and Vici Kid all styles and shapes fa snit pry mans taste Worth 4 50

    45 and Ox-

    fords Pat- ent

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    I rr rI k 4






    Uncle Sam Loons His Soldiers to j John Robinson

    The John Robinson Big Circus billed for two performances Paris on May 7th and the advance couriers tell of an augmentation to their usual excellent program in the shape of two companies of U S cavalry from the worlds greatest military riding school at Fort Riley Kansas These

    riders have astounded the world with their remarkable exhibition of horsemanship and their addition to the usual excellent offering df this father of shows was only accomplished after much red tape and a strong pull with the military heads of Uncle Sams army Within the past few years the riding of the soldires of the regular army in this country has been brought to such a perfeciton that the oldest of the successful circus riders have been apprehensive of their laurels and the coming of the show will afford an op portuinty to witness the daily contests between the favorites of the sawdust arena and the daring soldier boys in blueThese hardy fighters scorn the use of tights and riding shoes and clad in their regulation uniform with heavy army boots they perform with daring ease and consummate skill every re markable feat of horsemanship known to the modern and ancient riding

    Prisoner Escapes Nelson Halbert a prisoner in charge

    of J Stephens State Agent for Ken tucky escaped from Stephens while the latter was shaved in a bar ber shop yesterday morning Halbert was being taken back to Prestonburg for trial on the charge of stabbing to death Albert Begley He was

    in Oklahoma Stephens was ap pointed by Governor Willson to return the prisoner to Kentucky

    I Perfectly Sanitary in his rounds


    j Meat Market of Margolens and has pronounced them in a perfectly

    condition Why buy elsewhere when you know that what comes from Margolens is all right gSfcS l 1 2t

    Ready For Work Cassidy Bros are now ready for your

    work again Mr Charles Cassidy who had to suspend work on account of

    knocked from a train is j recovered to return to work Any repairing pressing or cleaning clothes or altering clothes will be done promptly on short notice 5 2t

    Purchased Saloon Business I Fred James Link have

    of George Duvall on between Sixth and

    streetsand assumed charge of the business

    Take Personal Supervision of Circus Train

    WO Chambers Master of Trains and his J