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  • 1.CYPRUS The place where I live!

2. CYPRUS on the map! 3. My country CYPRUSMy city NICOSIA 4. Big ideasNicosia the last Divided Capital of Europe 5. Arriving in Nicosia 6. My town: Strovolos The town hall 7. Pediaios A river running through Strovolos 8. Pediaios Park in Strovolos 9. Pediaios Park in Strovolos 10. The presidential tower is located in Strovolos 11. Acropolis Park in Strovolos 12. Acropolis Park in Strovolos 13. My country is still divided 14. Cyprus has 6 main regions 15. A place I love is the football field! 16. I love to swim in Cyprus!! 17. This is my country!I hope you will visit us one day