Cybersecurity: Take Back Control

Cybersecurity: Take Back Control
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Did you know that a persistent cyberattacker is present in a target network a median number of 229 days? That’s enough time to gain “exquisite intelligence” about the network. Take back control of your cybersecurity by learning to stay vigilant, limit the damage, and get in the know with ICF’s tip sheet.

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  • 1. An enterprise with a network built over time, without documentationor even through acquisition and integrationmay know less than a persistent attacker about its own network, including who has administrative privileges. STAY VIGILANT Competent network monitoring is an essential component of your organizations cybersecurity activities. Your organization must couple such monitoring with continuous vulnerability analysis and penetration testing to answer: Is our network vulnerable, and if so, in what way? Can our network be penetrated, and if so, how? What is happening inside our network? How is the network behaving? Are excursions occurring from baseline behavior? How are we applying cybersecurity policy? What is the state of cybersecurity governance and compliance? Tools and techniques are becoming available to monitor network performance and the state of an organizations cybersecurity policy, governance, and compliance. Knowing your network better will mean detecting and disarming your adversary before damage can be inflicted. LIMIT THE DAMAGE Networks and their associated cybersecurity architectures and programs must be resilient and monitored unfailingly. Good preparation remains key to mitigating a cyberattack: Have a security information and event management system that monitors the network. Implement good data recovery schemes, entrusted to the hands of trained and disciplined administrators. Know what information is vital, valuable, and at risk. Plan accordingly. Engage professional support for incident-response planning. Automate incident response, being sure to build good plans and automate their workflow. Join an Information Sharing and Analysis Center and stay up to date on best practices. In the event of a cyberattack, share forensics with law enforcement to discover what really happened. GET IN THE KNOW Know your own network better than your adversary. Know what information is vital and needs protection. Know about threats and best practices. Such knowledge can help your enterprise regain the intelligence advantage needed to defend itself and to take back control. A PERSISTENT CYBERATTACKER CAN BE PRESENT IN A TARGET NETWORK FOR 229 DAYS BEFORE THEY ARE DETECTED. THATS ENOUGH TIME TO GAINEXQUISITE INTELLIGENCEABOUT THE NETWORK. TAKE BACK CONTROL cybersecurity CONNECTWITH US For more information, visit ne t work monitoring 229 Days