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2. LESSON OUTLINE 1. Understand the importance of having proper netiquette and portray them in real world context2. Understand the positive and negative impacts on the use of the social media 3. Recognise the different forms of cyberbullying 4. Ability to respond appropriately to cyber bullying without being afraid of the cyber bullies 3. WHAT IS CYBER WELLNESS? The positive well-being of Internet users (You, me & everyone else!) An understanding of the risks of harmful online behavior and awareness of how to protect oneself and other Internet users from such behavior 4. BROAD TOPICS OF CYBER WELLNESS 1. Content 2. Social Interactions 3. Computer Security 4. Psychological Compulsions 5. 1. CONTENT Copyright violations (plagiarism, unauthorized distribution of content) Inappropriate content (violence etc.) Hate websites (negative misinformation) 6. 2. SOCIAL INTERACTIONS Netiquette (proper online behavior) Neglect of privacy (unnecessary divulgement of personal information) Cyberbullying (harm and harassment through hostilities online) Danger with cyber contacts (online predators) 7. 3. COMPUTER SECURITY Virtual bugs and viruses Spam (mail and adverts) Viruses (Trojan horses etc.) Malware (malicious software) Phishing (scamming of important information) 8. 4. PSYCHOLOGICAL COMPULSIONS Internet or Game addiction 9. SOCIAL INTERACTIONS: CYBERBULLYING With the rapid surge of IT, cyberbullying has become increasingly common, especially amongst teenagers. Done commonly through platforms such as mobile technology, social media, gaming and even via text. 10. SO HOW CAN YOU PROTECT YOURSELF AND HELP OTHERS? Vigilance Always exercise caution online and watch out for others Awareness Be aware of the possible threats online Consideration Be considerate and sensitive towards others Knowledge Know the appropriate behavior and security measures online