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Fatma HusainMob: +971 52 6474324 Email: ftema.husain@gmail.comObjectiveTo apply knowledge and gain experience in the field of Biotechnology by developing sustainable and novel technologies in the Biotechnology industry.Education Qualification Currently pursuing B.Sc. Biotechnology (3rd year) from Manipal University, Dubai (GPA: 3.8). Completed Secondary and High school (Science with Biology) in Our Own English High School, Dubai. Training and Certification Molecular Genetics Workshop, 2016 in Manipal University. Involved training in the following: Extraction of DNA from Saliva and Blood Sample Basic PCR and Gel Electrophoresis techniques PCR-RFLP based DNA profiling Genotyping of CYP3A5 by TaqMan Assay by Real-Time PCRCertification obtained from School of Life Sciences, Manipal University. Laboratory and Instrumentation Skills Gram Staining, Streaking, Serial Dilution and Plate Counts, MPN technique. Observe and analyze histological slide preparations. Titration of acids and bases. Aseptic techniques and media production. Calibrate and operate UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Electronic Balance, Autoclave, Compound Light Microscope, Centrifuge, and Incubator. DNA Extraction, PCR-RFLP, Gel Electrophoresis, Real-Time PCR.

Previous Experiences Volunteered for the Current Trends of Biotechnology Conference 2015 at Manipal University, Dubai. Volunteered for the Blood Donation Camp 2014 and Breast Cancer Conference at Manipal University, Dubai. Volunteered for events and student activities at Al Noor Training Center. Volunteered for Brain OBee Competition 2014. Current member of the Vibes Events and Promotions. Worked as a Promoter for Asia Vision Awards 2010. Worked as an Usher for Asia Vision Awards 2011. Worked for the LG Electronic Event 2015 at Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa. Managed the workings of an online business named Allure.Professional Strength Ability to organize, Communicate, visualizes, coordinate and control work related activities. Adaptability - capable of adapting to new environment and grasp work quickly. Fluent speaking skills in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, can read and write in Arabic.Personal Data Date of Birth 20th July 1995


Visa status Fathers Visa

Drivers License (UAE) Valid