Cutting-Edge Link Building Strategies in a Post-Penguin SEO World

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Google's Penguin Update has changed SEO forever, especially effective link building. That's why we've created innovative linking strategies proven to succeed in a post-Penguin SEO world! We introduce these new strategies and show you how to master post-Penguin linking. To learn more, visit us at

Transcript of Cutting-Edge Link Building Strategies in a Post-Penguin SEO World

  • 1. Cutting-Edge Link Building inPost-Penguin SEO WorldBernard MayPresidentAdam de JongMarketing Manager

2. The Link Building StoryLooking Natural Before Penguin The ImpactOur ResponseThe FutureQ&A 3. History of Penguin 4. The Days Before Penguin 5. Penguin Algorithm Change 6. April 24 2012: Penguin Strikes 7. Agenda 8. Penguins Impact 9. Looking Natural 10. Pre and Post Panda 11. Penguin NaturalLooking Winners 12. Looking Natural 13. What is an Anchor Text? 14. Anchor Texts 15. Types of Links 16. Deep Linking 17. Link Source 18. Trust and Link Juice 19. Creating an Online Footprint 20. Responseto Penguin 21. Link Generation Menu 22. Link Generation Menu Classified Ad DistributionOutreach Link Building Coupon DistributionGuest Blogging Event DistributionInfographic Marketing Local CitationsContent Link BuildingEcommerce DistributionPress Release Directory Link BuildingSquidoo Industry Relevant DirectoriesInfoBarrel Social Media BookmarkingPitch Engine Blog Directory SubmissionsApSense RSS Feed SubmissionsMultimedia Link BuildingVideo DistributionPresentation DistributionDocument DistributionAudio DistributionImage DistributionPromotional Link Building 23. Outreach Link Building 24. Guest Blogging 25. Infographics 26. Infographic Marketing 27. Content Link Building 28. User Generated Content Sites 29. Multimedia Link Building 30. Videos 31. Presentations 32. Documents 33. Audio Files 34. Images 35. Promotional Link Building 36. Classifieds Ads 37. Coupons 38. Events 39. Local Citations 40. Ecommerce Stores 41. Directory Link Building 42. Industry Directories 43. Social Media Profiles & Bookmarks 44. Blog Directories 45. RSS Feeds 46. Future Of Linking 47. Complex Linking Will Be Costly 48. Content Exchange 49. Obvious Linking Will Be Penalized