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Giuseppe Vallone


Name and surname Giuseppe ValloneOffice address Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, via G. Gradenigo 6/B,

35131 - Padova, ItalyPhone numbers +39 049 827 7549 (office)E-mail address [email protected]

Nationality ItalianPlace and date of birth Vico Equense (Na), Italy, 03/08/1979


Date 01/11/2002-26/01/2006Title of qualification Ph.D. in theoretical physics.

Institution University of Torino, Theoretical Physics Department, via Pietro Giuria, 1 - 10125 Torino,Italy

Subjects covered String theory. Title of the thesis: Nonperturbative aspects of gauge theory from strings(supervisor Prof. A. Lerda).

Date 01/09/1998-12/07/2002Title of qualification Degree in physics with marks 110/110 cum Laude and honors

Institution University of Torino, Theoretical Physics Department, via Pietro Giuria, 1 - 10125 Torino,Italy

Subjects covered Theoretical Physics. The title of my thesis was Gauge theory and noncommutative geome-try prepared under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Sciuto. The subject was the studyof noncommutative geometry and its application in field theory focused on the Moritaequivalence for gauge theories on a torus.

Present Assistant Professor (Ricercatore) at the University of Padova,occupation Department of Information Engineering, via G. Gradenigo, 6/B - 35131, Padova.


Award premio OPTIME 2002/03: riconoscimento al merito ai neolaureati che si sonomaggiormente distinti negli studi.

Assigned by Unione Industriale of Torino.

Award Miglior tesi di laurea di ciascun corso di laurea (a.a. 2001/02) (Best Degree thesis)Assigned by University of Torino.

Award Premio Vito Volterra per giovani laureati in Fisica dopo il Maggio 2001Assigned by Societ Italiana di Fisica (S.I.F.) during the XCIV National Congress heln in Genova,

September 22-27, 2008.



1 Experiences and research activities

Date 01/05/2011-today:Employer University of Padova, via VIII Febbraio, 2 - 35122, Padova.

Position Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, via G.Gradenigo 6/B, 35131 - Padova, Italy

Activities Research focused in the field of quantum communication, with particular attention to free spacephoton propagation and quantum key distribution. I teach Elecromagnetism in the second yearof the Informatic Engineering course.

Date 01/01/2009-30/04/2011:Employer Centro di Studi e Ricerche Enrico Fermi, Via Panisperna 89, Roma.

Position Junior Grant with research at the Physics Department of Sapienza - University of RomaDate 01/01/2007-31/12/2008:

Employer University Sapienza of Rome, piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Rome, Italy.Position Post-doc fellowship at the Physic Department of the University

Activities Since January 2006 I worked with Francesco De Martini and Paolo Mataloni in the experimentalQuantum Optic Group of the Sapienza University. My research is focused in the generation andmanipulation of quantum states, with particular attention to hyperentangled two-photon states,i.e. entangled in more than one degree of freedom. Those states represent an important resourcein quantum computation and communication applications and are generated by the so calledSpontaneous Parametric Down Conversion (SPDC).In particular I studied:

non-locality experiments with hyperentangled states [3-6,40]. With hyperentangled statesan higher violation of Bell inequalities with respect to simple entangled states with onedegree of freedom can be obtained.

complete and deterministic discrimination of polarization Bell states through hyperentan-gled states [7];

generation of polarization qutrit states from non maximally entangled states [9]; generation of two-photon four-qubit linear cluster states [8]. Those states are very

important in the one-way model of quantum computation [10,11,13,23]; time-bin entanglement of two photon realized with a new interferometric sche-

me that allows the generation of the entanglement without temporal post-selection[12,17,24,25,34];

generation of 6-qubit hyperentangled states [15,18] and witness methods for entanglementdetection [14, 33];

creation of two photons entangled in many optical path (multi-path entanglement) [16,19]by an integrated device built with single mode fibers and GRaded INdex lens [22];

6-qubit two-photon cluster state generation [20,21]. These states were used for nonlocalitytest [21] and the realization of quantum algorithms in the one-way model [26,28];

use of a deformable mirror for experiments in quantum interferometry [27]; Studio della Quantum Process Tomography (QPT) per mappe non trace-preserving [29]; Use of a laser written waveguide in glass to manipulate the polarization of entangled

photons [30]. These waveguide represent an importatnt step towards the miniaturizationof quantum information processes based on the photon polarization;

Realization of a 2-photon 4-qubit Dicke state and study of its decoherence [31]; Study of the role of the post-selection in nonlocality experiments [32]; Realization of the first integrated CNOT working on polarization qubit [36] and the first

integrated quantum walk of two polarization entangled photons [39]; Proposal of a device-independent QKD protocol based on nonmaximally entangled states


Date 01/11/2005-31/10/2006



Employer Theoretical Physics Department of the University of Torino, via Pietro Giuria, 1 - 10125 Torino,Italy.

Position Assegnista di ricerca in fisica (post-doc reseach grant)Activities I worked with the String Theory Group of Torino and with the Quantum Optic Group of

Francesco De Martini and Paolo Mataloni in the University Sapienza of Rome.

Date 01/11/2002-31/10/2005Employer Theoretical Physics Department of the University of Torino, via Pietro Giuria, 1 - 10125 Torino,

Italy.Position Graduate student in Theoretical Physics at the University of Torino (XVIII ciclo).

Activities I studied and researched in the field of string theory. Courses attended:

Phenomenology of standard model I and II Nonperturbative quantum field theory Q.F.T. at finite temperature Statistical field theory Supersymmetry

I worked with Prof. M. Bill, M. Frau, A. Lerda and S. Sciuto on the stringy description ofinstantons in noncommutative Yang-Mills theory, realized with D3/D(1) brane systems in aB background [2].

Date 01/12/2003-31/10/2004Position Marie Curie training site fellowship at NORDITA institute (Copenhagen).

Activities I worked under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Di Vecchia and I studied supergravity solu-tions dual to gauge theories in the framework of gauge/gravity correspondence, with specialattention to the orbifold C3/Z2 Z2 and the conifold.I also worked with my colleagues, P. Merlatti, F. Sannino and F. Vian, on the generalizedVeneziano-Yankelovicz potential with the inclusion of the glueball superfield and the mesonsuperfield. In particular we investigated the classic solutions (domain walls) of this theory [1].

Passed exams during the university

Exam MarksFirst year:Analisi I (function with one variable, integrals, series) 30/30 cum laudeGeometria I (3D analytic geometry, linear algebra) 30/30 cum laudeFisica I (mechanics, termodynamics, waves) 30/30 cum laudeChimica (chemistry) 30/30 cum laudeSecond year:Analisi II (function with more variables) 30/30 cum laudeFisica II (electromagnetism, optical) 30/30 cum laudeEsperimentazioni di fisica I (laboratory) 30/30 cum laudeMeccanica Analitica (Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism) 30/30 cum laudeEsperimentazioni di fisica II (laboratory) 30/30 cum laudeThird year:Metodi (complex analysis, groups) 30/30 cum laudeIstituzioni di fisica teorica (quantum mechanics) 30/30 cum laudeEsperimentazioni di fisica III (laboratory) 30/30 cum laudeStruttura della materia (solid state physics) 30/30 cum laudeFisica nucleare e subnucleare (nuclear and subnuclear physics) 30/30 cum laudeFourth year:Fisica teorica (relativistic quantum mechanics) 30/30 cum laudeTeoria dei campi (quantum field theory) 30/30 cum laudeRelativit (general relativity) 30/30 cum laudeMetodi geometrici della geom. diff. (differential geometry of field theory) 30/30 cum laude



2 Scientific activity

2.1 Publications

Publication metrics

97 publications: 71 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 1 Books Contribution and 25 conference proceedings Number of citations: 2343; h-index: 23 (source: Google Scholar) Number of citations: 1508; h-index: 19 (source: ISI Web Of Science) Google Scholar: Resercher ID:

Articles on peer-revier journals

[73] F. Vedovato, C. Agnesi, M. Schiavon, D. Dequal, L. Calderaro, M. Tomasin, D. G. Marangon, A. Stanco, V. Luceri, G.Bianco, G. Vallone, P. Villoresi, Extending Wheelers delayed-choice experiment to Space, Science Advances 3, e1701180(2017).

[72] G. Caas, N. Vera, J. Carie, P. Gonzlez, J. Cardenas, P. W. R. Connolly, A. Przysiezna, E. S. Gmez, M. Figueroa, G.Vallone, P. Villoresi, T. Ferreira da Silva, G. B. Xavier, G. Lima, High-dimensional decoy-state quantum key distributionover 0.3 km of multicore telecommunication optical fibers, Phys. Rev. A 96, 022317 (2017).

[71] S. F. Mousavi, R. Nouroozi, G. Vallone, P. Villoresi, Integrated optical modulator manipulating the polarization androtation handedness of Orbital Angular Momentum states, Scientif