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Transcript of Culture Collision: The Spanish and Native Americans APUSH – SPICONARDI

Culture Collision: The Spanish and Native Americans

Culture Collision: The Spanish and Native Americans APUSH Spiconardi Noble SavagesNoble Savage oxymoronic term used to described the European belief that Native Americans wereUntouched by the immorality and vices of civilization Natural life is glorifiedInnocent of Europes worst characteristics

Noble SavagesEuropeans simultaneously lauded the simplicity of the indigenous way of life, but pitied the Native Americans for their backwardnessNative Americans are savage in regards to technology, but beautiful and wise when it comes to natureI am as free as Nature first made man,Ere the base laws of servitude began,When wild in woods the noble savage ran

~The Conquest of Granada by John Dryden

Myth of the Noble SavageNative Americans experiencedWarComplex social and political structuresHereditary successionWidespread trade networksTer Ellingson, an anthropologist debunks the mythClaims Europeans only saw savages

European Hegemony Europeans felt compelled to civilize the Native Americans for the following reasonsNative Americans were not ChristianAnimistic religions needed to be eliminatedNative Americans lacked writingEuropeans believed the gender roles of many Native Americans unfathomable (product of matrilineal societies)Native Americans were more open about their sexuality

The Spanish & the Black LegendEncomienda System Spanish colonists could demand tribute and labor from Native American Indians, if they instructed the natives in the Spanish language and Christianity

The Spanish & the Black Legend

Juan Gins de SeplvedaBartolom de las Casas

Charles IThe Spanish & the Black LegendThe Black Legend a style of historical writing or propaganda that demonizes the Spanish EmpireTerm coined in 1914 by a Spanish historian to describe the anti-Spanish writings and illustrationsThe English propagated the legend to justify their own colonization of the New WorldPortrayed themselves as altruistic , while Spanish were depicted as cruel and greedy

The Spanish & the Black LegendThe Spanish & the Black LegendEnd of the Encomienda System1537 Pope Paul III outlaws the enslavement of Native American Indians1542 New Laws declare that Indians no longer be enslaved1550 Spain abolishes encomienda system and establishes repartimiento systemRepartimiento System While natives were still required to provide labor, they were paid wages and could not be sold

Social HierarchyIntermarriageSpain mandated that wives of colonists to join them in AmericaFemale population remained low despite the mandateIntermixing began and approved by Spanish governmentSeen as way to bring Christianity to the natives

The offspring of a Spaniard and Indian is a mestizo

A Spaniard and a mestiza produce a castizo

The child of an Indian and a mestiza is a coyote

And the child of an Indian man and African woman is a chinoShort Answer AssessmentFor this question, address all three partsBriefly explain the system depicted in the illustrationBriefly explain how the scene impacted the Atlantic WorldCite one specific event and briefly explain the development of the labor system mentioned in part A