CUFTS: Open-Source ERMS Andy Perry and Bill Drew SUNY New Paltz Tompkins Cortland Community College

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Transcript of CUFTS: Open-Source ERMS Andy Perry and Bill Drew SUNY New Paltz Tompkins Cortland Community College

  • CUFTS: Open-Source ERMSAndy Perry and Bill DrewSUNY New PaltzTompkins Cortland Community College

  • What is it?Open source serials managementAlternative to commercial solutionsElectronic resource managementPublic A-Z list of journalsOpen url/DOI link resolving (GODOT)Overlap reportsMARC record management and output

  • About CUFTSDeveloped at Simon Fraser University (Canada).Central instance hosting over 30 libraries at SFUMany instances installed world-wideLibraries can join the hosted central instance for a reasonable fee or download and install the system locally for free as open source DIY.Designed to host multiple libraries as separate sites.CUFTS is based on perl and PostgreSQL on linux. Ubuntu is preferred over Red Hat.I have no idea what the acronym stands for!

  • CUFTS FeaturesAll the services driven by a knowledge base of e-resources and titles belonging to those e-resources.Knowledge Base now contains 464 resources and almost 586,000 title records, updated monthly, and distributed by the central SFU instance.Each CUFTS library sharing an instance has its own Local ResourcesPoint to a global resource in the knowledge baseCan be unique to the library and not part of the knowledge baseCan include print resources

  • Different sites share one instance

  • CUFTS Local ResourcesSite SpecificEasy to activate resources from the Knowledge Base.Title lists maintained automatically as KB is updatedPartial subscriptions like ScienceDirect are handled by activating specific titles or by batch load of issns to match the Knowledge BaseCan include print subscription informationCan load title lists for resources not in the Global KB

  • Example of Partial Title Activation Loadissn10766332106214580001457509652302015599820959802203613682009457651742706100651281135964540252960209567151

  • License Information Linked to Local Resources

  • Lots of Perl builds A-Z updates KB if a new resource is added I havent tried all of them!

  • CJDBCUFTS A-Z ListProvides public access to e-journalsDerived from local resources in CUFTSHighly customizabletemplate editor part of CUFTSAlso features user accounts and user taggingIndexing not real timeneed to run script when adding a new resource

  • Very Basic Public A-Z ListTitle display

  • SFUsNicely Tricked outCustomizedA-Z list

  • E-Resource Comparison

  • cufts2marcPublic version available at Outputs MARC or XML for titles in e-resource aggregationsOptions for mapping holdings data to 500-599 tag (could be further manipulated to MARC holding tag)Free option for adding bibliographic records for e-resources for ILS or for adding level 2-3 holdings in OCLC

  • Cufts2marc Form: mapping e-journal holdings

  • Journal Authorityshows availability of specific title by aggregator

  • Researcherincludes a suite of open source library systems

  • The Big Questions and IssuesCUFTS is a big system. It scales more effectively for a consortium than for an individual library.More libraries mean a better Knowledge BaseLearning/implementing all the functions and scriptsHow to make it fit with a partial implementation of Serials Solutions 360 Core and 360 Link.2 knowledge bases, 2 title listsActivation or cancellation of e-resources in 2 systemsNot an accounting systemOnce the data is all there, how do we use it effectively and get rid of the other spreadsheets and shadow systems. Theyre all still there!What reports will be useful?Best as a regional solution.

  • Stranack, K. (2006, November). CUFTS: An Open Source Alternative for Serials Management. Serials Librarian, 51(2), 29-39. Retrieved October 8, 2008, from Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts database.Questions?/ Thank you!

    Bill Drew dreww@TC3.eduAndy Perry