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CT Magazine showcases the hidden talent in the fashion industry, from photographers, models and make up artists to writers, bloggers and journalists. Please like our facebook page www.facebook.com/ctfashionmagazine for your chance to be published

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  • 1. CT Magazineget involved get publishedthe mini issuewww.ctmagazine.co.ukShowcasing hidden talent in the fashion industry

2. What is CT magazine? Are you a fashion photographer? Are you a model? Are you a fashion graduate? Are you a fashion designer? Are you a make up artist? Are you a fashion writer / journalist? Do you want to get published?If you answered Yes to any of the above, CT magazine isfor youget involvedget published we hope you enjoy this mini issue of the magazine, and hope its gives you anidea of what CT magazine is all about www.ctmagazine.co.uk 3. www.ctmagazine.co.uk 4. www.ctmagazine.co.uk 5. www.ctmagazine.co.uk 6. Showcasing hidden talentAt CT magazine we showcase the hidden talent behind thefashion photos we see everyday.Everyone from photographers, models, make up artists,designers, stylists, writers. CT magazine is the perfectplatform to show the world what you do.get involved get publishedwww.ctmagazine.co.uk 7. www.ctmagazine.co.uk 8. www.ctmagazine.co.uk 9. www.ctmagazine.co.uk 10. CT Magazinewww.ctmagazine.co.uk If you are looking to get published. get in touch and you may just appear in the next issue of CT magazine @CT_FashionMag @ctfashionmagazine