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  • C S U L O N G B E A C H

    Department of Communication Studies Newsletter 1

    Communication Studies

    Beach Forensics

    Beach Forensics continues to succeed!

    The Forensic team found success at every tournament attended. While the whole team is amazing, we had a spectacular finish at nationals. Jasmine Mcleod won Prose interpretation - amazing because there were over 240 entries in the event, the largest at the national Forensic Association Nationals!

    Check us out @ Beachforensics.com!


    Major accomplishments for 2010-2011!

    National Parliamentary Tournament of


    32nd. place in the year long rankings: Jessie Fasut/Jesus Caro

    National Parliamentary Debate Association

    National Tournament

    Double Octo-Finalist: Jessie Fasut/Jesus Caro

    American Forensic League Natl. Tournament

    16th overall sweepstakes

    4th place After Dinner Speaking Jaime Gomez

    Simi-Finalist Prog. Oral Interpretation- Jessica Soo

    Quarter-Finalist Prose Interpretation- Gina Krotee

    National Forensic Association Natl. Tournament

    3rd in president 1 division Sweepstakes

    1st Prose Interpretation- Jasmine Mcleod

    3rd Persuasive Speaking Jessica Soo

    Simi-finalist After Dinner Speaking - Jimmy Gomez

    Simi-finalist Persuasive Speaking Jackie Mark

    Simi-finalist Persuasive Speaking- Sophia Alberti

    See the Message from the Chair.Check in with Dr. Amy Bippus to find out the latest and greatest in Communication Studies at the Beach!Page 6

    Meet a few alumni.Meet Mr. Ryan Stack, a local business owner, Mr. Mark Galliher, a marketing executive in New York, and Dr. John Caputo, an academic in Washington! Page 3

    Meet Dr. Utley.Dr. Ebony A. Utley has been a familiar face in the department for quite some time, but you may not be familiar with her research! See her story and learn about her forthcoming books. Page 4

    Newsletter Spring 2011

    While the Acting Director of Forensics, Bill Neesen, will keep the team moving forward, we say

    farewell to the Assistant Director, Brandon Anderson.

    Brandon is off to pursue a doctoral degree and he will be missed in the


    Good luck to you Brandon as you make your way!

    Find out what our students are doing. Read updates on student-faculty projects and learn about how some of our graduates are faring post-Communication Studies. Pages 4-5

    Meet a current student who balances school, work, and professional dance.Heather is graduating this year, and you can read her story here. Page 5

  • C S U L O N G B E A C H

    2 Department of Communication Studies

    The Hauth Center moves into a second decade stronger than everThe last two years have been particularly important to the growth and stability of the Hauth Center for Communication Skills. Last year we formalized our first $50,000 endowment for scholarships to be awarded to upper-division undergraduate or graduate students with a Communication Studies major or minor. These endowed scholarships are named after one of our benefactors: The Audrey Nichol Hauth Endowed Scholarship. The first recipient of this scholarship was Ashley E. Tom who worked in the Center with the Technical Director during the Fall, 2010 term. The second scholarship will be awarded this Spring 2011, and the recipient will work at the Center this coming Fall. This year we formalized an additional unnamed endowment of $175,000 which will add substantially to the operations of the Center. Together these endowments further ensure the existence of the Center in perpetuity and will add to the services offered to the University and the community.

    For more information, see: http://www.csulb.edu/centers/hauth/

    Students Helping Students! The Communication Studies Tutoring Center is concluding its third successful yearLocated in the COMM department (AS 351), the Tutoring Center is staffed by 6 exceptional COMM students who offer assistance to COMM majors and minors with writing, organizing, and researching their papers, studying for exams, practicing for presentations, and much much more.

    The Center for First Amendment Studies continues its workDue to a generous grant, the Center for First Amendment Studies is hosting a national scholarly monograph contest for graduate students in honor of Richard Clarke, the author of Against All Enemies. The prize money of $35,000 will be awarded in September after all the submitted monographs have been judged by panels of professors assembled by the Center.

    In April, Dr. Craig Smith, the Director of the Center, was the guest of the Ford Foundation in Washington, D.C. at a national summit on academic freedom. Dr. Smith was one of only 24 nationally known scholars and lawyers invited to the two day event.

    The Centers new book, A First Amendment Profile of the Supreme Court will be released by John Cabot University Press in June. In July, the book will be celebrated at the Communication Institute in Rome where authors Craig Smith, Kevin Johnson, and Jennifer Asenas will appear at various forums hosted by the Center and John Cabot University to explore international freedom of expression.

    For more information, see: www.firstamendmentstudies.org

    InterACT performs

    The interACT Troupe has had an exciting spring semester, with campus performances, shows for L.A. County, and invited presentations on the east coast and Texas. Some of our troupe members experienced snow for the first time when we visited Connecticut, and our Texas cast was able to sample authentic tex-mex and enjoy the food truck movement in Austin. In May, interACT performed for a campus-wide event on LGBTIQ issues and bullying. Three of our seniors (Stacy, Shadee and Kelly A.) have been accepted into competitive graduate programs, and graduating senior Sonia Esquibel is heading off to Panama for two years to serve in the Peace Corps. We are really proud of Sonias older sister and former troupe member Elena Esquibel, who is now officially Dr. Esquibel after successfully defending her dissertation at Southern Illinois University.

    See the InterACT website for more information about the program, performances, and ongoing research projects:



    Please support our projects . . . https://cf.papubs.csulb.edu/giving/index.cfm?fund=SPC

    Donors can name a special project or scholarship that they would like to create, or they can support the general fund for the Department. These general-fund donations support academic travel, student research, special classroom events or field trips, invited guest lectures, or needed equipment to support our programs. Your charitable contribution will be accepted with gratitude, and will be put to good use!

    You can also find continual announcements about Communications Studies Centers, events and programs on facebook. Please choose to like us!

    The InterACT Cast that performed in NY spent some time in Central Park! See from left to right, Kelly J. (the Managing Director of Interact), Kelly A., Shadee, and Jordan.


  • C S U L O N G B E A C H

    Department of Communication Studies Newsletter 3

    Meet our Featured Alumni!

    Mr. Ryan Stack(B.A. Communication Studies, 2001)

    From elementary through high school, I was a C average student, and in my early college years, I did not take my studies very seriously. When taking my general ED, however, I realized that I most enjoyed the communication studies courses that I took. They were interesting, filled with fun classmates and extremely dynamic professors. Plus, I realized that everyday

    conversations and communication competence were important parts of being a professional. I started college in 1997 with a miserable 2.0 GPA and was able to complete my Communication studies major with a 3.5 in the year 2001! Once I earned my B.A. degree in Communication Studies, I felt prepared for professional life, but I knew I wanted to continue with my education. I was very much inspired by my communication studies professors: Roger VanHook, Jim Ostach, Betty Martin, John Lervold, Pat Kearney, Craig Smith, Tim Plax, Nancy Briggs, Catherine Brooks, Karen Rasmussen, Scott & Terri Allen & others. I was deeply inspired by the passion and devotion for their work and teachings. So, in part because I had experienced good teaching, I decided to pursue a teaching profession.

    With my degree in Communication Studies, I was accepted into a masters degree program at CSUDH, in Educational Counseling. In this program, I continued to learn how to be a good student. I was also inspired to succeed by those around me - friends, family, classmates and professors helped push me from a below average student to obtaining a masters degree in 2003 with a 3.85 GPA. While pursuing my masters degree I volunteered in an internship at Long Beach City College with an academic advisor named Donna LeDuff. I observed how she helped students to follow the path that they personally identified and wanted to follow, and I knew that I wanted to have a similar kind