Cryogenic Applications and Importance of Cryogenic Vessels

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Transcript of Cryogenic Applications and Importance of Cryogenic Vessels

Cryogenic Applications & Importance of Cryogenic VesselsBy:

Cryogenic Storage VesselsThe state of cryogenics begins when the refrigeration scale ends. And so, for its proper transportation & storage, a special vessel is also manufactured that are known as Cryogenic Storage Vessels.

Different Cryogenic ApplicationsIndustrial Application


Electric Power Transmission

Storage & Transportation of Frozen Food

Blood Banking

Industrial ApplicationsMetals frozen to low temperatures became more wear-resistant.

Discovery evolved into a treatment which helped the industries

Increase the life of the metals

Evolution became one of the cryogenic applications for the industrial sectors

Used for chilling and freezing applications

Cryogenic FuelsScience of Cryogenic applied to Fuels

Applications like Rockets

To enter into the orbit cryogenic oxygen is used

Cryogenic Oxygen is used in Space Shuttles

Electric Power Transmission- Becomes difficult through overhead cables- Cryogenic liquids used to cool alloy- Helps to increase the power transmission

Storage & Transportation of Frozen FoodUsed to transport large quantities of food to War zonesEarthquake zones

Also known as Cryogenic food freezing

Used in Food processing industries

Blood Banking

Blood groups are stored at low temperaturesCryogenic Storage Vessels required to store blood

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