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  • 7/31/2019 Crushing Technology Brochure


    Crushing Technology

  • 7/31/2019 Crushing Technology Brochure



    FLSmidth has over a century o

    experience in crushing. As a world-

    class supplier o crushing equipment

    or the mining, cement and aggregate

    industries, FLSmidth oers crushing

    products and technology with proven

    names like Fuller-Traylor, Vecor, ABON,

    and Bualo and is supported by one

    o the worlds largest crusher

    reerence lists, which includes many

    world rsts.

    Crushing equipment supplied by

    FLSmidth has its origins dating back

    to the Fuller Company, based in

    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. They

    have been a leading supplier o

    crushers under the Traylor brand

    name since 1905.

    FLSmidth oers Automated Control

    Systems designed to maximize

    perormance and monitor and

    protect the crusher.

    FLSmidth has the engineering

    expertise and capability to design and

    implement process control systems o

    every size, up to and including

    systems or total plant.

    About FLSmidth

    FLSmidth is your One Source or

    mining and minerals processing

    equipment and services.

    Utilizing the latest in technology,

    resources, and materials, our

    engineered solutions provide

    you with the ideal design,equipment, and process support

    or your systems.

    Behind our organization is

    Denmark-based FLSmidth,

    an international group

    o companies delivering

    equipment, systems, and high

    technology engineering services

    or the cement and minerals

    industries. This dedicated ocus

    and international scope provide

    FLSmidth a solid oundation.

    When you select FLSmidth as

    your partner, you bring this solid

    oundation and support to your


    Primary Gyratory Crusher Primary Sizer Tooth Layout FLSmidth Control Room

  • 7/31/2019 Crushing Technology Brochure


    Special Features

    High Capacity throughputs

    by providing longer crushing

    chambers, with low overall

    machine height

    Shells that can be split

    vertically or horizontally

    Split ring contact oil seal or

    virtually no oil consumption

    Massive shats with generous

    journals to resist the intense

    orces generated in the

    crushing chamber

    Heavy walled shell castings

    utilise extensive ribbing

    Thick mantles and concaveswhich aord longer

    operating lie and lower


    Large tapered roller counter

    shat bearings

    High service actors

    Circulating o lubrication oil

    Large lubrication oilreservoirs

    Bar type spider


    Gyratory Crushers

    Gyratory crushers are primary crushers

    and receive blasted material rom the

    mine or quarry.

    FLSmidths Fuller-Traylor brand

    gyratory crushers are based on over

    100 years experience in serving many

    industries worldwide. FLSmidth

    primary and secondary gyratory

    crushers incorporate the latest

    technologies to create high-capacity,

    reliable machines suited to most

    primary compression crushing

    applications. Each crusher is custom

    designed to suit each specic


    Machines are available or surace or

    underground installations (in standard

    or split-shell congurations), or

    stationary, portable or semi-portable

    operations, and or applications in

    climates that range rom tropical to


    FLSmidth holds a leading position in

    crushing technology with thousands

    o crushers installed since the

    inception o the Traylor brand. These

    gyratory crushers have been operating

    successully in some o the worlds

    harshest conditions or 50+ years. This

    long operating lie can be attributed

    to the robust design that FLSmidth

    still utilizes to this day.

    The basic concept behind the

    Gyratory Crusher remains the same as

    it did during its inception, but the

    machine is entirely updated to address

    todays advanced technology, saety

    concerns, and operation schedules.

    Installation at Bogoso, Ghana Installation of Primary Gyrator Main Shaft being installed

  • 7/31/2019 Crushing Technology Brochure


    Cone Crushers

    FLSmidth brought together a team o

    the most experienced and innovative

    individuals in crusher design and

    technology to develop the Raptor

    High Perormance Cone Crusher - the

    most advanced cone crusher in the

    world. FLSmidth has a team o people

    passionately committed to bringing

    leading edge crusher design

    technology coupled with a proactive

    philosophy on customer service and


    FLSmidths Raptor crusher, is the result

    o extensive research conducted with

    the most important part o our design

    team, you, the operators in mind. We

    gathered valuable input rom mining

    and quarry operations o all sizes rom

    all over the country and integrated

    your best ideas into the Raptor Cone

    Crusher. From its extra heavy duty,

    high-grade steel main rame to its

    leading edge automated control

    package, the Raptor was designed to

    keep you crushing eciently or

    decades to come.

    Engineered, manuactured and

    completely quality tested through

    competent suppliers - FLSmidth is

    committed to making the Raptor line

    o crushers a clear choice or

    aggregate and mining customers.

    Utilizing one o the most modern

    oundry acilities in the world along

    with advanced CNC machining

    technology, FLSmidth is able to

    produce premium component parts

    that are manuactured to uniquely

    exacting levels o precision and


    The Raptor delivers high perormance

    crushing in a rugged, dependable,

    automated machine.

    Features & Benets

    Extra heavy duty design or

    extended lie

    Automated crusher control


    Hydraulic power unit

    Package lube system (air or

    water cooled)

    Innovative hydraulic tramp

    release system

    Heavy duty 2-speed electric

    adjustments drive motor

    User-riendly touch screen

    display or crusher operations,

    diagnostics and vitals monitor-ing

    Installation in West Nyack, USA Portable installation in Wisconsin Raptor 1100 Model

  • 7/31/2019 Crushing Technology Brochure


    The FLSmidth ABONproduct rangeconsists o:

    Primary low speed sizers/

    crushers in twin roll ormats

    or primary ROM reductions

    in coal, minerals and

    industrial applications.

    Secondary low speed sizers/

    crushers or secondary ROM


    Tertiary and Quaternary

    low speed sizers/crushers in

    twin and single roll ormats

    or tertiary and quaternary


    Sampling sizers/crushers orlaboratory and sampling

    station size reductions at small



    FLSmidth ABON, has been based in

    Australia since the company started in

    the mid 1960s, manuacturing sizing

    and crushing equipment to an ever

    widening range o industries in the

    broad sphere o minerals handling

    and minerals process activities.

    The FLSmidth ABON sizer range

    utilizes a combination o low roll

    speed / high torque and tooth proles

    to arrive at the specied end product

    sizes with a minimum o nes

    production. Actual size o each

    machine is built to suit each


    The FLSmidth ABON manuacturing

    acility in Melbourne, Australia

    includes a pilot plant or research and

    development on various ore types

    based on the clients requirements.

    Primary Sizer

    Secondary Sizer Pilot Plant Research and Development Facility

    Underground Feeder Sizer Combination

  • 7/31/2019 Crushing Technology Brochure


    Double-Toggle & Single-ToggleJaw Crushers

    A few of the special features

    are highlighted below

    Curved scientically proportioned

    jaw aces, which oer the

    ollowing advantages:

    No choking or packing

    High capacities and low power


    Finer settings

    Economy o operation and


    Angle o nip progressively

    decreases as material proceeds

    towards the lower end o the

    jaw aces

    Large-capacity, grease-injected,

    adapter-mounted spherical roller

    bearings minimise periodic

    lengthy bearing change out

    Heavy fywheels allow crushing

    peaks on tough, non-riable ore

    to be handled easily

    Heavy, thick manganese jaw

    plates provide extended lie prior

    to change out. This means less

    downtime and less throwaway

    The rame is abricated rom

    heavy mild steel plate with

    reinorcing ribs welded into

    place. The rame is o immense

    strength without the inherent

    weaknesses associated with a

    cast type rame. The sections are

    spigot joined in a manner that

    preserves one piece rame

    rigidity, when it is necessary to

    make rames in more than one


    Highly ecient with an

    advanced design, the Traylor

    Type Double-Toggle & Single

    Toggle Jaw Crushers contain

    eatures that combine high

    production, operating economy

    and ease o maintenance into

    one great crusher.

    Typical Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant

  • 7/31/2019 Crushing Technology Brochure