Crushes S2 Ep2

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Transcript of Crushes S2 Ep2

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Crushes Season 2 Ep 2

K where ready


Cool lets go


At the Beach

You got the blind fold and rope?

Yep when do we do it?

When Justin goes to change you grab Miley and blind fold her and tie her on a tree

OKWait, why are you doing this?

Because I want my Justy boo back


With Jiley

Hey miles Im going to change brb

K baby Ill be waiting

Now Vanessa DO IT!!!

* Runs to Miley and Wraps her mouth and ties her to a tree *

*Standing on a tree and Justin comes back*Hey Justy Boo

JASMINE!!!!!Where is Miley!?

Shes here *moves and Miley is on the Tree*

*Barking* ARF ARF ARF

What is that a fuzz ball?

Its Mileys Gift from me and let go of Miley!

In one conditionYou leave her and come back to me.

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